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Night Of Champions Recap

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WWE Night of Champions, the only WWE PPV where every single championship title is on the line in one night. Which champion will retain his/her title? Who will lose their championship? Who is Chris Jericho partner still to be announced? Tonight is the night to find out what happens! And it looks like we will find out NOW.

Legacy comes out, then Chris Jericho. Before Lillian Garcia can announce who the other half of the Tag Champs is, Jericho snatches the microphone from her. Jericho: "Before I introduce my partner, let's get a little reminder what happened to my former partner, in his own words.

"We see a video package from Edge's interview from a couple weeks ago talking about his misfortune being injured. "Let me tell you what's wrong. It was wrong for me to choose Edge as a tag team partner. And now we found out that Edge is frail, he's weak, he's injury prone and most of all selfish. What about me? Leaving me high and dry without a partner.

But that's all over now because I have chosen a partner who is worthy of being a champion. I've chosen a man who is worthy of holding these titles. And most of all, he's worthy of standing next to Chris Jericho in this ring. So allow me to introduce my partner and be one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions. His name is... THE BIG SHOW!"

* Unified Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show {C}

Completely unexpected! Big Show has been in a feud with Kofi Kingston. He's even scheduled to be in the United States Title match. Show is sporting new wrestling ring attire as well. Big Show starts out overpowering Rhodes by slapping his chest and tossing him across the ring. Rhodes gets away from Show and tags in DiBiase, who gets run over by Show.

DiBiase gets a big chop in the corner then tags in Jericho. Double team move, Jericho punches DiBiase then slams his face on Show's foot. Show lifts Jericho high in the air and drops him on DiBiase to boos from the crowd. Rhodes gets tagged in and gets blindsided by Show so Jericho rolls him up for 2. Show distracts Rhodes, which distracts the ref, and as Jericho runs to the ropes DiBiase holds the ropes down.

Back in the ring, DiBiase takes over after getting the tag. Stomps, a tag, then a hi-low double attack for 2. Legacy make constant tags making Jericho the man in trouble, which elicits a chant of "Y-2-J! Y-2-J!" Rhodes has Jericho in a headlock and the fans start a rally chant. Jericho is in the wrong corner as Legacy constantly take advantage of the ref distractions.

Jericho NEARLY reaches his corner but DiBiase brings him away. Jericho walks into a top rope moonsault by Rhodes for 2! Jericho hits him with an enziguiri and both men are down. DiBiase tags in but Jericho rolls him up for 2, then runs into a powerslam. 2-count. DiBiase kicked Jericho straight in the face! Walls of Jericho countered, Dream Street countered, now the Walls of Jericho is locked in! Ref is AGAIN distracted by Show so Rhodes attacks Jericho with a DDT. DiBiase covers for 2. Big Show blind-tags and Legacy gets taken out! Show spears DiBiase, Legacy double team Show, Codebreaker to DiBiase and he taps out to the Colossal Clutch! WINNERS and STILL Unified Tag Team Champions: Chris Jericho and Big Show.

Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk about his championship match tonight. Punk: "You know what Josh, I'm not going to answer your question. Instead I'm going to ask a question of my own and I'm going to ask it to the audience. So audience you mean to tell me, after telling you the truth, that you're still behind Jeff Hardy?" Punk takes the mic and walks out to the arena. "So all you people here still choose to support a man who can't even support himself?

Okay, so if you're a Jeff Hardy fan wearing a Jeff Hardy t-shirt, wearing his hand sleeves and wearing face paint, stand up and let the world know! Cameraman, get a good shot at all these people. The truth is, I don't blame you for supporting Jeff Hardy. The people I blame are their parents. Or let's be realistic, what I should've said is PARENT. It's obviously a single-parent situation, just like the way Jeff Hardy grew up. Youpeople are so concerned with the relation of your children failing just like your did, so you acquiesce to their every whim.

I hate to tell you this doesn't make you a good parent, this makes you an enabler. And the fact you even let your children look up to a guy like Jeff Hardy shows you don't care what happens to begin with. So I don't blame anyone who supports Jeff Hardy if their under 17 because their young and impressionable. The real problem lies with the parent who don't sit their children down and teach them the proper way to live. It starts with a Jeff Hardy t-shirt.

Next time you know it's cigarettes, then a bottle of beer, then it leads to shots of Jack Daniels, which is a gateway drug for marijuana. That fact you people cheer that just goes to show that I'm telling the truth. Before you know it they're rummaging through mom's purse cause they're addicted to prescription medication. All of this can be stopped before it's too late. Parents, all you have to do is sit down with your children and show them it's not what you do but who you are. For weeks, I've been telling you all to just say no. But tonight just say yes. Just say yes to a straight-edge drug-free America. Just say yes to the winnner of tonight's match. Just say yes, to the World Heavyweight Champion. Thank you!"

* ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer {C} vs. Christian

Each men get huge pops from the crowd; Christian's may be louder. Both men lock up and then trade hard slaps! Dreamer arm drags Christian, then vice versa. Christian with a spinning wheel kick, then has his kick block. Dreamer slaps him on the back and covers for a 1-count. Loud "ECW" chant follows.

Christian knocks Dreamer down, counters him on the ropes, then goes for a baseball slide through the ropes. Dreamer avoids his springboard attack and hits him with a cannonball. Dreamer gets a 2-count back in the ring, then a powerslam for 2. Dreamer goes up top but Christian cuts him off and throws him down. Christian flips him over and kicks him in the back, has his Killswitch countered, flips out a back suplex and hangs on with a sleeper. Dreamer falls to his back with Christian on him, but Christian jumps back on him with the sleeper and both men go tumbling over the top rope.

Both men get back in the ring at the count of 8 and Dreamer starts to make his comeback with a flapjack. He sets Christian in the corner for the E-C-W dropkick! DDT countered but Dreamer still gets the Sky High spinebuster. Pump handle countered into a reverse DDT for 2 by Christian. Dreamer counters the missile dropkick into the Texas Cloverleaf.

Christian reverse but Dreamer still catapult him tot he corner. Christian has the springboard sunset flip and both counter each other. A couple of kicks then Christian goes for the Killswitch but gets countered. DDT countered into the Killswitch and he gets the win! WINNER and NEW ECW Champion: Christian.

Dreamer offers a handshake and Christian accepts and they share a respective hug. After we see a promo for SummerSlam, coming to PPV August 23, Todd Grisham interviews the Tag Team Champions. Big Show tells Grisham that they are not friends, but it's about business. Jericho concurs and says they are going to be the most dominant tag team in WWE, and also be greater than former tag team greats. Show says it's about smart business, and Jericho thanks Edge for making this possible.

* United States Championship - Six Pack Challenge: Jack Swagger vs. Carlito vs. The Miz vs. Primo vs. M.V.P. vs. Kofi Kingston {C}

All participants enter in the order shown above. Primo has officially been entered as Big Show's replacement. Umm... WHY NOT EVAN BOURNE?! Get ready for a clusterfuck! Bell rings and Carlito ducks out as Primo goes after him. Miz rolls up Primo and Kofi stops it. This match is going to be very difficult to recap! Carlito goes for a springboard back elbow but Kofi hits one of his own and both men collide in mid-air. Primo headbutts Miz and hits a hurricanrana on Swagger.

Primo crossbodies Miz when Swagger ducked. Kofi headscissors Primo into a gutwrench powerbomb by Swagger. He covers and Carlito breaks it up. Carlito gets thrown out, MVP thrown out but lands on the apron, now MVP and Swagger fight outside the ring. Kofi knocks out Miz over the top on the other side. Carlito hits a somersault onto MVP after Swagger ducks out the way. Kofi springboard dropkicks Swagger, then hits the BO! BO! twin legdrop. Miz breaks up the count, clotheslines Kofi, then hits a clothesline to Swagger in the corner.

Miz goes up top but Primo cuts him off. Primo and Kofi climb up to double-team Miz, then Swagger comes in at the bottom of a powerbomb/double-superplex TOWER OF DOOM! Carlito baseball slides into Swagger in the corner. MVP hangs Carlito on the ropes. Clusterfuck ensues! It's down to Primo and Carlito and both men hit a crossbody colliding in mid-air. Swagger and Kofi counter each other until Kofi gets powerslammed. MVP takes out Miz and Swagger over the rope.

Carlito back in and rolls up Kofi, then switch back and forth and Primo gets involved with the pinfall attempts also! Carlito and Primo try to double-team Swagger but get taken out. Swagger's on fire, but MVP knocks him down and hits the BALLIN' elbow! Miz attacks MVP with a face plant and the Playmaker connects on Swagger at the same time! Carlito and Primo stop Miz making the cover, then Carlito hits the Backstabber on Primo! Kofi surprises Carlito with the Trouble in Paradise to the back of the head; 1-2-3! That was a fun and exciting match, but almost hard to follow. WINNER and STILL United States Champion: Kofi Kingston.

Josh Matthews interview Randy Orton next, and asks him his strategy for his match tonight. Orton mentions Jericho teaming up with Big Show preventing Legacy from becoming tag champs. Then he says he hopes the egos of HHH and Cena will prevent them from focusing on Orton. Afterwards, Michelle McCool comes out and we go to video footage from The Bash when McCool won the title. Then we see footage from last Friday when Melina told her she's invoking her rematch, then doused McCool in make-up powder.

* WWE Women's Championship: Michelle McCool {C} vs. Melina

As Melina makes her split entrace McCool baseball slides into her knocking her off the apron before the bell rings! Melina runs in and takes her down when the bell rings. Melina Matrix-ducks a clothesline and attacks her. McCool tries to avoid Melina whenever she can get away then she gets dropkicked in the head. McCool pulls the ropes to make Melina falls outside, then rams her knee to Melina's head against the barricade.

Back in the ring after a cover, McCool applies a half-crab nearly bending Melina's leg all the way to her own head. Melina reaches the ropes and McCool sends her out the ring. This time she MISSES a kick and crotches herself onto the barricade. Both Divas stand on the wall, then McCool DDT's her on the top of the barricade wall! McCool goes for another baseball slide but Melina pulls herself up on the ropes to avoid it. Melina counters McCool and slams her face to the apron using her legs, then clotheslines her from off the apron.

Back in the ring, Melina takes McCool down onto the ropes and rams her shoulder to McCool's midsection in the corner. Double knees to the torso, then a running back elbow for 2. McCool comes back with a snap belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Lou Thesz press by Melina gets countered to a rollup and McCool gets the win. WINNER and STILL Women's Champion: Michelle McCool.

Afterwards, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler bring us to a video package from the events involving Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and the WWE Championship.

* WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton {C}

Cena comes out to mixed reactions. Triple H comes out to mostly cheers. Cena and HHH stare each other down during the long pause until Orton makes his entrace, and he gets mixed reactions. All men get proper championship introductions when in the ring, then the match offically begins!

Orton slithers out the ring so that Cena and HHH can start, but they slide out each side of the ring to go after Orton! Orton goes back in the ring, so do Cena and HHH. Orton tries to do everything he can to avoid both men but to no avail. HHH kicks Orton coming in and Cena bulldogs him. Orton gets stuck getting pinballed between Cena and HHH, then he slides out the ring again so his challengers go after him. Orton bounces off the ropes to shove Cena off the apron to fall onto HHH.

Orton brings Cena in the ring and keeps him down with kicks and punches. HHH tries to climb back in the ring but Orton keeps him out. Cena comes back with a shoulder block, shoulder block, back slam, and the 5-Knuckle Shuffle! Orton back up and Cena puts him on his shoulder for the Attitude Adjuster but HHH throws Cena out the ring. Orton surprises HHH with a clothesline, then stomps on him. Orton waits for him to get up and hits a standing dropkick for 2. Orton puts HHH in his patented reverse chinlock. HHH fights his way up and out, then he and Orton trade punches to "BOO's" and "YAY's" until Orton hits the snap powerslam!

Orton glares at HHH, stalks him but gets the RKO coutered and HHH hits the DDT. Cena climbs to the top rope, and clearly misses the legdrop with both HHH and Orton sell the move. Orton counters Cena with a wrap-around backbreaker. HHH gets the Pedigree countered by being tossed outside. Cena comes in through the ropes but Orton stops him, same as HHH, but before Orton can do a double DDT he gets tossed outside. Cena and HHH have a standoff in the ring now, and HHH waves the "You Can't See Me" to Cena! Now HHH and Cena punch to the "BOO's" and "YAY's" from the crowd.

Cena with a shoulder block, shoulder block, and HHH stops him with a high knee and a facebuster. Cena hits the Throwback, but the Attitude Adjuster is countered. Pedigree countered, STF avoided, Attitude Adjuster countered, HHH spinebuster connects, and so does the Pedigree! Randy Orton pulls HHH off the cover to save his title, then sends him into the steel steps. Orton rips off the announce table, brings HHH onto it but gets a low blow. HHH sets Orton up fot the Pedigree but it was stopped by Cena, and Orton gets thrown into the crowd! Cena has HHH in the STF on the table, and Orton punches Cena to stop it.

Orton rolls Cena in the ring and they go for the "BOO! YAY!" spot excpet this time it's split down the middle for both men. Orton goes for the RKO and gets tossed high in the air. Cena lifts Orton onto the turnbuckle, goes for the superplex but HHH gets in the ring and pulls Cena down. Attitude Adjuster countered, Pedigree countered and HHH gets catapulted into Orton who was still on the turnbuckle.

STF in the middle of the ring! HHH struggles and crawls to the ropes, but Cena pulls him back in the middle. Orton misses the punt and Cena rolls him up for 2, then Orton clotheslines Cena hard. Orton staggers up while both his opponents are down, then he stomps both men on all their body parts. Orton with kneedrops to Cena's face, then he does the same to HHH, excpet he misses the final kneedrop.

HHH goes after Orton's knee, Cena slams Orton, and HHH pulls down the ropes so Cena flies out the ring. HHH with a Sharpshooter to Orton in the ring, then Cena jumps on Orton with the Crossface at the same time and Orton taps out! The ref is confused because he can't claim a winner with two men applying submission holds.

Legacy hit the ring and there's no bell because there is no disqualification in a triple threat match. DiBiase takes care of HHH on the outside as Rhodes takes on Cena. Rhodes checks on Orton, then turns around and Cena picks him up for the Attitude Adjuster. Orton springs up and RKO's Cena while Rhodes is on his shoulders still! Orton rolls Cena over and gets the victory. WINNER and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton.

After replays from the end of the match, and see Cena and HHH looking frustrated, we go backstage to see Maryse stretching for her match. Miz walks up and tries to hit on her. Maryse disses Miz because he didn't win the U.S. title, so then he disses her verbally even calling her a tease and saying she butchers the English language whenever she talks. Ouch! We get a reminder that Shaquille O'Neal will be the guest host for Monday Night Raw tomorrow night. Then the camera shows Chilli (from TLC) is in the crowd.

* Divas Championship: Maryse {C} vs. Mickie James

Maryse throws her jacket at Mickie James before the bell even rings. Mickie tries to grapple but Maryse keeps avoiding her, tossing her hair whenever she can. They finally lock up and Maryse elbows Mickie, then hides in the ropes again so she can do her hair flip. Mickie goes after her and grabs her hair and rolls her up, then ducks under her and hits a dropkick for 2. Mickie tries a move but Maryse shoves her to the apron then kicks her down.

Maryse wants the ref to count faster, but Mickie gets back in at 8. Maryse gets in Mickie's face but she knees her in the face for a near-fall. Maryse puts her in a camel clutch and she fights out. Maryse tosses Mickie out the ring. As she puts her back in the ring Maryse goes under the ring for a bottle of hairspray. Mickie kicks her and threatens to use the hairspray, but hits a Thesz Press. Mickie rolls her back in the ring, goes up top and jumps over her. Maryse goes back to the camel clutch. Mickie struggles up and drops her on her back.

Both Divas trade shots with Mickie getting the upper hand. Mickie hits the neckbreaker for 2 and this match is going on too long. Mickie hits the hurricanrana out the corner, then Mickie rolls her up for 2. Mickie goes up to the second rope but Maryse tosses her down. Maryse goes for her DDT but Mickie reverses and hits her jumping DDT! WINNER and NEW Divas Champion: Mickie James.

Josh Matthews interviews Legacy next, but Ted DiBiase cuts him off and reminds him that even though they didn't win the Tag Team Championship, Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion. Cody Rhodes also makes a note that Triple H and John Cena did NOT win the championship. Next we go to a video package of Rey Mysterio being the Intercontinental Champion, and Dolph Ziggler attacking him and challenging him for the title.

* Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio {C} vs. Dolph Ziggler

Maria comes down with Ziggler, then after he poses in the ring he leads her to a ringside seat and pats her on the head. Bell rings and Ziggler is the bigger man so he has more pwer to shove Mysterio to a corner during a lock-up. Mysterio is out-maneuvering Ziggler with his luchador moves, but Ziggler has the leverage and puts on a headlock. Hard shoulder block takes him down then he goes for another headlock. maria is cheering on Dolph from ringside.

Running headscissors almost gets botched, then Dolph counters Rey and sends him to the corner with a powerbomb. 2-count. Dolph sends Rey hard to the opposite corner and gets another 2-count. Ziggler puts on another headlock to Mysterio, then gets sent to the ringpost via headscissors. Rey's springboard legdrop connects and a springboard crossbody for 2.

Ziggler catches Rey with a snap powerslam for 2. Rey runs to the ropes and Ziggler goes flying out, then Mysterio hits the senton from the apron. Rey up top, Dolph stops him and sets him on his shoulders, Rey gets out and counters the double-arm powerbomb with a headscissors. Dolph ducks a 619 and sends Rey to the floor and he hits the announce's table. Ziggler covers for 2 in the ring, then goes for yet ANOTHER headlock, which turns into a full nelson.

Mysterio kicks and elbows his way out and runs into another slam. Ziggler hits a high elbow drop for 2. Rey comes back with strikes but gets trapped in another full nelson. Rey again gets out, slides under Dolph, but gets into another full nelson countered into a pinfall which gets reversed!

Rey kicks Ziggler in the head but hits Rey with a jawbreaker. Dolph is in control again, which Rey slumped in the corner. Mysterio trips Ziggler with a droptoe to the corner, gets tossed over the rope, then as he comes flying in Ziggler dropkicks him in mid-air! Dolph covers several times but Rey still kicks out. Dolph charges and Rey kicks his feet from under him and he flies awkwardly into the corner. Up on the turnbuckle, Ziggler counters Rey with a jumping gutbuster for 2.9! Mysterio spins Ziggler with an enziguiri, hits him with a 619, and lands on him with a springboard splash! WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio.

It's 10:30 pm EST and we are just now getting a video package highlighting all the promos and interactions between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. After Punk makes his entrance the fans start a "Har-dy" chant and Punk is egging them on. After Jeff's entrance, he and Punk stand in the ring for the proper championship introductions at the bell rings at 10:38 pm EST.

* World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk {C} vs. Jeff Hardy

Punk kicks Jeff right away and challenges him. He puts him in a headlock and smiles. After some chain wrestling Punk is basically laughing at Hardy because he is in control. Punk hits a shoulder block, blocks a hiptoss with a GTS which gets countered. The Twist of Fate also gets countered. Hardy sends Punk hard into the corner, then Punk goes into a chinlock.

A "HAR-DY HAR-DY" chant starts up as Jeff makes his way back up. Jeff dives at Punk but he ducks so Hardy flies out the ring. Punk waits for him to get up, charges and this time HE misses a suicide dive. Hardy rolls Punk back in the ring and gets a 2-count. Hardy with a neckbreaker, he goes up top, and Punk rolls out the ring. Jeff turns around and dives at Punk but he just sidesteps him so Hardy eats the barricade! Punk gets back in the ring and sits down while the ref counts at Hardy. Punk raises his hands but Hardy runs in at 9.

Punk looks frustrated so he kicks Hardy in the back repeatedly. Punk throws him to the corner and kicks him some more, then makes a nonchalant cover but Hardy still kicks out. Another cover, another kickout.

Punk puts Jeff in a bow-and-arrow submission hold and the fans are rallying for him. Hardy rolls over to surprise cover Punk but he kicks out and goes back to Jeff's kidneys with forearm shots. Hardy gets set up on the turnbuckle, blocks the superplex and sends Punk down with the inverted suplex from the second rope! Both men are down and they struggle to get back up.

Punk SLAPS Hardy but Hardy punches back and hits a wrap-around clothesline. He catches Punk with an inverted atomic drop, a legdrop and a low dropkick. Jeff runs up the turnbuckle but Punk crotches him. Punk connects with the big knee in the corner, gets shoved from the bulldog and Jeff's Whisper in the Wind connects! 2-count. Jeff hits the inverted suplex, goes up top, but the Swanton Bomb misses. Punk hooks Hardy's arms and hits a double-arm backbreaker, then goes into the dragon sleeper. Hardy crawls to and reaches the ropes.

Punk stalks him and hits him with his Muay Thai paintbrushing strikes but misses the backhand. TWIST OF FATE out of nowhere! Punk puts up the knees when Jeff goes for the Swanton. Punk covers and Jeff kicks out.

The Twist of Fate gets countered and the GTS connects! Punk makes the cover while smiling but Jeff kicks out! Punk covers again and Jeff kicks out again and again. Punk walks out the ring to grab his title and leave. Jeff goes out to get him and brings him back in the ring and he's all over him. Jeff attacks and the ref pulls him back. Twist of Fate again! Jeff goes up top and this time the Swanton Bomb connects!! 1-2-3! WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy.

The camera pans out to show all the fans on their feet applauding Jeff Hardy's hard-fought victory. We replay the end of the match, then see Jeff Hardy celebrating with the championship and Punk crawling on the floor in disbelief. Jeff Hardy tosses out some of his armbands to the crowd then raises the World Title in the air to close out the show.

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