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Tha Raw Report: Dan Sharpton?

The Dan Sharpton image courtesy of Matt Falcone! Nice job bro!

There are bad ideas, there are worse ideas, and then there are WWE ideas. The Reverend Al Sharpton is your choice for guest host? He has accomplished many things in his life, but that doesn't mean that he's going to get ratings or I don't know, be popular with your audience. I just wonder if the at home audience was digging RevAl?

I know Jericho will probably get shit on for his "This is discrimination line" but it may have been the line of the night. The line of the night certainly didn't go to Cena, Orton, Legacy or DX, that's for sure.

The whole decision thing again, John Cena and Randy Orton aren't budging from the top of the card and consistency isn't a good thing if it's being rammed down your throat week after, no to hell with week, month after month, and year after year. New talent would help.

Whatever happened to making new stars? Pushing new talent? Any of these things sound good to anyone in the E? Apparently not considering the same guys with the exception of Swagger and Bourne are still in place as they were a year ago. When are McGuinness and Danielson making their debut? That's something I'd pay attention to.

I must say, RevAl has lost a lot of weight. Doesn't look all that great. Man, is Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrinch not the oddest combination of political opponents as a "tag team" you have ever seen? I mean that is some straight up WWE shit right there. By the way, I just had to say props to whoever selected "living in america" I may have that song stuck in my head for a week.

Dan-e-o, I think Al's hair would be hypalaz on you, so when you drop the dreads do the RevAl. Any O-ster out there with photoshop, get Dan's head on Al's hair and post that or email it to Tha O Show, or me for posting, that'd be hype. It will replace Tha Raw Report picture.

I will say this watching Big Show and Mark Henry in the ring isn't bad. It's most definitely interesting. What I want to know though, is how did MVP go from a budding singles push, and Henry with a singles face push get jammed into a tag team again? Either way at least they're dressing like a tag team and Jeri-Show have tag team music.

There still isn't a real tag team division, but it's the small strides we can appreciate after so long of not having any, or just a few. Bring back MnM if Miz isn't going to get a real push and they give it to Thwagger instead. They really need to do something. Kofi has gotten stale as US Champ, but Miz needs that belt more than Swagger.

Miz needs a good solid run. Cena and Orton need a break from TV to get some fresh faces flowing and some new options open. Not wishing them injuries, just a voluntary vacation. Spend time with the new wife for Cena and the kid and wife for Orton. Take a break guys we could all use it. That would help things out in the long run.

The John Cena gauntlet was just stomach churning. Why is it that he can get beat down and beat down but then forget and show absolutely nothing. He goes from just completely obliterated to being damn Superman. Cast the bastard as Captain America and just move on. I guarantee it'd be great for publicity on both parts.

The PPV's are just not taking any time between them to build anything, so they have to continue the old fueds. Thats a big problem, they don't give themselves time to build something for a big show. Eliminate some of the damn Pay-Per-Views. Word is creative isn't happy with the Hell in a Cell concept, and to be honest, I'm not either.

The show itself wasn't horrible, but the thing is, seeing the spots they could/should improve on makes you wonder just how great it could be again if they'd either make the effort or hire the right people to write it.

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Dan-e-o said...


You're a joker...I admit I wouldn't mind seeing that photo too...'cuz it won't ever happen for real!

My respect for Rev. Al has grown tremendously as of late but he clearly had no place as Guest Host of Raw.

For some people, it works, for others it doesn't. The E is lost. Their quest for ratings at any cost continues to hurt their product.

Worse though, is the absolute asinine booking of John Cena. Why must we be subjected to this complete and utter bullshit?

The tag champs...both very well decorated champs in Big Show and Chris Jericho...beat the piss out of John Cena...only for Cena to scare the shit out of Orton (suddenly a huge coward) and kick his ass on top of the cell to end Raw?

Really? I know we're supposed to expect this type of garbage but it doesn't make it any easier to watch.

Nothing about this is believable. Really, REALLY bad TV.

D.J.B. said...

I am a joker, though you can never call me a midnight toker! Big ups to Matt for the photo, I'm sure you've seen the email, but if not you're looking at it now.

But come on bro, years down the road when you've got your millions from the big record deal thats right around the corner, the wife and the kids the european sports car and it's time to cut the hair that isn't the look you're going to go for? Come on bro, it's you.

I don't get the WWE right now. I just don't...and I'm scared to try actually.