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HGC Radio: Episode 43 - Dickliness!

Today's HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB RADIO SHOW is sure to be a favorite as ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES and TJ HABIBI welcome yet another of "The Usual Suspects" into the studio. Live and in person for the very first time, it's "The Most Opinionated Man on the Planet": BIG RON LARMONDIN!

Then, comic book writer and artist TY TEMPLETON joins the show for this week's feature interview to discuss his current and upcoming projects, his comic book creators' boot camp course and why he thinks being a Republican is akin to being a psychiatric patient.

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Plus, our weekly visit from NOAH PANICO, a surprise wedding for two friends of the show, the "Stupidest Bastard of the Week", "Nerd News" and a visit from "Tha O Show's" BIG DADDY DONNIE during today's "Things To Do".

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