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Hell, It's A Cell...

Remember when certain things in wrestling meant something? WWE has an upcoming PPV called Hell In A Cell.

Years ago, and I’m talking back when cage matches had thick ass blue bars, being put in a cage with an opponent meant that after this the feud was done. We of course no that this is no longer the case.

We see cage matches on free TV which has totally devalued the meaning of them. With an entire PPV based solely on cage matches they will mean even less. When I look at the upcoming card I don’t see many feuds that are cage worthy, if you will. Just regular feuds.

Let’s use Mickie James vs. Alicia Fox for example. Is this really a feud that has built to the point where they need to be locked in together and beating each other? Not really. Morrison vs. Ziggler? A decent feud with two good, young talents. But not worth a cage. Kofi, The Miz, and Swagger? Again, all good young guys but none of them have fought one another long enough for this to be settled in a cage.

Big Show and Chris Jericho are fighting Rey Mysterio and Batista for the tag belts. Really? How much wrestling have I missed? If Rey and Batista qualify for a title match then me and Casur need to hook up and form a new team of Black Irish Cream. These guys haven’t even had a feud let alone anything big or important enough for a cage match. I like the team of JeriShow but they have no one to fight. The only tag teams left are Legacy and DX. Speaking of which…

These guys have a feud. This may be worth having a cage match but just barely. I’m not excited about this feud since it will just be rematched the following night. Legacy, if they are gonna keep them together, need to a feud that they have a chance of coming out on top with. Yeah, at the last submission themed PPV they won but were made to look like jokes the following weeks.

John Cena and Randy Orton have a good feud going. I am basing this straight off of Orton’s ability to make me believe that he is a nutty son of a bitch. I am hoping he wins with the help of Legacy. After this, win or lose, Orton needs to move on to a new feud. Hopefully with another star whose name doesn’t end with Cena, Helmsly, or Hickenbottom.

Then there is Undertaker vs. CM Punk. Insert heavy sigh. Taker has been the king of cage matches for a while. On paper it seems that he should easily handle Punk while locked in a cage. But Punk has managed to weasel his way to victories since winning the title. Hopefully Taker wins and ends this feud. But we all know that wont happen. They will headline the next PPV whose theme will be tickle fights.

Having these themed shows is killing the original concept of the themes themselves, plain and simple. I don’t want to see most of these matches occur, let alone in a cage. I noticed that I have been saying cage this whole time when its actually what WWE refers to as a “cell.” Whatever. Same difference, right? Much like chair shots, going through tables, and barbed wire matches, too much of it makes it mean nothing. Should we care when anyone faces an opponent after seeing them beaten and bloodied in a cage? When the next Hell in a Cell happens will it just be old news for all of us?

2 comments: on "Hell, It's A Cell..."

Devin said...

They're not all HIAC matches. Only Punk-Taker, Orton-Cena, and DX-Legacy are gonna be in the cell. But aside from that, I do agree. They are killing the gimmick.

Zyrone said...

Gentleman I'm going to have to disagree a little. Yes an HIAC themed PPV is stupid as hell and downplays the importance of that match but I say it also depends on the workers as well. If you put Shawn in there with, let's say, Undertaker they could build meaning into the match with good promos, run ins, etc. On that note, I think that people put too much expectation into HIAC. They expect everyone to go flying off the damned thing. Use it. The over use of a gimmick, I think, can be solved by toning it down a bit and playing on everyone's expectations.