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Alissa Flash Quits TNA, Kong To Follow?

Yesterday afternoon, word broke that Awesome Kong had officially given her notice to TNA and was looking to be released from her contract immediately. TNA has not yet officially responded to Kong's request.

Melissa Anderson, who worked as Kong's handler Riesha Saeed and more recently as Alissa Flash in TNA, has officially left the company. No official reason has been given, but it is strongly believed among those in the industry that Anderson was frustrated with her direction and with how the Bubba The Love Sponge / Awesome Kong incident was being handled.

Alissa Flash has been removed from the TNA website.

In a related story, Hulk Hogan made a 15 minute appearance this morning on Bubba's radio show.

Bubba brought up the incident with Awesome Kong, calling her a bitch and saying he was mad at what she did to him. Hogan tried to sweep it under the table and said that it was related to Kong's menstrual cycle.

Bubba went on to say that he now felt ready for a larger role in TNA, but that the incidents this week have made him hate the wrestling business. Hogan seemed shocked that his friend was so disillusioned and almost sounded like he was trying to convince Bubba to stay and take a larger role.

3 comments: on "Alissa Flash Quits TNA, Kong To Follow?"

D. Ross said...

I know that wrestling has been called a male soap opera but this is getting ridiculous. Hogan has been there for two weeks and look at all this bullshit.

I say by summer the 6 sided ring is back, Hogan and his boys are gone, and TNA is almost done. I also think even more of the roster will be leaving in the coming months. The entire X Division will show up as druids carrying Taker's casket at WM.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not looking bright anymore. Way to drop the ball Hulk. And you need thi pal, your wife just settled her end of the accident lawsuit. Once you fuck up the TNA opportunity your done pal.
After the string of fuck ups what else can this guy do if he can't even get into wrestling anymore.

Hogan Knows Best -flopped
CCW- flopped
American Gladiators - flopped
TNA Take Over - Flop pending

Now what - retire?
How's he gonna pay for Linda and the lawsuit. Bet he's not very happy about the position Nick got him in now. Hey Hulk, that guns looking good again I bet.

Eric Bischoff said...

Alissa Flash was midcard talent anyway.