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"...Least I'm On TV!"

I recently heard an interview with he who shall not be named. During the interview they asked him about some of the storylines he has been involved in. You’d be hard pressed to find a wrestler that has had to deal with just the goofiest nonsense.

He’s been a dentist. He’s been a fake Diesel. He’s been burned. He’s been unmasked. He’s used a voice box to speak. Now he’s running around attacking a giant Indian man. How much say does he have in his career? When a wrestler is happy they say “Oh, we have a ton of say in what we do.” The more I hear someone say that the less I believe it. Because we all know what the flipside to this is.

As soon as a guy is gone they’re all over the place talking about the lack of control they have. I would love to hear an honest answer. If he who shall not be named was fired tomorrow would there be a shoot DVD immediately available talking about the silly dating angle he had with Lita? Would he say Undertaker was really a dick? We wont until it happens.

As far as input and ideas go, does Chavo show up every week and think its fine that he is losing to Hornswaggle? Does MVP have no problem with the fact that its starting to appear that he’ll never have a chance at winning the heavyweight belt unless he wins The Road To Wrestlemania in a videogame? Did Eugene (notice the past tense) have a problem playing someone with special needs?

As far as the Eugene thing goes, I don’t know why he was released this second time. In the past there was a drug use problem. Hell, I’d use drugs too if I and random fans that followed OVW knew how good I actually was but millions of people around the “Universe” only knew me as a guy that went full-retard. Yeah, I know that it was part of a storyline that followed him to WWE from OVW. But I try and think of this through the eyes of a guy that had a dream. Not an MLK dream. A dream of being a wrestler. No one dreams of being a retarded guy in the ring.

Let’s take Cody Deanor as an example. People have been shitting on the fact that he just won the Knockouts belt in TNA. Is this what he dreamed of as a child? I’m 99% sure it isn’t. This is a time when I wish I had his brothers number so I could call and ask him what he thinks about this storyline. Why put someone that has talent into your company and hide their skills. Have you ever seen video of Santino pre-Santino? He’s a totally different person! This guy can fight his ass off. But WWE is fine with him losing weekly. I know this has been discussed and that losing isn’t really losing sometimes. But still. He loses a lot. He had to become a woman to get a consistent winning streak.

Brian Kendrick who was recently released started in WWE doing random stunts to get a job. He then spent time being used as a chew toy before leaving. He came back and had a successful tag team before being split up. He then created The Brian Kendrick. Some people didn’t like this gimmick but I did. I was like “Finally, people will get to see this guy go!” He was even involved in a heavyweight title match. But then they put him on the land of giants show, Monday Night Raw, and canned him because he liked pot. This guy finally found his nietsch and was released. What the hell?

I want to know what you all think? Do characters really matter anymore or is it more about just being on the show? We’ve heard that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re ON the show. What wrestlers do you love but hate seeing what they are doing weekly?

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Zyrone said...

Great article man. I would like to just put the "small guys" on that list. If you're not getting your ass kicked by a former football player with the charisma of a week old used tire, you're getting stuck with a 8' tall walking parking lot maker (as in he clears the building from sheer suckage). It's a fucked up dilemma being a talented small guy in the E. Sure you're on TV but damn, really? I can get on TV too but I don't want to come off looking like embarrassment to my family. I would also like to put CM Punk in there. Despite Donnie's hate of the guy, I've seen what he can do. His heel promos against Raven when "straight edge meant he's better than you" were great and his matches in ROH were good also. I just think they are holding him back or worse he's pulling back because of the E's commitment to cater to kids. Again Dante, great article and I hope more are coming soon.

BigDaddy said...

I don't HATE Punk...
I hate that the smarks have dubbed him a great worker ... Just listen to Tyson Dux in the classroom ... Punk is not a good worker ...

Are his promos golden? Hell yes.

And I said from day 1 the guy shoulda been a heel doing THIS character.

D. Ross said...

Thanks, Zyrone. Its funny. I was a fan of Punk before he came to WWE. I read about the guy long before I ever saw a match. I saw some of his stuff on youtube in preparation of his WWE debut. Man, I was o disappointed! Heshowed up with that armbar finisher and was all smiles and giggles with the fans. His KentaLite gimmick isn't fun for me to watch.

And Donnie, his heel thing is okay but way too late for me. I gave up on the guy a while back. Just everything about him bugs me now. His heel turn took way too long. He reminds me of the Samoa Joe stuff where a company will take so long to do something that by the time it happens fans dont care (Jeff Hardy title win anyone...?).

Zyrone said...

I stand corrected sir.