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Tha iMPACT! Playback

Okay I thought I would try a different approach this week. In the past I would try to be thoro and breakdown what went down on the show and give my thoughts and opinions, etc…Trying to maintain some sort of order and be a “good” guy.

Those days are over, no more mister nice guy.

Here’s the iMPACT Playback.

Sting retire it’s over pal. By the third match of the night I forgot who Sting fought, oh yea Rhino. Sting your making Hogan look good in his later years. Shoulda took a WWE run pal.

The MEM did some NWO type spoofs, ahhh…reminds me of the WCW all over. Is that good or bad. I can’t decide.

Next up AJ Styles had a decent match against some guy…I was gonna say it sucked while watching but Styles proved me wrong and showed some high flying tactics to change my mind. AJ run to Vince!

Eric Young interrupted Hernandez while he was doing an interview talking that same ol talk tryin to convince him to join World Elite. Will Hernandez break? I doubt it. This is a good way to reinforce his face run.

So wait there is two heel factions in TNA. The Main Event Mafia and The World Elite.

The WE reminds me of the LWO. Mid card dudes.

Daniels calls out Samoa Joe and gave Joe a lecture. Daniels is a biznatch, GTFOH

That’s “Get The Fuck Outta Here” I’m glad Joe threw his stankin’ ass talking bout a man’s fam. GTFOH

Suicide and Doug Williams mix it up in a tournament qualifier and the more I see Suicide the more I like him. I wonder who’s under the mask. I love the Beautiful People, no matter what they say or how they wrestle. Yes I’m a pig. Quote of the night: “We’re gonna bust that bitches face open” Now that’s Beautiful. “We no speakie ugly” Velvet I love you.

Knockout qualifying match. New chic on the block Hamada is with Sojo to take on Christy Hemme and Tara. Taz calls Tara nutty? Now that’s the pot callin the…nah I won’t say it. I’m definitely down for an all Knockouts show. Bring it.

The Knockout Tag Title Tournament match was whatever. Christy and Tara won, some great cootchie shots from Tara, but other wise it was typical until Hamada turned on Sojo Bolt. Tara and Christy may have a chance here.

“No one works Kurt Angle” yeah he works himself. No Questions asked. Kurt’s got bigger problems. I look fot Matt to take out Angle at No Surrender. What !? Homicides vs Hernandez, here we go...a twist. Why did they mention both men vying to be the first ever Latino TNA Champion.

Is that a hint of what’s ahead? Hmmm…Hernandez murk’s Homicide and has definitely made the full face turn. He better run over the injured “Icon” Sting. Viva La Rasa!!!

The British Bulldogs, um I mean the British Invasion backs up their brother Doug Williams as he makes a challenge to AJ Styles. I like these cats. I gotta say it. They got swag.

Kurt Angle joins the announcers for the Williams vs. AJ Styles match and he says AJ has talent but no heart.

Classic. Then he calls him a hustler. I’ll give AJ credit though this is his second match of the night, even though the shows taped and edited. AJ gets Phenomenal on us but Doug puts up a good fight and gets hit with inverted DDT and that’s all she wrote. AJ advances to the Fatal Four way at No Surrender.

Team 3D are no hero’s to me. You guys are a couple over rated bums. Bubba Ray is a Tomato.

Final qualifier match and main event of the night. Sting vs. Hernandez. Sting comes out taped up and acting like a zombie. Hernandez rips him apart and is a sure win until Eric Young dressed as Homicide gets Hernandez disqualified by attacking Sting. Bamboozled! Hernandez calls out Young and gets rushed by WE. AJ tries to make a save. Beer Money joins the fight and Team 3D makes a sandwich at the top of the ramp and the WE gets an ass woopin’.

Pay back for the riot?

Bubba you look like a retard tryin to rock a Mohawk with a reciting hair line. The tables came out and the fans were happy so that’s all that counts.

MEM Booker and Stiener save the day and The MEM and WE alliance proves the dominating force by taking out the trash.

Definite Total Non Stop Action.


Sting def Rhino
AJ Styles def Who Cares
Doug Williams def Suicide
Chisty Hemme & Tara def Sojo Bolt & Hamada
Hernandez def Homicide
AJ Styles def Doug Williams
Sting def Hernandez by DQ

2 comments: on "Tha iMPACT! Playback"

Christian said...

Couldn't they have retrieved one of those trashed Sting masks and attack Williams so he could have advanced to the Four-Way.
ANd why are you doing that to Sting, if you want Hernandez to join your group.
That's stupid booking on TNA's part, but hey he's got the suitcase from Feast or Fired.
Anyone for a Five man match, or will TNA do the smart thing and have Hernandez come out right after the match.

Hipnosis said...

The reason he screwed Hernandez is cause he's taking too long to join

just watch the next iMPACT! and your answers will be relieved

TNA was IMO the best Wrestling show of the week

Best part about it...I can't even remember if Kurt Angle was on...wait just hit me...he was with Taz and Teney once....great sh** on iMPACT! last few weeks

I'm looking forward to seeing whats going down on PPV