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Awesome Kong Beats Up Bubba!

It has been confirmed that Awesome Kong (real name Kia Stevens) was sent home from the television tapings yesterday after punching radio personality and TNA employee Bubba The Love Sponge (Todd Alan Clem) in the face several times.

Kong was reacting to public comments Bubba has made recently, most notably, "Fuck Haiti". Kong has spearheaded a major fundraising effort in support of the tragedy in Haiti.

Bubba was also sent home from the taping yesterday.

Bubba The Love Sponge has also been all over his Twitter account for the last few days, speaking out against TNA management, Dixie Carter and the way he is being used. He has gone so far as to state TNA may not be ready for him, and that he would not do the things he has being asked to do.

After being told not to attend yesterday`s production meeting, Bubba issued a very half hearted apology, also via Twitter.

Several sources within TNA are quietly saying that Bubba has major locker room heat, but most are afraid to speak up since Bubba`s best friend is Hulk Hogan.

11 comments: on "Awesome Kong Beats Up Bubba!"

David Strickland said...

Now you know why Dan-e-o fears Awesome Kong!

Hipnosis said...

First Scott Hall assualts the TNA "CAST MEMBERS" now Awesome kong Assualts spongebob?

WCW's lookin pretty bad....oh sorry I mean TNA

Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome...I hate some of the new TNA ideas..Mainly Bubba & Nasty's.

Andrew Gray said...

If this is a shoot . . . this is fucking fantastic.

Robbie Nekoda said...

O of the Week!

Dan-e-o said...

Good for her!

Bubba sucks.

I'm telling you, TNA is Hoganville now and everything's coming up knee.

Victor Wildcat said...

Fuck Bubba, I've NEEEEEVER liked that douche. He is to me what Miz is to Donnie, he's an arrogant piece of shit that only cares about getting himself over and I'm glad someone finally punched his face.

Anonymous said...

Ya it's looking like its all unraveling real fast. Should we have a TNA best endeavours pool?
Bubba deserved to get punched for being so ill hearted not to mention the racism that probably fueled his comment.
Way to go Kong!

Even though her whole charater envokes racism but thats another story.

I saw Genesis, uh well not so good. Hogan got booed out the building trying to promote the 4 sided ring change. Hulk is in heel form, black with the black beard, even nwo music and tryin to come off like a good guy. Not making much sense. Theres more bad to all this than good do far. If Hogan walks does TNA go back to a 6 sided ring if the change dont fly?
Get your act together fellas or it's over. When the talent starts fighting each other thats not a good sign.

Da Black Wrestling Nerd said...

In The Words Of The O Show Awesome Kong should now be names O-some Kong For Make SpongeBubba Squarepants Look Like A Bitch

CJay said...

Who's Budda The Love Sponge,lol...I love Awesome Kong..Bubba The Love Sponge..Just Got Escudero'd,lol

BigDaddy said...

UPDATE: Thurs Jan 21........ Kong has reportedly given her notice to TNA management and wishes to be released from her contract.