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Killa Kev's UFC 100 Recap

Before the show gets started, here's the results from the preliminary bouts:

Shannon Gugerty d. Matt Grice at 2:36 of Round 1 by Submission (Guillotine Choke);

Tom Lawlor d. C.B. Dollaway at 0:55 of Round 1 by Submission (Guillotine Choke);

Dong Hyun Kim d. T.J. Grant by Unanimous Decision;

Jon Jones d. Jake O'Brien at 2:43 of Round 2 by Submission (Guillotine Choke);

Jim Miller d. Mac Danzig by Unanimous Decision;

Mark Coleman d. Stephen Bonnar by Unanimous Decision.

We're welcomed to the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada by our hosts Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. Playmate Holly Madison is also at ringside this evening serving as guest ring girl.

Middleweight Bout:
Yoshihiro Akiyama (185 lbs, 12-1-2) vs. Alan Belcher (186 lbs, 13-4-0)

Holly madison struts her stuff around the ring as "the Voice of the Octagon" Bruce Buffer introduces the competitos and our referee, Steve Mazzagati.

Round One starts with Belcher going for the kicks immediately, Akiyama isn't intimidated yet, and snaps off a high kick to the head. Belcher throws another body kick and starts backing Akiyama up to the fences. Akiyama thros a few more kicks, but then Belcher goes for an inside leg kick crotches Akiyama, who crawls over to the fences... he's gonna need a few minutes to recover. mazzagati tells him to relax and take his time. 3:40 left in the round as we get back to the action, Belcher with uppercuts, Akiyama deflects them and fires back with his own rights, staying in the pocket. Both men trading lower leg kicks, 2:45 left in the round.

Belcher with a head kick, then a lower leg kick, Akiyama catches it, Belcher is able to pull out. Akiyama connects with a left jab but Belcher catches him with a right that puts him on his feet, Akiyama is back up immediately and gets driven into the fence, Belcher backs off, not wanting to get into a clench game this early. 1:45 left in Round One, fans starting a "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chant, but it looks like Japan is getting the advantage as Akiyama lands a head kick and punch combo. belcher responds with a leg kick, Akiyama with a Superman Punchh and an uppercut, Belcher fires right back with his own rights, and they clench in the corner.

Akiyama tries to close it up, but Belcher with a forearm, tries to take Akiyama down, but he stays up. Belcher throws a right leg kick, Akiyama catches it and throws him to the ground with 30 seconds in the round, Akiyama wants some ground 'n pound but Belcher tries for the ulmaplata, can't really connect as the horn sounds to end Round One. During the break Belcher's corner tells him that he's winning the striking game, but don't linger in the pocket.

Round Two - Both men trade kicks, Akiyama catches Belcher's leg and throws him to the ground again, has side control and throws elbows, Belcher looking for a sweep and is able to turn Akiyama over, but Akiyama gets to his feet and slips right out, goes back into side control, gringing his forearm into Belcher's nose when he's not throwing punches. Belcher rolls to his side, Akiyama fights him, Belcher is able to move into full guard.

Akiyama throws a bomb straight between Belcher's eyes, 3:20 left in Round Two. Belcher is pushing his hips p to try to block, Akiyama is able to get around it to throw some looping punches and hammer fists. Akiyama looks content to stay right there on the mat, moves into side control, Belcher looking for the sweep again, Akiyama fights it off for awhile, both men get to their feet, however. 2:00 left in Round Two, Akiyama throws a straight right, and an uppercut, Belcher answers with a leg kick that connects and a roundhouse that misses.

Akiyama misses a pair of kicks of his own but connects with a jab, 1:00 left in Round Two. Belcher tries for a Superman Punch, Akiyama with left jabs, Belcher with a pair of lefts of his own. Both men with their hands down for some reason, looks like they're sucking some wind. Belcher's corner telling him to advance on Akiyama. Belcher with a right hand that Akiyama doesn't sell at all, 10 seconds left, Belcher with the right leg kick, Akiyama actually buckles a little but responds with a right hands that connects right at the end of the round.

Round Three - Belcher with the kicks again, Akiyama with the punches, Rogan is saying Akiyama's lead left leg is hurt, and maybe his left eye as well, it's swelling. Belcher's corner tells him to not step back. Akiyama throwing punches to the face, Belcoher pushing forward with punches and kicks, Akiyama catches a leg, Belcher pulls it back. 3:45 left in this fight, Belcher taking his time picking the kicks and punches he's throwing, Akiyama trying to throw more punches to connect, his left eye is closing up on him.

Belcher with a left jab, then some rights trying to focus on the eye. 3:00 left, another kick to Akiyama's left leg, now he's noticibly limping. Akiyama tries for a spinning back kick to Belcher's midsection. Belcher hits the outside of the left leg with a kick, then an inside one, tries for the high roundhouse kick that Akiyama ducks, Akiyama counters with some rights that just barely miss. Belche throws a big right, Akiyama bobs it and connects with a pair of rights of his own, connects with a few more, then a left jab. Belcher is looking for a right elbow, but keeps gettingblocked, Akiyama is connecting mor epunches now, JAB TO THE CHIN that puts Belcher on his back, Belcher flips over on his back and pops back up on his feet. 1:10 left in the fight, Goldberg things Belcher has this fight won if Akiyama doesn't do more... PRONOUNCED SUPERMAN PUNCH from Belcher!

That was telegraphed from a mile away and connected! Belcher with several left jabs to the face that connects, thows some more inside leg kicks. Belcher goes for a spinning back fist, Akiyama grabs the arm and takes Belcher down, but Belcher escapes, 20 seconds left in the round, they trade punches, Belcher with more leg kicks and we get a horn, this match is over!

We run the replays we see the Superman Punch, Belcher actually uses the side of the cage to launch himself! Wow, beautiful. OOH SHIT! Akiyama's left eye is completely swollen... Burns scores 30-27 Akiyama... Crosby 29-28 Belcher... Morshiata scores it 29-28 for your winner by split decision... YOSHIHIRO AKIYOMA! Belcher is clearly ticked here, Joe Rogan thinks Belcher got robbed.

Middleweight Bout - Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK Coaches Battle:
Team USA's Dan Henderson (25-4-0, 185 lbs) vs. Team UK's Michael Bisping (18-1-0, 186lbs)

Mario Yamasaki is our referee as we start Round One. Bisping circles around the outside trying to find some punches, Henderson hunts him down, throws some kicks as we move back to the middle of the ring. Bisping is trying to throw punches and move out of Henderson's reach as quick as possible.

Henderson isn't afraid to move in, throws some big punches at rock Bisping, Bisping fights back with some kicks to back him off, 3:30 left in Round One. Henderson throws some more body punches Bisping with a left elbow to back him off, fans with another "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chant. We move back to the center of the ring with 3:00 left in Round One, each man throwing select punches. henderson fakes with a kick, Bispoing throws a real kick to the head that Henderson blocks, followed by a straight right and a left jab. Henderson goes back to chasing Bisping around the ring, throws a left jab that has Henderson staggering backwards to avoid it. Bisping is throwing more punches now, 2:00 left in Round One.

Henderson taking his time with choice lefts and rights, Bisping misses with an uppercut. Bisping with a good body kick and a punch, Henderson moves in to try to throw a punch. Bisping keeping his guard up and thorwing punches, Henderson throws him into the cage with 1:00 left in the round, they clinch up, Henderson trying to throw some knees to the body, Bisping tries to throw a few back, but it's all knees from Henderson 30 seconds left. They break and move back to the middle, shoots for a single leg takedown that Henderson easily avoids, draws some boos from the fans. 10 seconds left they throw bombs at each other, Henderson connects with a BIG right hand right as the horn sounds!

Round Two starts with Bisping throwing more jabs and an inside leg kick, Henderson presses back towards the cage, Bisping defending well. Henderson with a big right that Bisping just narrowly avoids, Henderson coming back with punches, Bisping blocks with a knee, 4:00 left in the round.

Henderson with a big right hand and a left hook, 3:40 in Round Two, Henderson with another uppercut, tries for a left jab, inside leg kick, left jab combo. 3:00 left, Bisping with a jab misses with a roundhouse punch. Henderson misses a big right, Bisping does the same, both men looked off-balance. Henderson keeps showing signs he wants to unload, Bisping prepares accordingly. Henderson tries for a slugfest to the cage, Bisping again puts a knee up to back him off. 2:00 left in Round Two.

DAN HENDERSON HAULS OFF AND KNOCKS OUT BISPING WITH A RIGHT PUNCH! Bisping is OUT before he hits the mat! That punch came out of nowhere! The winner at 3:20 of Round Two by Knockout, Dan "Hendo" Henderson! Rogan is in the ring for the interview, "I don't know if I'll ever shut his mouth completely" says Henderson. Asked about Bisping circling around the ring, Henderson says that he knew he'd do that and would eventually catch him. On the replay we again see Bisping circling to his left, and literally walked right into Henderson's punch. About a possibility of facing Anderson Silva again for a Middleweight title fight, Henderson says he's open to whatever UFC says.

UFC Welterweight Championship:
champion Georges "Rush" St. Pierre ( 19-2-0, 190 lbs.) vs. Thiago "the Pit Bull" Alves ( 22-4-0, 190 lbs.)

This fight may be even bigger than the heavyweight fight as the main event, and is advertised as the co-main event of the evening. Steve Mazzagatti is our referee as the crowd chants "G-S-P! G-S-P!" We start round one, Alves takes the center of the ring, GSP isn't intimidated and feels free to throw some strikes early and goes for a single-leg takedown, picks up Alvez and throws him down again! Alvez in full guard, St. Spierre is throwing punches to the head.

Alvez tries to get up, GSP moves into side control. Alvez escapes but GSP has him wrapped up on the cage, throws him down again, takes the back, goes for the Guillotine Choke, 3:10 left in Round One. Alevez fighting it off, is able to roll over and escape, puts a knee between them to keep some space and we're back up and fighting. 2:40 left in Round One, GSP throws a few strikes, uppercuts, jabs... Alvez throws a few back, St. Pierre with an inside leg kick to the left leg of Alvez. GSP fakes the Superman Punch and connects with an inside leg kick, goes for an outside leg kick to the left leg. GSP with a jab to the face, extends the punch, steps back out. Alvez with an inside leg kick, misses the follow-up jab.

Alvez with another inside leg kick, tries for a shoot, GSP blocks him with a clinch, inside leg kick, spinning back kick combo, Superman Punch that misses. 1:00 left in Round One and GSP is looking good. Alves tries to throw a combo, GSP sidesteps it. 40seconds, Alvez preses forwards with punches, GSP ducks it and does another takedown, Alvez in full guard, but Alvez is cut above his eye now. 15 seconds left, Alvez gets back to his feet, St. Pierre puts him on the cage, underhooks the arms and keeps Alvez there until the horn.

Round Two starts with another kick/Superman/kick combo from St. Pierre, none of it connects though. Alvez throwing a few strike attempts of his own as the fans start up another chant for St. Pierre. Both men trade some inside leg kick attempts, nothing connects. GSP connects on a kick, another takedown on Alvez with 4:00 left in Round Two, GSP on top, Alvez in the half guard, tries to get up, GSP keeps him right o the ground. GSp moves into side control, gets top mount, Alvez fights it off and gets back into full guard. Alvez trying hammer fists from the bottom, St. Pierre is throwing elbows and bloodies Alvez's nose, 2:30 left in Round Two.

Alvez still trying with those hammer fists, GSP doesn't appear to be hurt by them, keeps trying for side control. Alvez tries to get a foot between them and kick them out, St. Pierre is going NOWHERE, 2:00 left in the round. GSP fights for side control, Alvez maintains half guard, rolls for an escape but GSP right there on top of him. St. Pierre throwing shots whenever he wants. 1:00 left in this round, it's all St. Pierre on the mat, Alvez just cannot slip away or throw up much of any offense. Alez slips out, gets to his feet, GSP puts him rihg ton the fence, 35 seconds in Round Two.

St. Pierre underhooks the arms again, throws some knees, 20 seconds left... Alvez looks worn out, tries to separate, throws a few knees and an elbow St. Pierre finally breaks with just a few seconds left. This round definitely went to the champion. In the break, St. Pierre's corner tells him that Alvez is going to be desperate, so keep his arms up, but otherwise GSP is doing great, keep taking him down.

Round Three, Alvez controls the center of the ring, Alvez throws some kicks, GSP responds with jabs, stick-and-moe tactics. Big body kick from St. Pierre, shoots Alvez into the cage but Alvez stuffs it, we move back to the middle of the ring. Alvez misses with the Superman Punch, GSp responds with an inside leg kick to the left leg. Alvez tries for a leg sweep, GSp avoids it, jabs back. 4:00 left in the round, Alvez tries for an uppercut, St. Pierre avoids it.

Alvez with an inside leg kick head kick combo, nothing. Pierre shoots and takes Alvez down at 3:20. Alvez tries to throw an elbow from the bottomand protect the half guard. Georges is happy to throw punches in Alvez's face all night, but Alvez is staing cool. Alvez tries for an escape outside of 2:00 and gets it, we're back to stand-up fighting. GSP with an inside leg kick to the left leg on Alvez, Alvez responds with an outside leg kick, GSP with inside leg kick in response, and they bump gloves out of respect. They both move in and slug it out at 1:15 left in Round Three, then break it off.

Alvez with a outside leg kick, St. Pierre responds with a right hand, body kick to the ribs, a jab that sends Alvez to the mat, 35 seconds remains in Round Three, goes into full guard, St. Pierre pours on the punches, Alvez looking for an escape, 15 seconds, Alvez has full guard now and is throwing elbows to the head. St. Pierre looks up to check the time, and chills out until the horn.

Round Four sees Alvez defending the middle, GSP with an inside leg kick and backs right off, Alvez advances with a few punches, GSP avoids them. GSP wit ha big single-leg takedown at 4:25 after a few fake jabs, Alvez again in half guard. GSP passes it and gains the mount. GSP looks for an arm triangle, 3:35 left in Round Four. Alvez is able to move into half guard, GSP just throws elbows into his feet.

Alvez srambles but gives up his back, St. Pierre on top, Alves slips out and for the first time is on top, GSP in full guard. Alvez tries for side control, St. Pierre blocks it. Alvez tries for some punches that connect, some hammerfists connect, 2:25 of Round Four. Alvez with big swings, working from inside the guard, St. Pierre is doing well to block and defend, constantly turning and moving to keep Alvez working.

St. Pierre finds an escape at 1:45, back to his feet and we're back into the stand-up. GSP throws a small inside leg kick, Alvez starts to hunt him down, GSP with a clinch, Alvez throws a knee to the body, misses with a big uppercut. GSP sticks Alvez in the face and follows up with a single-leg takedown right in the middle of the mat. 45 seconds left in Round Four, GSP gets side control, Alvez rolls to his knees, St. Pierre gains his back, pulls Alvez backwards, tries for a choke, gets an arm around the neck. Alvez is pulling away to try to break it... he's successful. Alvez is laying on top of St. Pierre, rolls over and the horn sounds. During the break St. Pierre says he pulled his groin, his corner tells him tough it, work through it, this is his round to win, and quit taking Alvez's back, it's not an advantage.

Round Five starts with Alvez controlling the middle of the ring, but fans chanting loudly for GSP. St. Pierre goes for a superman Punch, Alvez blocks it, throws a kick in response. St. Pierre goes for the double-leg takedown and nails it at 3:55 left in the match, Alvez gets half-guard, tries to escape. St. Pierre puts him back down on the mat. Alvez rolling to his side, gets to his knees, St. Pierre tries to take the back but moves around and underhooks both arms on the fence. Alvez is able to shove off and get some distance, back to the center of the ring. Alvez throws punches and misses a roundhouse kick. 3:00 left in the fight as we continue to throw punches in the pocket, nothing connecting.

Alvez goes for a legkick, St. Pierre responds with another take down, 2:30 left in the match. Alvez with full guard, is busted open over his eye. Goldberg comments that St. Pierre has taken down Alves successfully 8 out of 9 tries. Alvez escapes 1:48 left in the match, back to stand-up and Alvez trying to unt down St. Pierre again, and GSP ducks a punch and lands yet another takedown. 1:00 left, GSP controlling the ground game, throwing punches casually, Alvez strugglign to find an escape. 40 seconds left... 30 seconds left... 20 seconds left... GSP keeps throwing punches, Alvez keeps looking for an escape and finding nothing. 10 seconds left, the fans are cheering, GSP finds the back, Alvez gets to his feet, drags St. Pierre along and there is the horn!

Mike Goldberg predicts that St. Pierre retains, I concur, GSP had control every round for all but a few minutes. Your winner by Unanimous Decision 50-45, 50-44, 50-45, Georges St. Pierre! St. Pierre is asked when he injured his groin, GSP says early in the third round when he was taken down. Joe Rogan asks St. Pierre about his future in the division, GSP Alvez is his toughest opponent sofar and he will come back again, but he says the division is "pretty stacked". Rogan asks him if he'll consider moving up in weight and taking on Anderson Silva, GSP says that he doesn't fight for a championship anymore, he fights for challenges, and he'll consider his future challenges.

In case you were wondering what happened to the Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago fight, it was announced before the show this evening that this fight would happen AFTER the main event to ensure the main event got on the broadcast.

UFC Heavyweight Championship Unification Match:
Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar (3-1-0 , 265 lbs.) vs. Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (12-3-0, 245 lbs.)

Herb Dean is our referee for this evening's main event, possibly the biggest main event ever for UFC history, at least a watershed one as the the split in the heavyweight division is brought back together. Surprisingly Lesnar is taking the boos in this match-up as Bruce Buffer gives us the introductions. Dean gives his instructions, instructs the men to touch gloves. Mir puts up his goves, and Lesnar turns his back and walks away, no respect!

Round One, Mir takes the center of the ring. Joe Rogan notices that Mir's left leg is heavily taped, wonders if that is an injury or just there for traction. Lesnar throws an inside leg kick to the right leg, follows up with some punches that connect. Lesnar goes for a takedown, Mir goes for half guard. Lesnar puts a hand on Mir's throat and clavicale.

Lesnar isn't looking for an early take-out of Mir here, and Mir isn't panicking. Referee warns Lesnar to start working or get stood up, gets a second warning at 3:20. Mir's got a cut over his eye already from the early strikes. Lesnar starts throwing some heavy punches at 3:00 left in the round. Mir starts protecting his face as Lesnar is able to piston away with right fists, Mir still is not panicking. Herb Dean warns Lesnar for a third time to start working again, 2:15 left in Round One. Lesnar goes back to throwing in the punches, Mir finally starts trying to make moves. Lesnar practically has Mir in a side headlock, pushes Mir's left arm out of the way and throws more punches. Mir giving thumbs up to his corner. Lesnar goes for body shots, then back to the face, 90 seconds left in Round One.

Mir is wiggling around, gets to his side, but it's all Lesnar right now as he alternates between the body and the face. Mir wiggles to his back, gets some room. Lesnar pushes Mir down on his back again, starts throwing hammer fists, 30 seconds left in Round One. Mir tries for an underhook, Lesnar won't let him go anywhere and continues to pound the face as Round One ends, clearly to Lesnar.

Round Two starts as Mir's face is a mess, but he's smiling. Lesnar witha swing and a miss, Mir goes for a kick, Lesnar grabs it, throws him down, and lets him back up. Mir moves in with strikes, backs Lesnar up to the cage, throws a knee, tries for a flying knee, Lesnar ducks it and drives Mir to the ground. 4:00 left in the round, Lesnar takes another warning about action, he backs Mir up to the cage, still on the ground, Mir in half guard.

Lesnar sits up and throws some punches to the face, Mir is bleeding pretty good now. Mir is turning his face into the mat to stop it, 3:15 left in the fight IT IS ALL OVER MIR IS KNOCKED OUT! The fans boo and Lesnar flips them off! Mir gets back to his feet and gets right into Lesnar's face, officials have to step in to separate them.

Your Winner and STILL UFC Heavyweight Champion, at 1:48 of Round Two by Knockout, BROCK LESNAR! The fans rain down boos on Lesnar, he pumps his fists and encourages the fans to boo more, "Keep it up!" he shouts. Joe Rogan asks him about his lack of respect for Mir. Lesnar says, "Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass! I told him that a year ago! I pulled that sumbitch out and beat him in the head with it! WHOO!" Rogan tongue-in-cheek says that he realizes Lesnar doesn't like to talk a lot of shit, asks him what his next plans are. Lesnar says, "I'm going to go home tonight, drink a Coors Light, because Bud Light won't pay me nothing... I'm going to go home to my friends and family, and hell I may even get on top of my wife tonight!" Cameras spin around as his wife Rena "Sable" Lesnar is behind him, she blushes and heads out of the cage immediately.

Rogan goes over to interview Mir for his comments. Mir says Lesnar did a good job, neutralized his stand-up, made a dumb mistake by letting Lesnar pin him up against the cage and he has stuff to work on. He says his strategy was to try to not let this get to the ground.

Welterweight Bout:
Jon Fitch (22-3-1, 170 lbs.) vs. Paulo Thiago (11-0-0, 170 lbs.)

Yves Lavigne is your referee in charge for this final match of the evening. Thiago made an impressive debut at UFC 95 with a win over Josh Koscheck. Fitch is on an impressive streak of wins since his loss to Georges St. Pierre last year.

Round One we have Fits coming out with strikes and inside leg kicks, Thiago blocking, Fitch with a takedown at 4:19, but sticks his neck out and Thiago immediately locks in a Guillotine Choke from the Full Guard. Thiago is trying to push to wrap the legs around Fitch's body. 3:35, Fitch gets his arms around Thiago's legs, trying to use his feet to flip out but Thiago is backed up against the cage. Thiago's had this guillotine locked on for a full minute now. Thiago modifies so he has an arm lock as well, Fitch is still fighting to break out of this hold. Thiago is cooly sitting things out on the mat waiting for Fitch to tap or otherwise give up. Fitch still adjusting, this choke has been on for TWO MINUTES now!

Fitch escapes!, patiently escaping. Thiago wraps his arms around Fitch's body, and Fitch is now in full mount! Thiago has his hands clasped behind Fitch, Fitch breaks it, Fitch takes Thiago's back, 1:20 left in this round, Thiago grabs Fitch's right leg to block it, flips Fitch off his back, Fitch pounding Thiago's head 1:00 left in thsi round. We struggle with this cat-and-mouse, Levigne lets them keep this up until the end of the round. Fans boo the action.

Round Two - Fitch with an inside leg kick to start, high kick to the head, jab, Thiago avoids it and Fitch drives Thiago into the cage, 4:35 left in Round One. Fitch throws Thiago to the ground, half guard, Fitch throws punches to the face, Thiago rolls to his side, Fitch pounds on the ribs. Fitch pushes Thiago up against the cage, Thiago sitting on his ass and is able to lock in another Guillotine Choke, just like round one! 3:30 left in Round One, Fitch is again not panicking, throwing punches to the ribs, tries to pick up Thiago, Thiago lets go and underhooks the arms, then tries for an Kimora, but gives up his back and Fits takes his back, slips off.

Thiago may be posturing for a leglock, Fitch moves his feet out of the way and throws knees into the hips. Thiago moves a bit and Fitch claps on with a front face lock, then a body lock. 2:10 left in Round Two, Fitch slams Thiago to the mat, gets the back at 1:50, looks for a rear naked choke, trying to get his legs into position to control the body, Thiago fighting him well. Fitch has both arms hooked and the left leg, Thiago moves to his side, Fitch moves to his back again, looks a little high on Thiago's shoulders but is throwing punches to the face from under the body. 45 seconds left in Round Two, Thiago rolling to his side, Fitch still has the back, moved back down to the hips. Thiago trying to get to his feet, 20 seconds left. Thiago tries to flip Fitch off, Fitch is hanging on, 10 seconds... no change in positions, horn sounds!

Third and Final Round - Fitch starts with some low inside leg kicks, followed by stirkes, then the high kick to the head, more uppercuts, drives Thiago down to the mat again 30 seconds into the round. Thiago trying to shove him off, Fitch gets to his feet and tries for side control, ends up shoving Thiago up against the cage. Fitch is able to move to Thiago's back as Thiago tries for the kimora again, 3:15 left in the fight. Fitch moves back over and gets top mount, maybe looking for a triangle. Thiago rolls over and gives up his bak again, 3:00 left. Thiago gets to his feet, Fitch is on his back, legs crossed, Thiago falls backwards and slams Fitch to the mat, but Fitht holds on , loses his leg position, Thiago is able to roll over and try to control Fitch.

Thiago slips an arm around the head and is looking for another choke, Fitch slips out 2:00 left in the fight. Fitch postures up, Thiago tries for an armbar, can't get it, tries for some upkicks, Fitch just pushes back down on Thiago. Thiago rolls over, tries for a leg, Fitch escapes and gets the back, 90 seconds left. Wash rinse repeat, Fitch stretches out Thiago, wraps the legs around the body, goes for the body triangle. 45 seconds left, Thiago rolls over, Fitch holds on, looks to go for a choke, meanwhile hits cross face punches. 25 seconds left, Thiago trying to free himself, Fitch laying in punches to the head, adjust his choke, lets it go, 15 seconds left, Thiago breaks free, Fitch is still on his back, moves in for a choke one more time, and we're at the end of the fight! Both men shake hands afterwards, Fitch clearly wins this contest.

The decision: 30-27 29-28 29-28 for your winner by Unanimous Decision, JON FITCH! Rogan with the comments, Fitch says that having his match moved up to the last on the card threw him off a little bit. Fitch says he doesn't come into his fights with a solid strategy, he plays it by ear as the match goes on, just finding his windows when he can. Fitch says that this is his 10th UFC win so he's excited. Congrats to my fellow Hoosier!

Submission of the Night goes to "Filthy" Tom Lawlor choking out C.B. Dollway. Knockout of the Night was Dan Hendrson's straight KO of Michael Bisping.

6 comments: on "Killa Kev's UFC 100 Recap"

Ratedrstar said...

Major Headlines are going around about Lesnar's post-fight interview! People are out for Lesnar's head saying his comments were disrespectful and harmful to the business. I think all this bullshit is coming from the Frank Mir fans that cant believe that their man got beaten like an Ontario Indy Wrestling Rat. What Lesnar said is nothing more then what has already been heard in post-fight interviews from Tito Ortiz or even Quinton Jackson. So why does a man like Lesnar get the rock thrown at him, why does everyone come after him. I agree that he shouldn't have said anything about Bud light as that is one of UFC's biggest sponsers. But all the other comments what do you expect, the fans that are complaining are the fans that were booing him in Las Vegas and at home. People are twittering Dana saying fire Lesnar for giving the double finger salute to the fans after the fight, come on like we haven't seen that before. I ooooo'd for Lesnar post-fight interview I taught it was funny! People call Lesnar disrepectful for giving the fans the finger after the fight but really who are the dispectful ones...The fans that decided that they wanted to boo him after he pulled off a one sided win. FUCK YOU IDOITS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Black Lesnar vs Whitey Lashley....coming soon!!

Anonymous said...

seriously UFC's 100th ppv and you can't even review it yourself it's not like you didn't watch it

Christopher Casúr said...

Prior to this fight, Lesnar kept his mouth shut while Frank Mir and all his Miramaniacs were talking trash about the fight.

Then Lesnar beat the shit out of Mir in a fight where Mir was cocky most of the time with no good reason to be (smiling, flashing thumbs-up).

To the victor go the spoils. If you don't want Chad Johnson to dance, don't let him in the end zone. If you don't want Brock Lesnar to talk shit, don't let him whoop your ass.

Ratedrstar said...

Amen Casur!!!

BRoqq said...

Honour vs Injury
I think it's laughable that people are up in arms over the WORDS Brock Lesnar used after his fight with Frank Mir when the same fans cheered Henderson after he purposely delivered a devastating flying punch to Bisbing after knocking him out. Henderson then went on to say that he knew he was out but just wanted to "shut him up".
Dana White THEN gave Henderson the 100k Knock Out of the Night award, despite the fact that the blow which occurred after the knockout could have done permanent damage to Bisbing.

Words are cheap. Actions can kill.

Smarten up UFC.