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Tuesday Night Delight

ECW is the best wrestling show on TV right now. Hands down, bar none, debate's over. ECW offers great wrestlers, great storylines, and is able to be compelling from start to finish. With all due respect to smark favorite John Morrison, the entire ECW program is the real Tuesday Night Delight. And, pro tem, it's the new name of this article. Hell, you can't come back from hiatus without some sort of change.

Speaking of change, I like this new Hart Foundation. David Hart Smith is finally getting the chance that he's waited years for, ditto for Tyson Kidd. Does anyone else think it's kind of odd that even though he's part of the Hart Dynasty, they still kept a seemingly out of left field surname like "Kidd" on him? I digress.

ECW seems to be the home for guys who can actually work, but are seen as too short or too thin or too Canadian or whatever trait the front office hates in workers for no logical reason. Christian and Smith locked up in a tremendous opening match. It would be doing this match a great disservice to call it a curtain jerker. Hopefully these two have plenty more matches down the line, including a few title matches.

After the match, Finlay made his return, laying out Christian in what at first seemed to be a heel turn. I guess I get it. Finlay plays a good heel, and without the ultra kid-friendly Hornswoggle by his side, there's nothing really to stop him from being a bad guy. Maybe Hornswoggle could turn heel too. That'd be sweet.

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne again locked up last night. I have to say, for a guy that I spent a lot of time not enjoying, Mark Henry has grown on me. He seems to have really found his niche as a nasty, monster heel on ECW. I actually enjoy watching him these days. And, of course, Evan Bourne is always dope. When Mysterio finally gives up the dream, Bourne is more than capable of overtaking his spot as the company's high-flying main event underdog.

Despite teasing a split between Tony Atlas and Mark Henry over the past few weeks, nothing major tonight. I guess that at this point, it doesn't bother me either way, Atlas isn't that great on the mic and he doesn't really do anything during matches. It feels strange being so apathetic about getting rid of a manager on the show, especially considering how vehemently I have spoken out about the need for certain wrestlers to have managers, but it's the truth. A manager has to serve a purpose for the wrestler he valets, and largely, Atlas doesn't do that anymore.

Hey, speaking of guys who need a manager, it's America's All-American American Boy From America-Jack Swagger! Being interviewed by Hurricane Helms, for some reason. Okay, is he completely reverting back to his Hurricane gimmick? More on that on this week's O Show, maybe, if that lazy ass bastard they call an associate producer can find some news about it online.

Anyway, Jack Swagger had a good bout against Tommy Dreamer in the main event. Beating him with an Oklahoma Roll (which sounds more like some kind of barbecue sushi as opposed to a finishing move), Swagger earned an ECW title match at The Bash. I could rant for days about how stupid that new name is, but it's been done, so let's suffice it to say...kneeeeeee.

As knee as the pay-per-views name might be, the upcoming match between Swagger and Dreamer has the potential to be a great one. Dreamer is the utmost of babyfaces right now, and Swagger is an outright blue chipper with all the makings of a future prime time player within WWE. If tonight was any indication, their match in two weeks should be quite good.

Finlay again made an appearance after the match, this time laying out Swagger. Okay, so maybe he's not turning heel. Or maybe he is. Either way, Finlay did next to nothing tonight, but right now, I'm very interested to see where his character is going. He'd make a solid heel, but with Swagger, Henry, and the Hart Dynasty, does ECW need another top heel? Only time will tell. But feel free, O-sters, to leave your two cents.

Tha Results:
*David Hart Smith def. Christian
*Mark Henry def. Evan Bourne
*Jack Swagger def. Tommy Dreamer to earn ECW Championship Match at The Bash

6 comments: on "Tuesday Night Delight"

BigDaddy said...

The Kidd surname is a nod to his longtime gimmick - the Stampede Kid

Donnie Loves Bret said...

The Tuesday Night belt will defended in a Scramble Match, not a one-on-one match at THE BASH.

Shammy_D said...

Well this is better, a proper O Show review, I wonder if my comment will appear this time or if this site is going the way of the 'E'

You only get to bring a sign if it says what we want it too!!

Anonymous said...

If Hornswaggle goes bad then they must rename him Heelswaggle...ZING!

Matt said...

After lastnight, it seems as though they're trying to create just a general badass character for Finley. Kind of a lone wolf type thing that some will like while others wont.

You see, in the new generation of professional wrestling, its not just good guys and bad guys, but shades of gray. (I hope I don't get sued for not citing that quote)

Besides it being the Stampede Kid, They mentioned the British Bulldogs lastnight (Bulldog and Dynamite Kid), so maybe T.J.s nickname is a play on that also. Or maybe it just turned out to be a coincidence. Eitherway, David Hart's ringname is knee. I reccommend "the Canadian Pug"

Agreed, Ecw is the only show that I dont feel exhausted, bored, raped, and exhausted after watching.

No more 3 hour raw's please. In fact, since the week is so saturated with wrestling shows, how about all 1 hour shows, with maybe a 2 hour as a treat once a month? To create 5 hours of compelling programming every week, without an offseason is an incredibly demanding task for a single company in my opinion.

CJF said...

Smith's botch tonight sounded nasty... I bet Christian's shoulder was feelin' it in the morning.