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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 130

Tha O Show Radio
Tha O Show is back with its unbelievable 130th episode as Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o bring you another classic!

This week, the birthday boy and "Your Saviour" Sebastian Suave returns to the studio to celebrate and join in on all the usual craziness. It's all the best pro wrestling, MMA and locker room talk coming your way once again!

Press play now!! It's O time!!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

"Tha Classroom" with "Textbook" Tyson Dux.

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. who discusses all things MMA better than anyone else can.

And as always, "Tha Round Table"!




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18 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 130"

tim said...

Hey Suave! You said Raptors traded all their black guys. Here is the line up

Calderon > Jack > Banks
Belineli > DeRozan > Douby
Hedo > Wright > Weems
Bosh > Evans > Amir
Bargs > Nesterovic > O’Bryant

9 new faces this off season.
6 of them are brothers.

Dan said...

Donnie I'm surprised you didn't talk about Shaq VS since you told me about it on Facebook yesterday...


Steve Nash has been listed as the executive producer of tthe new SHAQ VS tv show where Shaq challenges pros from other sports.

But Shaq STOLE the idea from Nash!! Nash was planning to do this show, and Shaq liked it and he went and got it put together.

Nash hired an entertainment lawyer, and it was all settled with an exec producer credit and I'm sure a payoff

BigDaddy said...

Hey man, ya totally forgot to touch on this story! I'm sure this is one of the BIG reasons that the Suns were looking to peddle Shaq Daddy.

jim j said...

MY IDEA!!! Future Endeavors pool!!

jim j said...

Nash VS would have been a WAAAAAY better show!!!!

Shaq VS Rothlesberger on first episode .. and Roth beat Shaq at HORSE ... a freakin' BASKETBALL GAME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just YouTubed ... MIKE GOLDBERG is the announcer on that Shaq show!! You think Dana White likes that??

The Guy In Black said...

^Shaq vs Kimbo, UFC 110 ;)

Christian said...

Don West is gonna be the ShopTNA guy and Taz will be the new color guy.
So, Welcome back TIFG.

Raptor News: Marcus Banks will be traded to the Mavs for that Carroll dude.

Mavs fan said...

I think Banks for Carroll is a smokescreen. I don't think it will actually happen.

Anonymous said...

Shaq VS Kimbo VS Big Show @

(stupider things haven't happened to Big Show @ Mania?)

Christian said...

I thought that that sumo match vs. Akebono was stupid as well.

Anonymous said...

Shaq VS

He loses to Ben Rothlisberger in a QB challenge (shocker) and he loses to Ben in a basketball game.

This show will get one or two more episodes and then everyone will say - we are tired of seeing Shaq job more than Sebastian Sauve

Christian said...

Regal now has Kozlov and Ahmed Johnson in his corner.

Anonymous said...

Today's Special!!!!!!!!!

kathy said...

thank you so much anonymous

BigDaddy said...

Speaking of Today's Special: am I the only one who thought puppet night watchman Sam Crenshaw and actor Charles Cyphers (the manager in Major League) are the same person?



D. Ross said...

The Rhaka Khan thing is old, dude. How did you not know Kurt was all over that? Khan is a beast, man. Not hot at all. Now Awesome Kong on the other hand? Mmm! People are debating whether or not Angle will be the next Benoit or Jake Roberts. Funny thing is if this was WWE it would be worked into a storyline.

Why is Deanor using the move Stallone used in “Over The Top”? The backwards hat was what he did. I think I am answering Dan-e-o’s question. I’ve seen the video of this guy eating Vaseline on you tube. I hadn’t heard of it until TMZ started playing them. The words video and Vaseline can never mean anything good.

Yes! “District 9” was awesome as fuck! I couldn’t find a theater near me that was playing it because it was sold out. Finally found one in L.A and it was so good. A far as women and men fighting, look at Nas and Kelis. They are having all that baby and divorce drama. 50, Wyclef, and Timberland were caught in that steroid investigation.

lol said...

love the bendale references and todays special references...only true scarberians know the deal!


donny loves the cock and dan would make an exception only for the king of pop...