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Tha O Show's Rumble Draft

Since Rumble fever is runnin' wild, Tha O Show held a draft this morning so that we could play along with the fun. Entry fees have been collected and numbers have been pulled. Each member of Tha O Show family has drawn a random number. When the WWE worker who draws that number comes out tonight, the corresponding member of Tha O Show crew is represented by that individual.

I.E. if Tyson Dux draws John Cena at #9 and Cena goes on to win, then Tyson Dux wins Tha O Show's Rumble Draft. As Asylum said "primitive, but it works".

The draft features O Show hosts, contributors, writers, producers, and models from the 2010 Nearly Naked Ladies of Wrestling Calendar. Here is the draft:

1 Matt Burns
2 Bill Skullion
3 Hornet
4 Rico Montana
5 Johnny Devine
6 Frank Fronte
7 Dante Ross
8 Melissa Coates
9 Tyson Dux
10 Cherry Bomb
11 Notorious T.I.D.
12 DJB
13 Brandi Richardson
14 Curt B
15 Danyah
16 Kelly Couture
17 Ricky Stardust
18 Dan-e-o
19 Jennifer Blake
20 Big Daddy Donnie
21 Christopher Casur
22 Andrew Grey
22 Amy Victory
24 Asylum
25 Wild Willy
26 Ianna Titus
27 David Strickland
28 Cham Pain
29 April Hunter
30 The Black Prophet

7 comments: on "Tha O Show's Rumble Draft"

Robbie Nekoda said...

Tyson Dux relying on Cena for a victory is such a fucked up idea it makes my head spin.

Evitman said...

What, no shots of the models if they win....where is the damn love? I think it will be 8 and 18. HBK and Triple H.

Anonymous said...


D. Ross said...

Damn it. Now I HAVE to watch the Rumble. I don't know who 7 is but I hope they when. Gonna fuck around and end up with Hornswaggle.

Anonymous said...

So what does April win, the opporunity to show us all her tits?

I think we can all agree on that, right?

Mr. Cox said...

April won!

D.J.B. said...


I really wanted to win too. Wait, what the hell were we winning?