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Tha 2009 Death Pool

Yes, we're a sick bunch of jerks. On episode 123 of Tha O Show radio program, the idea came forward to start a Death Pool.

Well, here it is. In the next week or so, we will set up our pool so that YOU Tha O Sters can get in on it....

You will be free to draft anyone you want - and as many people as you want. Each person you draft will cost you a couple bucks, payable by PayPal.

Scoring works as follows:

100 - the age at death = score for that death
Wild Card bonuses: (extra points based on type of death)

10 - drug overdose
15 - suicide
25 - murder + suicide (playing either role)
40 - plane crash
50 - murdered by stalker/obsessed fan
60 - unsolved mystery (unsolved by Jan 1 2010)
80 - Have appeared on Tha O Show
95 - wild animal attack
500 - struck by lightening

Big Daddy Donnie

Mary Kate Olsen
Jake Roberts
Michael J. Fox


Elizabeth Taylor
Betty White
David Blaine
Boy George

Notorious T.I.D.

Patrick Swayze 43 Points
Andy Dick
Muhammad Ali
O.J. Simpson
Nancy Reagan

Kingdom James

Kim Jong-il
Teddy Hart
Bob Cole
Artie Lange

Dante Ross

Aretha Franklin
Tina Yothers
Danny Bonaduce

Mikey Madrox

Kevin Sullivan
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Iron Sheik

Jonny Fairplay

Jonny Fairplay (** Fairplay is disqualified if his death is ruled a suicide)

To submit nominees, or to express interest in joining Tha O Death Pool, email

7 comments: on "Tha 2009 Death Pool"

Anonymous said...

No Jeff Hardy anyone?!?

Blake S. said...


Anonymous said...

Jeff Hardy? He is Keith Richards-levels of immortal. I am DEFINITELY going to win with Kim Jong-il.

Anonymous said...

"North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has life-threatening pancreatic cancer, a news report said Monday."


Anonymous said...

i think the boogey man is dead, and for bonus i think he was murdered

Hipnosis said...

Im suprised no one picked BARACK OBAMA....I like him but hey...even Dave said he wouldn't wanna be the first black president...maybe 3rd or 4th but not the 1st...too dangerous

ABBMorgan said...

dani and brandon morgan picks:
1. boogey man / unsolved case
2. umaga / brain hemorrhage
3. lindsay lohan / drug overdose
4. ashley olsen / bulimia
5. bob barker / old age
6. sean connery / old age
7. dan-e-o / drowned in a pool of cum
8. johnny knoxville / infected tattoo
9. jeff hardy / drug overdose
10. joan rivers / plastic surgery accident