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Tha Movie Review: The Book Of Eli

Sometimes you see a movie that makes you feel religious. Sometimes you see a movie and it makes you want to whoop some ass. How often do you get both at the same time? Allow me to introduce you to The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis and directed by The Hughes Brothers of Menace 2 Society and Dead Presidents fame.

The Book Of Eli is a story set in a future where something terrible happened leaving the entire planet scorched. The exact year is never stated but when a certain disco song is played and listened to like its an oldie (I’m talking old oldie) you figure it has to be quite a ways away from now.

We follow Eli as he heads “west”. That’s all he will say. He comes across crazed bikers, cannibals, and a crooked man, Gary Oldman as Carnegie, that runs a small town with weapons, fear, and the knowledge that he’s the only person that can read. After Eli wanders into his town where he invited to stay the night he meets Solara played by a filthy yet very hot Mila Kunas who we know from That 70’s Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Shit hit’s the fan pretty quick as Eli and Solara are on the run. This movie had a lot of what I liked. A good story, good acting, and great pacing. There are actually a few action scenes that made me “O!” Especially anytime Eli told someone he didn’t want any trouble.

This movie felt like an old Clint Eastwood film. Now on paper this film sounds kinda cheesy. We’ve seen plenty of post-apocalyptic flicks where everyone fights for water or some savior to help humanity. If this starred Vin Diesel I so wouldn’t have seen it. But Denzel Washington brings something special to it. Credibility.

This movie entertained me. No, it’s not a visual blowjob the way Avatar looks to be (I refuse to see that movie) but its featuring real people doing real action with real emotions coming across. And I didn’t see the ending coming at all!

On a scale one 1 to 5 “O”’s I give The Book Of Eli 4 “O”’s.

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