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2009 Future Endeavors Pool

Here it is - at the request of Tha O-sters, the first ever, Future Endeavors Pool.

The hosts of Tha O Show conducted a draft this week, where they picked 10 likely candidates to be handed their pink slip, or to leave the company on their own.

One of two things must happen for points to be scored. must report the seperation by use of their patented "We wish them the best in their future endeavors" ... or the individual's bio must be removed from Moving to the "alumni" section would count as an elimination.

Each participant's roster must always have 10 full spots. When a person is future endeavor'd, the participant will replace them with someone else in an effort to maximize their points.

TNA talent are not included in this pool. Let's face it, nobody really gets cut from TNA unless their contract expired or they have some dumb Visa issues. There are people on the TNA roster who haven't been used in ages - simply because of the way their contracts are structured.

Dan-e-o had the first overall pick. Our selections are in order of when they were drafted.

Scoring system

1 point awarded when someone on either list resigns or is released. Bonus scoring is shown below.

Held a title +1
Held multiple titles +1
Held title in the last six months +2
Worked the most recent PPV +2
Involved in a story +3
Left on their own terms +2
Wellness Policy Related + 3
More than 10 Yrs in company (need not be consecutive) + 5

Dan-e-o's Team

The Great Khali
Jesse Dalton
Jamie Noble
Chris Masters
Curt Hawkins
Rosa Mendez
DJ Gabriel
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella

Big Daddy Donnie's Team

Rey Mysterio
Jimmy Wang Yang
Charlie Haas
Lillian Garcia 9 Points
Jim Duggan
Primo Colon
Jim Ross

15 comments: on "2009 Future Endeavors Pool"

Evitman said...

so Big Dady Donnie's Team will be +1 by the end of the month? Lillian is leaving on her own terms.

Damn Dan-e-o, has anybody on your list held a title? And shouldn't the Bellas be a matching set?

Dan-e-o said...

NOTE: Donnie released the rules AFTER we both made our choices.


Anonymous said...

HAHA ... Donnie got Lillian!!

That's 1 point for her leaving. +1 for leaving on her own terms and +3 for 10 years or more in company!!

Lillian debuted Aug 23rd 1999!!!

BigDaddy said...

Easy dreadlocks ...

The scoring system was a work in progress... I had no strategy behind my picks other than I figure these people could be gone by end of December.

Don't go cryin cuz you didn't think to draft Lillian

mkf said...

Did Dan agree to the rules / scoring even when he saw both rosters? If so, then he has no beef

Big Dick Johnson said...

I would have picked Big Dick Johnson!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can root for this easier than Dead Pool

D. Ross said...

Dante Ross' Team

Tyler Reks
Mark Henry
Bryan Danielson
Ezekiel Jackson
Vladimir Kozlov
Chavo Guerrero
Carlito Colon
William Regal
Tommy Dreamer

Anonymous said...

Patrick Swayze died and that makes Tid the leader in the dead pool!

Scott said...

Jesse Dalton
Curt Hawkins
DJ Gabriel
Charlie Haas
Jimmy Wang Yang
Jim Duggan
Tyler Reks
Mike Knox
Rosa Mendez

Matt said...

Charlie Haas will never be fired.

Who the hell's Eve

Curt Hawkins is still in the fed?

There should be a huge bonus for people who were in the company for less than a month on their latest stint (Nick Dinsmore and soon to be Chris Masters)

Zyrone said...

Shawn Michaels
Nigel McGuiness
Yoshi whatever the hell his name is
Jim Ross
Low Ki
Matt Hardy again
Evan Bourne
Gail Kim

now the title situation, what if they held titles elsewhere does that count

Peter_H said...

Peter H's (aka The O'ster in O-town)

Future Endevoured Team

Jaime Noble
Kelly Kelly
Curt Hawkins
Chavo Guerrero
Matt Hardy
Eve Torres
Jillian Hall

Anonymous said...

Santino Will Never Be Endervered, Everyone Would Be All Over Him!

mark from Ireland said...

slam master j
tyler reks
jimmy wang yang
lauren mayhew(ecw announcer)
tony atlas
gail kim
paul burchill
dj gabriel
jamie noble