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Tha O Show: Episode 152

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with the 152nd episode of "Tha O Show"! On Episode 152, tha boys celebrate "Pride Day", Frank Fronte's birthday along with international wrestling superstar, Joe E. Legend!

Back home for the party (among other more important things) Joe sits in with Don, Dan and Frank all show!

So press the play button or download the mp3 now!! It's O time!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

"Tha Black Prophet".

And "Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan, Frank and Joe!


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20 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 152"

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening in my car. So many Os. Have to go back and listen to the show AGAIN! AWESOME GUYS!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday retard.

mkf said...

Joe Legend is the fucking man. How this guy didn't become a 'steam roller' in TNA is a joke. He was so fucking set to become THE MAN and then they just fucked him over.

Joey Legend said...

Flying Cunt!! That's my new finisher!

jim j said...

Happy Birthday Frank. Is it just me or did Dan's freestyle have some very gay undertones?

JBL said...

I am going to twat Joe Legend for deffing me.

D. Ross said...

Top to fucking bottom one of the best shows ever. This ranks up there with episode 100 as one of the most entertaining episodes ever. I love how Donnie was trying to wrap up and it went another 40 minutes. Fucking funny.

Legend was the best guest to sit in the studio. His Dutch Mantel shit was hilarious. I hope he comes back again. And like a big ass mark I'm gonna listen to it again!

keyzark said...

Wait .... did Joe call Dutch Mantel a shoot shiny boy?

Tony said...

I live 5 minutes south of the Vaughan Sportsplex and had no idea they had indy wrestling there!

Joe Legend VS our teacher Tyson Dux? Fuck yes. I'm going. Hope there are tickets still.

zane said...

Flatliners have lost their spot as best in studio guests ever.

Legend lives forever.

Anonymous said...

Dating advice for Frank could be its own show.

Anonymous said...

I almost came in my pants for that female o-ster!

Marella Mark said...


Santino has been pulled from the Rumble match!!! How can he not be back to defend his quickest elimination crown?

Did he get legit hurt against Swagger on Raw? If so, I join Donnie in the Nation of Swagger Hate

Frank's titties said...

NO BIRTHDAY CHOPS???????????????

Anonymous said...


Duncan said...

I'm calling it here. I'll either look like a genius, or a fool, but I think this could happen. My pick is Ted Debiase, and Randy goes over Sheamus. Ted makes his face turn and challenges Randy for the title at Wrestlemania.

debbie said...

Great episode guys...Joe was one of the best guests i've heard in a while :) loved the shoot talk about WWE and TNA

Robbie Nekoda FC said...

One o' the best shows ever, guys!

My Rumble prediction:

HBK wins, HHH turns heel and beats SOS for the title, HBK beats him at Mania.


My Rumble Hope-iction:

Orton wins the title, Ted DiBiase wins the rumble, Legacy bust-up for Mania. Or alternatively, Orton loses title match, demands Legacy help him in the rumble again, but they dump him out.


Edge. :D

Evitman said...

The Royal Rumble is one of those events, where they have a dozen scenarios and all seem feasible....till that bitch get's thrown over the top. That is the reason why I enjoy it. That is the reason why I watch it. Fuck a script...hell sometimes I turn down the volume during the event just to watch without the unnecessary "he is now my favorite to win"......God I miss the Brain.

Between Ted Dibase/Orton angle, HBK/HHH/Undertaker angle we won't be able to see a upcoming storyline till after the last man is thrown over.

And yes, I would O for a Amazing Kong entry.

Not Fronte said...

Great show. But please.. no more Nekoda.