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UFC 101 Recap

"Ladies and Gentlemen, WE ARE LIVE!" booms Bruce Buffer to the fans in Philadelphia, PA.

Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino (19-4-0, 154.5 lbs) vs. Josh Neer (25-7-1, 155.5 lbs)

Referee Dan Murgliata gives his final introductions as our competitors tap gloves to start Round One. Neer comes out with some swings, Pellegrino snatches up a leg, picks up Neer and slams him to the mat, gets into half guard, Neer gets his guard back but Pellegrino is trying to throw elbows and punches to the head, 3:30 left in the round, Neer tries to grab an arm but Pellegrino continues his assault with punches.

Neer gets a wrist lock with 2:40 left, wraps his legs around the arm again, Pellegrino is able to pick him up and slams him HARD on the back of his head to break that up. That doesn't stop Neer from trying it again every time Pellegrino stands up to try to throw some bombs, forcing Pellegrino to stay near the ground.

1:30 left and Pellegrino is able to get past half guard, stands up again, Neer is forcing him to go back down to the mat, looking very comfortable. Round One ends with Pellegrino remaining on top, and probably won the round 10-9. Neer's corner encourages him to keep this a stand-up fight.

Round Two starts with both men sparring around the ring, Neer advancing and putting Neer back towards the cage. Pelegrino isn't afraid to throw some combos of his own, but nearly gets hit himself. Pellegrino throws a nice right and then tries to shoot for a single-leg takedown, Neer holds him off for about 20 seconds, but Pelegrino is able to get his back to the mat. Neer throws some elbows to the top of the head, Pelegrino's corner is telling him to throw some elbows back. Neer again trying for an arm triangle several times as Pelegrino can neither stand up for the advantage nor break away. 2:30 left in the round, Neer keeps successfully defending his guard and stopping Pelegrino from doing much. Neer is doing an excellent job of throwing elbows from the bottom. 3:00 gone, Neer tries for another armbar, then another triangle, Pelegrino uses the triangle attempt to throw some hammer fists and pass guard at the same time, Neer ain't letting it happen. 1:00 left, Neer tries for the Kimura from the bottom, Neer is able to step over and get top mount, then slips around and gets Neer's back. Pelegrino goes to his own back to fully stretch out his body, Pelegrino blocks it by putting his feet on the cage, we end the round and I think maybe this one goes to Neer for the excellent defense. Neer has a little nosebleed going on, just a trickle though.

Last round and Pelegrino starts with a body kick, Neer responds with a thrust kick, Pelegrino with an inside leg kick, Neer wit ha thrust kick, goes for a kick to the head, Pelegrino grabs the leg and again drives Neer to the mat, grinding his head into Neer's body as his corner tells him. Neer trie for a leglock as Pelegrino tries to pass guard. Neer tries for the Ulmaplata, no go 3:15 left in the round. Neer grabs a wrist, Pelegrino wiggles loose and throws a punch to Neer's head. They're spending nearly a full minute wrestling for control on the ground, 2:20 Pellegrino just slaps Neer across the face, almost a bitchslap! Neer responds with punches and elbows, Neer throws his hands up wondering what Neer is trying to accomplish here! 1:35 Neer tries for another arm triangle, Pellegrino blocks it. Neer keeps looking at the clock, he's needing to do something, Pelegrino is still trying to get side control. Fans starting a "Let's Go Batman!" chant with 50 seconds left, Pelegrino gets top mount with 35 secodns away, but Neer flips him over for his own control, his corner yelling him to finish it. both men get to their feet, Neer starts throwing elbows, 10 seconds, wraps up an arm, starts throwing elbows and punches into the head, busts Pelegrino's eye WIDE OPEN as the horn sounds!

Neer stomps off to his corner, disgusted that he couldn't finish it. Pelegrino stalks behind Neer and throws his hands up, asking him almost if that's all he had, eye swollen and dripping with blood! We go to the judges for the decision... Bruce Buffer, "All three judges score this contest 30-27, for your winner by unanimous decision.. KURT "BATMAN" PELEGRINO!"

"the Spider" Kendall Grove (12-5-0, 185.5 lbs) vs. Ricardo "Big Dog" Almeida (10-3-0, 185 lbs)

Mario Yamasaki is our referee in charge, we see Tito Ortiz in the crowd, we're starting Round One with Almeida shoving Grove up against the cage and trying to take it to the ground quickly. Grove throws some knees and tries to block, Grove turns it around for a minute, but Almeida puts him back on the cage and grinds into Grove's body. One minute down, Almeida throwing some knees and punches to the body to soften Grove up, gets some punches to the head. Grove is able to underhook Almeida and turns him around and off the cage, and moves the action back to the middle of the cage. Almeida with a big right hand at 3:05, drives Grove back to the cage, Grove is able to push him off and back to the middle of the ring. Grove tries to throw a knee, Almeida grabs the leg, drives him into the cage as Grove blocks the takedown attempt, Grove with double underhooks again to block any takedown attempt. 2:25 Grove is able to try for a Guillotine, Almeida has a hook on the leg and Grove is forced to let go. Almedia with a body lock with 2:00 left, finally trips up Grove for the takedown. Grove is able to push him off, Alemeida with a leg kick, a punch, and back into Grove's guard. Grove throwing short elbows from the bottom, but Almeida is able to get half guard, side control, going for Grove's back with 50 seconds left. Grove is turtled up on the cage to block it, is able to get room to stand up, Almeida tries to take him down again, Grove has him blocked, but Almeida is able to pick him up and slam him in the middle of the ring, 15 seconds left and Grove protects his guard as the round ends.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges "Rush" St. Pierre is seen on the screens and the fans pop big as we start Round Two. Almedia has no problem taking Grove down to the mat, Grove's corner tells him to close guard quickly and stay off teh fence. Grove grabs an arm 4:15, locks the armbar in! Almedia is able to break after 20 seconds but Kendall Grove just sent a message! Alemeida is up on his feet and trying to throw punches, but Grove is able to bring him back down and try for a body triangle from the bottom and throw some knees to the head, 3:00 left. Almeida spends the next 30 seconds trying to break free, finally gets to his feet, throws a few kicks and back down to the ground, Grove throwing more elbows to the head as Almeida continues to push him against the cage. Almeida gets to his feet and is able to throw some punches and then passes side control. Grove quickly regains half guard, 1:30 left Almeida starts throwing some big punches. Grove gets to his feet at 1:10, Almeida has him back up against the cage. Grove tries to throw some knees to the body, Almeida focuses on taking Grove back to th ground. Grove turns his position around, Almeida with a big punch, Grove fires back with his own rights and a few knees to the head, Almeida throws him back into the cage and still trying for the takedown, finally gets it but eats an elbow by Grove right before the round ends. We replay the HUGE uppercut that Grove gave Almeida right near the end of the round.

Round Three opens up with Grove swinging, Almeida with an inside leg kick, outside leg kick, Grove continues for punchees, tries to throw a leg, Almedia snatches it and throws Grove right into the mat, Grove gets back to his feet 4:15 left, Almeida has him in the corner. Grove with a good knee to the chin, double underhooks, throws another knee, outside leg kick, Almeida breaks it off ad we go back to the middle. Grove with a left hook, Almeida throws some punches, tries for an armbar on Grove, Grove drops him on his head, drops a few hammerfists and then backs off. Almeida looking worn, throws a few punches but his hands keep dropping. Grove's corner is telling him that Almeida is tired, Almeida throws some knees and puts Almeida int he corner, foot stomps and some knees. Grove with a knee to the head as Almeida tries toe scape the cage, 2:30 left in the match. Almeida is able to grab another leg and take down Grove somehow. Both men throwing head shots. 90 seconds left, Grove again trying for armbars and throwing a lot of elbows, looking for the Ulmaplata but unable to complete, 60 seconds left. Almeida is stretching out to keep him on the ground for a decision win. Grove trying for a Kimora, unable to lock it, throws an elbow into Almeida's head. Almeida gets to his feet, Grove kicks him off, 25 seconds left, Grove throwing punches, knees, Almeida pushes him into the cage, 10 seconds, Grove throwing elbows to the head, Almeida struggles for a takedown, fails, that's it we're going to a decision!

Bruce Buffer: "All three judges score this contest 30-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Ricardo "Big Dog" Almeida!"

Amir Sadollah (2-0-0, 166.5 lbs) vs. Johny Hendricks (5-0-0, 171 lbs)

Referee Dan Murguliatta kicks Round One off. Hendricks blocks a head kick from Sadollah. Sadollah tries to drive Hendricks into the corner, and Hendricks clubs him with a dozen punches, THIS FIGHT IS OVER AT 0:29 SECONDS! Fans boo the early stoppage, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg both feel that this was an early stoppage. We replay the whole fight again, we see Sadollah slips, Hendricks drops several punches to the head and Murguliatta throws himself in-between as Sadollah is trying to get back to his feet.

"Sugar" Shane Nelson (13-3-0, 156 lbs) vs. Aaron Riley (27-11-1, 155 lbs)

The rematch after the referee stopped the match last time in favor of Aaron Rile. Kevin Mulhall is our referee in charge as we start Round One. Two southpaws start out with a few kicks, Rile throws some punches, nelson tries for a takedown, Riley fights it off and they spring back up for some sprawling. nelson slips near the cage, Riley jumps on him and puts him on the cage, Nelson escapes and we're back in the middle of the cage. Riley with a body kick, tries for a takedown, Nelson blocks it, 4:00 left. Riley driving Nelson into the cage again, tries to grab a leg as Nelson throws a knee. Riley throws his own knees and some elbows to the head. Riley warned not to hold the fence, Nelson breaks free at 3:05 left. Nelson throws a few punches to show some offensive, backs Riley up a bit. Riley fakes a body kick, throws a real one, gets his leg caught and rolls out before Nelson can jump on it. Riley throws a left, Nelson ducks it, Rile drives Nelson back into the cage, Nelson backs him off, 2:00 left. nelson with a nice pair of headkicks that Riley blocks, throws his own knee that connects. They clinch up at 1:35 left, trade some knees, Riley pushes nelson back to the cage, throws knees to the body and elbows to the head. Riley steps out a little to try for a takedown, Nelson blocks, 1:00 left and they're trading some punches, Riley tries for a headkick, Nelson ducks it and escapes. Nelson tries for a takedown at 35 seconds, Riley stuffs him. Riley advances with punches, puts nelson on the cage again, 15 seconds left. Riley trying for a takedown, throws a knee right at the horn.

Fans are not really excited for this, and we're forced to put Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino and Randy "the Natural" Couture on the screen to fire up the fans.

Round Two starts with Riley throwing some kicks, Nelson responding with some knees, Riley throwing Nelson back on the cage and hitting him in the face with elbows. Nelson with a knee, gets blocked, Riley connects with his own knee to the body. Nelson escapees after a few more knee attempts, 4:00 left. We trade some punches in the middle of the ring, Nelson with a body kick, clinch up by Riley, Nelson escapes but stumbles backwards into the cage, Riley is right there on him, 3:20 left. Riley lets him go so they can sprawl some more, Nelson back into the clinch, Riley puts him back into the cage, breaks off, back to sprawling 2:45 left. Riley tries for some punch.kick combos, Nelson evades them, throws his own knee, gets blocked, Riley with a big head kick near the cage, 2:20, throws a few knees, back on the cage we go. Riley grabs a leg, looks for a takedown, gets the sweep at 2:00. Action stays right in the corner on the ground, wrestling for control, not many punches or elbows being thrown. Riley finally gets some strong punches to the body in as we're crowded up on the side of the cage, 1:00 as Nelson has full guard. Referee finally forces at break at 40 seconds. Riley immediately with a roundhouse kick, Nelson backs away from it. Riley trying for some strike combos that don't connect, Nelson tries for a leg takedown, Riley responds with a body kick, Nelson responds with a body kick, we're sprawling with 10 seconds left, back on the cage, Riley throws Nelson to the mat at the horn.

Crowd still dead, so we put Phllies player Jason Werth on the screen, not so big a pop.

Round Three stars with Riley throwing more strike combos, tries for a head kick, Nelson ducks it. Nelson with a body kick that connects, Riley backs off, comes back with more strike combos, nothing connecting. Nelson with a clinch, we exchange some body shots, break off. Nelson with a straight right, Riley looks unphased. Nelson with a takedown attempt, Riley stuffs it, we back up to the cage, Riley escapes. 4:00 left, Riley throws some kicks, keeps throwing a left hand but doesn't connect. Riley throws Nelson back on the cage, struggle for control, Nelson falls to the ground, stumbling over his own feet, Riley leaps on him and Nelson is in guard.

A fight breaking out in the crowd is getting more response than this match! It's even got more attention from Goldberg & Rogan! Rogan, "I think 90% of the audience is watching the fight in the crowd right now." And rightfully so, this is BOOOORING! 2:20 left and we're STILL not advancing, a few punches and elbows thrown by both men, but neither man with a real advantage. 1:50 left and Riley is getting to his feet to get some leverage to throw elbows to the head. 1:00 left, Riley is able to get in some body punches. Nelson tries for an armbar attempt but thinks better of it, 30 seconds left. Riley is now opening up with plenty of punches, 10 seconds left Nelson FINALLY throwing some elbows from the bottom again. Horn sound we're going to a decision.

Rogan says, "If Riley doesn't win this decision I'm burning my headset and running naked through the crowd!" Yeah, please don't, Joe. Fans are STILL reacting to the fights in the crowd, do they even know that this fight in the ring ended? Buffer says it's 30-27 for Aaron Riley

Anderson "the Spider" Silva (24-4-0, 205 lbs) vs. Forrest Griffin (16-5-0, 205 lbs)

Our poll asked fans who would win this fight, and it's evenly split 50-50 as both men enter the octagon! Silva's UFC Middleweight belt isn't on the line as Silva is fighting a Light Heavyweight match tonight against the #4 ranked Light Heavyweight Forrest Griffin. Griffin gets huge applause from the fans, Silva actually gets some boos for several seconds. Kevin Mulhall is our referee in charge.

Let's Fight! Joe Rogan says that he's heard all week that Griffin is going to open up with a head kick combo. He gets one kick off but that's it, attempts a body kick and a lot of feeler punches, Silva doesn't seem to respond at all, also feeling things out. Forest throws a kick at 4:00, Silva catches it, Griffin stumbles to escape. Griffin attempts a Superman punch but aborts, goes for an inside leg kick, throws a punch that nearly gouges Silva's eye, both men break and clear things up. Griffin throws a high headkick, Silva pushes forward with some jabs, catches Griffin at 3:05, Griffin gets back to his feet, Silva throws a few more combos, backs off. Griffin drives forward with a flurry of punches, Silva backs off, throws a big right, uppercut and he throws his fists together, "LETS GO!" Silva drops his hands to taunt Griffin, ducks several of Griffin's punches, then drops him with a right! 2:10 Griffin is fighting back. Silva backs off, reaches out his hand in friendship, Griffin touches gloves and we're back to fighting! Griffin with a nice jab to the chin, Silva backs off, hits Griffin on the button at 1:35 LIGHTS OUT! Griffin falls flat to his back! ITS OVER!

Forrest gets back to his feet and immediately leaves the ring, FUCK FORREST GRIFFIN IS RUNNING FROM THE RING!@!!! The winner by knockout at 3:23 of Round One, ANDERSON SILVA! Wow, I cannot believe that Forrest Griffin actually RAN from the cage! Silva, "Uh, yeah, Forrest is good fighter, good man. But I train hard, thank you coach, thank you friends!" Rogan asks Silva if he's considering more fights at Light Heavyweight or if he's going to refocus on the Middleweight division. Silva says, "It's a big problem because at 205 lbs these guys are bigger than me, but I'm at 185 and I want to fight the best!" Rogan asks Silva if he thinks he hurt Griffin badly a few moments earlier, "I trained a lot for this fight, I trained for these strikes."

UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: champion "the Prodigy" BJ Penn (13-5-1, 155 lbs) vs. Ken "KenFlo" Florian (13-3-0, 155 lbs)

Online/txt voting from the fans - 70% think BJ Penn will retain his championship. Kenny Florian comes out of the tunnel, and a fan snatches the hat off his head! Nice, ya douchebag! Florian getting some boos here. Neither of these men have ever been knocked down, Penn hits 61% of his punches, Florian hits 53% of his. Dana White promises that BJ Penn has "renewed himself" but didn't he say the same thing when training to fight GSP? :-/

Bruce Buffer shouts "IIITTSSSS TIIIIMMMEEE!" and BJ Pen comes out aggressive to start Round One, backing Florian up near the cage. Florian throws a head kick to keep some distance, body kick, Penn catches him with a punch to the head and drives Florian into the cage. 30 seconds gone, Penn throws a big elbow, Florian gets off the cage through. Fans chanting "B-J! B-J! B-J!"... I wonder if they're paying attention to something in the crowd again. ;-)

Penn wraps up Florian, underhooks one arm and throws body shots with the ring, 3:40 left. Florian breaks free, they tap gloves, both take their time feeling each other out. Florian throws a high head kick at 3:10, Penn blocks it, drives Florian into the cage, throws some knees, Florian throws a few knees of his own, they trade some light punches. Florian says that Penn is poking him in the eye. 2:20 they're still on the cage, mainly jockeying for position, occasionally trading knees to the legs. They break loose and take the middle of the cage at 1:55, Florian throws a head kick, tries to drive Penn into the cage, Penn wraps up an arm, blocks Florian's takedown attempt, they struggle to the middle of the cage and break off. Florian with an inside leg kick that connects. Florian's corner is yelling that Penn is already tired and telling him to shoot. Florian does charge, grabs a leg, puts Penn on the cage, 45 seconds left. Florian with a knee, throws some punches to the head. Penn with the head clinch throwing rights to the head. 25 seconds we break, back to the middle, Florian with a swing and a miss, Penn ducks it and connects with an uppercut. Penn throws a big knee strike that catches Florian, puts him on the cage, but doesn't take him out, Round One ends as they slug it out! Florian's corner is telling him to slow things down and pay more attention to what they're telling him, when they shout out it.

Round Two, Florian is holding back, trying to keep Penn on the outside. Florian with an inside leg kick, a second one, Penn responds with a right hook that misses, Florian drives him into the cage, we're fighting for control, one minute down. We finally break the clinch, Florian is now on the outside, Penn making him work around the ring. Florian moves in for a clinch in the middle of the ring, Penn breaks free after trading a few punches. Florian shoots for the single leg takedown, Penn backs up to the cage to block it, throws some punches right in KenFlo's face. Florian responds with body shots, 3:00 left in Round Two. Florian tries for the takedown again, Penn has to stop it again, Joe Rogan thinks this could easily wear Penn down. Florian breaks w/ a slashing elbow to the head. Florian tries for the Superman Punch, Penn ducks and the punch connects to the head. Both men break and tap gloves out of respect. 2:00 left, both men back to feeling each other, Florian again with a single leg takedown attempt, Penn back up on the cage, drops a few more punches to the face, Florian grinding his body into Penn's, body shots to the ribs, Penn gets a good uppercut and a left hook to break free, back to the middle we go, 1:00 left in this round. Florian with a high head kick, Penn blocks, Florian with an inside leg kick, misses a second one. Florian goes for another kick, Penn stuff him with a jab. Florian with a right hand, inside leg kick, 25 seconds left. Florian tries for a left, Penn moves out of the way, 10 seconds. Penn tries for an inside leg kick, Florian responds with his own, and the horn sounds to end Round Two. Florian's corner man is telling him to stop ducking his head when he throws punches. Penn's corner is telling him not to panic, throw some fake punches to put Florian off his game.

Florian starts Round Three with a few kick attempts, high kick, Penn blocking them all. Joe Rogan is wondering if Penn is wearing down, or just holding back energy. Florian with a big right hand, Penn ducks it and connects with a right jab. Florian moves in for a clinch, puts Penn on the cage, hits a few punches to the ribs, 4:00 left. Penn trades knees to the body and some small punches, Florian is keeping Penn pressed up against the cage and swinging punches. Florian digs down deep to try for a takedown, Penn is blocking it, they trade body shots, tries for the takedown again, 3:00 left. Florian renews his efforts pressing Penn against the cage. Penn nailing Florian in the side of the head, gets a little space, throws a knee, but Florian breaks away with a big elbow to the head. Florian with a big left, Penn ducks it, hits a few punches of his own. Florian with a roundhouse kick, all air, 2:00 left. Fans start booing as we spend 20 seconds pussyfooting around. Penn tries for a front leg kick, Florian grabs the leg and drives him into the corner. Penn with a knee and a right hand to break, advances with his own punches to put Florian on the cage, Florian escapes, 1:00 left. Penn with a wild left, Florian ducks it, shoots the leg, drives him against the cage. Fans booing again, Penn tries for the switch-around, Florian escapes as Penn nails him in the face a few times. 10 seconds left, back to the middle of the ring, Florian tries for the Superman Punch, Penn blocks it, delivers a few lefts, Florian goes for a roundhouse kick but has to break it off as the horn sounds.

Penn's corner tells him that he needs to make Florian pay every time he makes a mistake. Florian's corner tells him that he has to stop the head clinches and has to start pushing Penn more. Round Four begins with more dancing around the ring. Penn with a big left that catches Florian, he stumbles but back up on his feet, responds with a left leg kick to the body. Florian pushes forward with punches, drives Penn into the cage, throws some body punches. Fans booing again, 4:00 left. Penn fights him off with rights, throws an uppercut, gets a takedown on Florian 3:45 left. Penn trying to pass guard, Florian blocking it well, but leaving himself open to punches to the head. Florian serves up some elbows from the bottom, Penn isolates the left arm and grinds some elbows across Florian's face. Penn tries to pass side control again, trying to get top mount, Florian has the ankle locked up, but is taking some punishment with big punches and elbows to the face. Penn passes guard gets full mount 1:52 left, rolls Florian over and gets his back, trying for the choke. Florian reaches behind him, punches Penn in the face, Penn releases it, takes top mount again, but slips right behind Florian again. Penn with some heel kicks into the ribs, hooks in the choke ITS ALL OVER 3:55 of Round Four!

Rogan asks for Penn's comments, "I woke up this morning and asked myself, 'What in the hell am I doing this for?' and I realized I'm here for the fans!" Rogan asks for comments about his strategy for this fight, Penn completely ignores his comments and thanks the fans for their support. Florian leaves the ring w/o comment, cameras follow and you can see he's tore up about this loss, trying to mask his disappointment.

George Sotiropoulos vs. George Roop

I had to take a bathroom break and didn't catch the start of this preliminary match from earlier. I catch it as Sotiropoulos gets side control on Roop, snatches up a leg, then tries for a Kimoura, but spins around and tries for a Rear Naked Choke. Roop wiggles out but goes right into an Armbar. Roop escapes that, and flips Sotiropoulos over on his back, where we stay until the horn. Roop's corner blatantly lies to him about how well he did. Round Two sees Roop connecting with a few nice punches, goes for a knee strike, Sotiropoulos blocks it, throws his own knee, then a few punches, grabs a leg and takes Roop down, hits top mount, throws some bombs right to the face. Sotiropoulous stands up to try to drop bombs, but immediately takes side control, grabs an arm, pops it into the Kimora and Roop taps at 1:59 of Round 2.

Tapout "Submission of the Night" is BJ Penn making Ken Florian Tap. Finish First "Turning Point of the Night" is Johnny Hendricks turning around the fight on Amir Sadollah and finishing him by a TKO.

Coming up "Inside the Octagon": Saturday August 29th, UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueira - also Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva, Damian Myra vs. Nate Marquot. Wednesday, Sept 16th UFC Fight Night Live from Cox Arena, Oklahoma City, OK. Saturday, September 19th - UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort .

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