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Today On Tha...O No!

O-sters! We got some good news and we got some bad news. So using the old adage that the bad news should come goes:

For the first time in the 132-week history of your favourite online radio program, Tha O Show regretfully informs you that this week's episode has been...*sigh*...postponed.

I just knew a couple of weeks ago when Big Daddy Donnie mentioned on-air that Tha O Show had run every single episode up until that point on consecutive weeks - never taking a week off - that he had jinxed us! The truth is though, we STILL haven't taken a week off.

Last night might have been our busiest night ever as your hosts of Tha O Show. We spent our entire evening attempting to put the finishing touches on the brand new studio!

And therein lies the good news folks! By some strange ironic twist, Donnie and I have been keeping the new studio a secret from you O-sters in an attempt to NOT jinx the debut episode from our new digs!

Instead, a number of factors including Donnie moving into a new house and me wrapping up production on the Dilla Pickles mixtape put our plan to start recording from our new studio in September on hold.

It wasn't for lack of trying though. As mentioned, last night we pretty much had everything ready to go. However, some last minute technical difficulties with a piece of our new equipment kept the show from being recorded at the high standard that we are used to.

Donnie and I ultimately decided after about 5 hours of work last night that postponing the episode was a better alternative to haphazardly throwing a subpar effort together.

We figured we shoot it to you straight, hoping you'd appreciate the honesty. We're hoping that you will show us the amazing support and gratitude that we've been accustomed to for the past two and a half years in your comments. We'd much prefer to read how much you love the show as opposed to getting the inundation of hate mail that Donnie is fearing.

We are truly grateful for our fans which literally span the globe and look forward to entertaining you for years to come.

With the new studio comes a lot of new features that will be included in each broadcast. Our plan, of course, is only to continue to get bigger and better!

BIG HUGE shout out, by the way, to one of our new technical producers, CurtB of Black Dolphin Entertainment - the same man who produced my "Google Me" single from earlier this year. His new album Year Of The Dolphin is near completion, so be sure to look out for it. Curt helped us out large last night and we truly appreciate his time and dedication to helping the new studio get ready.

We'd also like to send a SUPER HUGE SHOUT OUT to T.J. Habibi who has been there for Tha O Show since Episode One. Without T.J., there would be no 131 episodes. (129 actually, he did ditch us for a tour of Sweden at one point). T.J. is currently working on finishing up the mixing of Dilla Pickles among a TON of other projects. More info to come on that as well.

In the meantime O-sters, we'd really appreciate your patience during this transition and hope you join us for our next episode which is now planned for next week. We will have a NEW O Phone set up as well so be sure to stay tuned for the new number which should be released by the weekend.

Finally, we'd actually like YOUR help in naming the new studio! We were going with the obvious ''O Show Studios'' but thought you may be of assistance in setting us up with a cooler moniker. We've decided a contest is in order! So send your ideas (spare us the jokes based on the inability to record this week) to

Don't forget to include your name and address in the e-mail. The winning name will be announced on-air next show granting a special prize pack to the winner of the contest.

And as always, we'd really appreciate your support of our music and other merchandise...'til next show...

1) OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album
2) See No Evil, Hear No Evil
3) The Art of Lyricism: Dan-e-o's Finest
4) The Book of Daniel
5) Dear Hip Hop

1) Tha O Show Theme 2009
2) Kama Sutra
3) Kama Sutra (Reblaze!)
4) Dear Hip Hop
5) Corrida De Toros

1) Dan-e-o - 10: The Music Videos
2) A Shoot Interview With New Jack
3) A Shoot Interview With Kamala The Ugandan Giant
4) TNA Mayhem
5) Revelations

20 comments: on "Today On Tha...O No!"

LuchaDoll said...

This fucking blows. :(

Anonymous said...

As disappointed as I am that there is no show today, I gotta say that I really appreciate the efforts of THa O Show over the past couple of years. We look to you guys to make our Thursdays that much more interesting and you’ve done a great job.

I think it’s up to us the O-sters now to give back to you and present this week’s episode…and with that, it’s time for the Os and NOs.

Couture VS. Nogueira – wow, these guys proved that age is nothing but a number, even in the octagon…what a great bout. Everyone won by watching this one. These guys are still bad ass!

Inglourious Basterds – I know Dan was all hype on District 9 a couple of weeks ago but this movie is the shit!! Tarantino does it again.

Raw – yep basically the whole show. I haven’t found a single person including kids similar to the ones mentioned in Dante’s article who like the stupid ass Chavo/Horny story. And Dusty was too predictable. Who didn’t know the “fix” on Raw was to set up Cena. DX is just a joke and nothing is really believable anymore.

What you Osters got? someone’s gotta follow up with Tha Pit Stop. We’d love to hear from the Black prophet if you’re out there…sir. And let’s get a good Round Table going…thanks again guys, can’t wait for next week.

D. Ross said...

More O's

Christopher Daniels being arrested for drunk driving. Yes, we all know that these guys aren't actual role models since parents and family should be. But...come on man! Really? This isn't the 70's where wrestlers driving around drunk was "acceptable." I know companies have Wellness Policies that suspend you for drugs and such. Drinking needs to be added to the list. How can anyone still drive drunk at this day and age? Get it together, Daniels.

Dusty swerving Cena. Yeah, everyone saw it from a mile away but I still liked it. It reminded me that Dusty was a heel at one point (remember he was Hall's manager in WCW Revenge).


Yeah, Anonymous (wish you put your name), Chavo/Hornswaggle isn't something that even kids are really into. I have no idea what the point of this is.

Punk destroying Jeff Hardy after his goodbye. WWE cant just let people leave gracefully. His feud with Taker is gonna be shitacular. And I know that Taker is Taker, but why does he get an automatic title shot? Who has he beaten to get that?

(commercial break)

"Who bettuh than Kanyon?! Donnie Abreu is. And you're listening to Tha O Show!"

Tha Black Prophet said...

Some niggas is just stupid. Your Prophet got a lot of shit he need to get of his chest but since Sasquatch ass Devil’s need to be moving I have to resort to using this goddamn message board.

That nigga Plaxico Burress got sentenced to 2 years in prison for shooting himself in his own fucking leg. How the fuck you get jail time for shooting yourself? Vick killed dogs and his ass is free. Plaxico, and I don’t know what the fuck that name means because it ain’t a Black name, should have shot a fucking animal. Then he would be free. Oh, wait. He Black. He in prison no matter where he is.

That fool DJ AM killed himself overdosing on drugs and shit. Stupid motherfucker. Oh, too soon? They talking about post traumatic stress. Nigga please. What my brothers and sistas are going through daily is not even post traumatic. Its some NOW traumatic stress. How the fuck you survive a plane crash and die because of cocaine?

My nigga, your pope, Elijah Burke is in TNA continuing their legacy of Total Nigga Abundance. Your Prophet refuse to call him that Dinero name shit. Couldn’t nigga have just been called Black Pope? I would even settle for Nondenominational Nigga. But Angelo Dinero? Fuck that. But still, that Southern bell bitch Dixie Carter proves once again that she is smarter than that Devil Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Fucking baby hair braid having niggas Cryme Tyme are still ruining my goddamn television. How have these ignorant niggas not broke they necks yet? Whenever they come to the ring I imagine the ghost of Doink the fucking clown holding a string across the entrance for them to trip on and die. I know ain’t no nigga ever died from a string unless they was hanging from it but there’s a first fucking time for everything.

I know a lot of niggas are going to complain about the show being off for a week. Shut the fuck up! These niggas been giving you hours of entertainment every fucking week. Even though I have to use this shit to get my message across.

This has been Tha Black Prophet. Your Prophet of Rage.

Hipnosis said...

Great O Show this week

Put Black Prophets message up as a replacement and count it as EPISODE 132

See ya'll next week when Dan-E-O and Donnie return on episode 133

BigDaddy said...

For the benefit of you audio wizards out there who keep emailing asking if you can help fix the problem...

The problem is, we were running a Presonus FP10 Sound card / preamp. An amazing piece of hardware. However, the one we picked up was faulty. It only had one of 8 channels working.

I am going today to return the FP 10 for the NEWER and even SICKER Presonus Fire Studio Project. AND, the dude at the store is testing every channel before I head out.

To echo Dan's words: thanks to TJ for all his time .. but the new studio (a long time dream) is so so sick.

We are going to have access to so much more equipment that is just geared so specifically to our show.

We are going to be able to offer you an even cooler product .. ANDDDDD (not to jinx it or anything ... cuz I don't belive in jinxs Dan you batti) O Show TV will finally become a reality.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

that sucks, maybe a 3hr edition next week then fellas? haa

Anonymous said...

I smell "membership fees" on the brink.

BigDaddy said...

Membership fees?

Not bloodly likely.

Anonymous said...

Will TJ remain as the "voice" of Tha O's and No's?

Dan-e-o said...

Yeah probably.

Changing up our bumpers is not first on the agenda, but who knows, it may change in future.

To make things perfectly clear, everything is cool with us and T.J.

This is a venture we've been planning for a long time.

Hipnosis said...

ThaOShow on Video would be HYPE!!

Naked Chicks GUY!!!....yeah it would probably get blurred N sh** but..AAHH whatevah...BUY THE DVD!!!

BigDaddy said...

Ya there's no beed with TJ ... TJ will still be the producer on all O Show Music tracks .... but when it comes to weekly radio ... we needed to get our own space ...

And man ... we are hyped about it!!

kathy said...

Congrats on the new studio, and your nation should recognize being the perfectionists that you are...of course you couldn't put out a subpar show. Thats part of what makes it so good.(except for whomever always has the sniffles) I for one personally can't wait for O-show tv.

Steve said...

No worries on the delay - I'm sure the AngryMarks membership in the Nation of O would rather hear a quality show done in the BRAND NU studio (big up) than something rushed, sloppy and not up to Donnie and Dan-e-o standards. Take your time to do it right, SLOW DOWN and relax, it will come together. We're here for you Dan - ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL!

Anonymous said...

are we going to be told where this new studio is by chance? just wondering.
Big H

Anonymous said...

I know I was supposed to email studio names, but how about the O-Zone Lair?

-Big Poppa Punk

Anonymous said...

does this mean u guys are gonna do ustream of the show? or blog tv? doesnt take much but a webcam

kathy said...

i have an o and a no for smackdown as i sit watching it....NO: man do i ever hate CM Punk but OH: he is so much hotter in the eyeliner :)

And a question, why did rey have the chance to have such a looongggg ass match? He was gonna lose his title because of drugs anyways...hardly seems like a punishment.

Christopher Casúr said...


I have to disagree with your sentiment that it's hardly a punishment. In fact, this is how I'd rather see WWE treat Wellness violations. Instead of being squashed and embarrassed, if I were running things, suspended superstars should be told that their last match is the note they have to go out on and that they had better do something spectacular, lest they be forgotten about by the time they return. Kudos to WWE for doing this instead of just having Dolph Ziggler go berserk upside Rey Rey's head with a steel chair.