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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 124

Tha O Show Radio
Tha O Show is back as your bro Dan-e-o joins Big Daddy Donnie for Episode 124!

Today's show is a roller coaster of emotions as tha boys battle the news of more deaths while maintaining their O-some craziness. Reflecting on the death of Waldo Von Erich, you'll hear from El Tornado and Rory MacAllister.

As well, The Notorious T.I.D. , "Textbook" Tyson Dux and Jonny Fairplay all join the show. Press play for the O's to start!

On today's show...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. who previews UFC 100.

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, you'll want to watch UFC 100 and party with Tha O Show at Dave & Busters (400 and HWY 7). $10 cover is reduced to $5 if you say "Tha O Show sent me".

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

A tribute to Waldo Von Erich in "Tha Classroom" with "Textbook" Tyson Dux.

A performance of Dan-e-o's heartfelt ode to Michael Jackson, "Legacy".

And "Tha Round Table" with former, TNA and Survivor star, Jonny Fairplay!




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30 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 124"

Anonymous said...

10 secs into the show and Donnie drops a SICK reference!!!!

ABE FROMEN (SP?) the SAUSAGE KING!!! Straight out of Ferris Buelllllller!!!!!!

Although he's been replaced by Dan-e-o the Sausage King!!

Anonymous said...

RIP Waldo

noah said...

Martin Streek helped our band get on the first CD CFNY ever put out. He was an awesome supporter and became a good friend. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

UFC 100 & Dave and BUSters with tha OOOOO show! Im there!

Jim j said...

hey Fairplay - my back hurts. I keep bending over to pick up all these names you keep dropping

Anonymous said...

wickedazzzz episode!
Fairplay is hilarious!
Tid rules!

Sheiky said...

O Show #1 all otha shows hagh-pagh-toooie

sheiky said...

Why u no call no more for sheiky?

sheiky said...

why must sheiky's comments be approved? i wrestle da boba backalaund in tha madis ON sqare garden I am former double double E champyon

Anonymous said...

The Legacy track is SICK. Can't wait to hear the whole finish verzion

halb said...

tyson dux is not the best in the world, it is wrestlers like chris jericho, kurt angle, christian cage.

BigDaddy said...

My personal opinion - you can disagree if you want ....

Jericho, Angle and Cage only have ONE thing Dux doesn't have. Weekly television exposure.

Dux can work ANY style, and have it MAKE SENSE.

By the way ... I'll accept that Kurt is the discussion, but there's NO WAY that U.S. born Jericho or Captain Charisma are in the running for BEST ALL AROUND wrestler today.

I see too much of the same from those guys, week after week. No, not just "their moves" ... but their pacing, the way the match unfolds....

Jericho and Christian aren't top 5 in the fed right now amongst their roster.

My personal top 10 in the fed right now (no particular order)

Tyson Kidd

halb said...

i said that kurt angle, christian cage, chris jericho are the best in the world because they consistently have good matches and their ppv matches are excellent.

halb said...

also you talked about santino throwing himself out of the ring, drew carey threw himself out of the royal rumble 2001, so it is not as funny the second time

BigDaddy said...


with respect to why you chose those guys as the best in the world -- you just proved MY point!

Dux NEVER EVER has a bad match. EVER. Put him in with a greenhorn, a seasoned vet, a fat guy, a chick or midget.

And you are placing value on PPV matches... well in order to GET those PPV matches you have to have a DEAL.

Not having a DEAL doesn't (in my mind) preclude you.

That's like saying Lil Wayne is a better rapper than Dan-e-o because he's got a deal and wins awards. He isn't. Lil Wayne just has a marketing machine behind him with TONS of money backing.

BigDaddy said...

When Drew Carey did it --- it's EXPECTED... he doesn't BELONG in there. For Santino, a guy who plays like he's a bad ass, it's hysterical --- ESPECIALLY when it comes seconds after a VERY athletic move in skinning the cat to stay IN the match!

BigDaddy said...

Here's the Santino thing ... you decide if it's funny...

Anonymous said...

Big Show thought that shit was funny! He's crackin up in the corner.

LL Cool J said...





Anonymous said...

Fairplay is fucked
GSP is crushin Tiago #2

senator said...

I think Tid's picks are pretty acurate. I usually lay juice based on his picks and I do well. The odds on Alves are VERY tempting though.

Anonymous said...

Where is my cut then mutha fugga.

D. Ross said...

Awesome ass show. Made me laugh and feel better. Thanks. My grandma died just yesterday and I was feeling like shit but this picked me up.

Is it sad that Fairplay's storyline was better than what the E has done in a while? That Santino video was funny as hell. Oh, and I will win this damned deadpool.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Fairplay impossible to listen to? SO fucking smug always putting himself over.

Anonymous said...

Fairplay kno nothing about ufc. Pick Alves and he had no reasoning. and said that obviously Bisping should win.

The Great Sudoku said...

It seems TID has been listening on the line since the beginning of the show the last two weeks, getting jabs in at comments Dan makes well before TID's segment starts.

It's been stated before: Tyson Dux is your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler.

Betting AGAINST GSP? Yeah that'll get over about as well as The Church of O did.

"cheese eating surrender monkey"? Where's Lufisto when you need her? If Donnie was still booking: TID vs, Lufisto, BOOKED!

No one's picked Fatty for their death pool, bonus points for age and for being on Tha O Show.

I think it was last week Dan-e-o said he didn't like any female ring announcers. What about that Lynne Hart chick from Pride back in the day?

I wonder if William Vaughan will be showing up for his "father" Waldo's funeral. hit that kayfabe button somebody

Fatty fears Donnie said...

Fatty isn't a celeb - he's not good enough for the Dead Pool.

Anonymous said...

Is that EWA show still going down July 11th?

Christian said...

@ BigDaddy: Thnx for putting the link of the Santino spot up.
That's funny, he is the most fun guy to watch in the E right now.

@ halb: Why are you wrestling these days then, because everything has been done before.
I guess you don't enjoy wrestling much right now.

Why are these guys hatin on guys like Tyson Dux.
Is it because the marks haven't seen him on tv as much as Kurt Angle or Jericho.

srr said...

awesome show listening to it at your home is so much more fun than at work, train,bus etc. tyson dux is awesome seriously i want to hear more rib stories.

oh yea sorry if i sounded like a fucking retard on tha o phone. i came back from the doctor. it wasnt drug related dan e o > : (