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Night Of Champions Predictions

It's time for Night of Champions! The only night of the year where every WWE title is on the line! Which means we get to see CM Punk take on Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship! Which means we also get to find out Chris Jericho's mystery partner as they take on Legacy for the Undisputed World Tag Team Championship!

Which means we get to see not only one, but TWO, Divas matches! Ugh.

World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

Here’s what I wrote last month heading into their match at The Bash:

“Who wins? I think it comes down to Hardy’s contract situation. If Hardy agrees to an extension, he becomes champ. If not, Punk retains. How’s that for some enticing negotiations?”

I suppose nothing has changed, except for that it seems more and more likely, based on online reports, that Jeff Hardy is leaving when his contract expires. Of course, those leaks could be put out there purposely by fed officials to dupe internet fans. Well, if so, consider me duped, because I think Punk wins, and does so cleanly this time.

Winner: CM Punk

WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

In predicting the outcome of this match, I had to think, where do they go from here?

WWE needs to shake things up in the main event scene on “Raw.” One way, it could be argued, would be for a title switch. But really, having Cena or Triple H as champion wouldn’t be much of a shake up at all.

What I suspect (and hope) they’ll do is have Shawn Michaels return to face Orton for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Which means, of course, that Orton retains.

Winner: Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has been pushed hard on “SmackDown!” recently, which is a good thing. I’ve complained in recent months -- and so have many other fans -- that WWE isn’t elevating younger talent. Well, Vince has had no other choice on “SmackDown!” with Undertaker’s and Edge’s injuries and Jeff Hardy’s impending departure. Ziggler has certainly been one of the main beneficiaries of the lack of star power.

Still, I think Mysterio will retain in an entertaining match. But fear not, Ziggler fans, I predict he will have a chance for redemption . . .

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & Mystery Partner vs. Legacy

After losing his shot at the I-C title, Ziggler will insist on being Jericho’s tag team partner, and will help Y2J retain the titles. Pairing Ziggler with the 2nd hottest heel on “SmackDown!” (any guesses on who’s number one?), will elevate the youngster even higher.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler

Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship: Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. MVP vs. Carlito

Welcome to mid-card purgatory, Swagger.

In other news: For anyone unfamiliar with the rules (like me), the first pinfall or submission gets the gold. One fall to a finish.

Based on my other predictions, there has to be a title change here. They can’t have a Night of Champions PPV without at least one significant title switch, and I’m going with Miz. It would be stupid if they spent all that time building him up for the last couple months only to let him be forgotten in a couple weeks.

Well, this is WWE we’re talking about here.

Side note: what’s happened to Big Show? He’s being horribly misused.

Winner: The Miz

ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian

Captain Charisma should either win the belt or move to Friday nights. I’ve been wishing for that move for months now. It makes no sense wasting his talents on a show with the central purpose being to groom developmental talents for the “main” rosters. There aren’t many guys in the fed that possess Christian’s workrate, and perhaps more importantly, can get themselves over on the mic.

So let Dreamer keep his belt. And move Christian to “SmackDown!”

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Divas Championship: Maryse vs. Mickie James

I’m sure there are a lot of fans who are excited that James is back in the title picture. And I think James will get the win too. However, I think Maryse should hold onto the title – she’s the best heel Diva in the fed . . . but she’s still no Angelina Love.

Winner: Mickie James

Women’s Championship: Michelle McCool vs. Melina

Another Divas match? Come on.

Winner: Michelle McUndertaker

3 comments: on "Night Of Champions Predictions"

Matt said...

This is a very solid card. My biggest fear, though, is that we see another payperview ending with a fading camera shot of Cena standing victorious with the belt. Other than that though it should be good, and I agree with your sentiments on Maryse.

richie said...

i agree with everything you wrote, except the 6 pack challenge. Here is where i see MVP winning. he's been getting a lot of media coverage lately and frankly i think he would be best suited for the belt, but this is just my opinion.(looking for some feedback)

Andrew Gray said...

Matt -- Well, you got a fade out with Jeff Hardy holding the belt. Was that better?

Richie -- Kofi retained, which I'm fine with.

I think they should be doing more with MVP. I remember (how long ago?) when he was feuding with Matt Hardy on SmackDown, and he looked like he'd be the Heavyweight Champ within a year. Now he's lost in the shuffle in the mid-card on "Raw." A waste, especially when you consider how stale the top of the card is on Raw.

Orton vs. MVP would be interesting.