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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 121

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 121 of Tha O Show! And this week's show will be a unique one to say the least. Tha co-founder of the program, your bro Dan-e-o is on vacation - so Big Daddy Donnie turned his roots and picked up the best replacment he could find. The man who co-pioneered wrestling radio on the internet with BDD almost 13 years ago!! He's the host of the weekly Pit Stop segment on the program, and this week he's the co-pilot of the show -- Notorious T.I.D.!!

PLUS - a run in from Tid's former tag team partner, and O Show fav, Rico Montana and a very special guest on Tha Round Table!!

On today's show...

Tha Os And NOs.

Tha Black Prophet comes in with fresh hatred - and wants to settle the rumors or Notorious T.I.D. and himself being one and the same...

The Notorious T.I.D does his weekly Pit Stop.,,

We take a listen to some "O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

"Tha 3 Goombahz" are back with another installment...

Your teacher "Textbook" Tyson Dux pays homage to the late great Mitsuharu Misawa

We have Tha News...

And of course, we finish off with "Tha Round Table" featuring a man who has held gold in the old ECW, in WCW and in the WWE. He has never appeared on Tha O Show but has a long history with the boys in studio.... ah fuck it - I'll just tell you ... It's Lance Storm!!!




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35 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 121"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jericho won the world title last year against Batista in a cage on Raw.

Anonymous said...

Bring back fatty !

Anonymous said...

Ya the world title - not WWE title

Anonymous said...

Fuck Fatty! that ungrateful prick he gets nothing!

Anonymous said...

3 Goombas... This week i liked it. I also loved Tid as co-host but missed Dan-e-o ... no offence to Tid ... but the high pitch laugh cant be beat

Anonymous said...

RIP Misawa - thanks for the words Tyson Dux!!

Lance Storm was fuckin awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Lance Storm mark and I loved that interview.

Now seriously, where the hell IS Perry Saturn!

donnie loves pickel barrell said...

I guess Tid isnt the Prophet......

Anonymous said...

Eat my ass Tid - The Law was Donnie and Jeff Marek who are you trying to work???

mkf said...

Speaking as someone who actually LISTENED to Slam the wrestlng show on virtually canadian and the law on i can tell you that TId and Donnie are the O-riginal duo.

Still great chemistry after all these years boys!

jim j said...

Some moron wrote on comments for Tuesday night delite that Harry botched that spot you O'd for.... i watched it again after what you said and it was CLEARLY a planned spot

mkf said...

Lance Storm was awesome!

OMFG what was with that CM Punk hating retard??? hahahaha

I saw him on YouTube --- if you give him glasses, a reeceding hairline and 25 years its Dan The MOuth Lobranski

kramer said...

Fuck Fatty
If he ever comes back i'll stop listening to the show - i hated him then and have no patience for him now

come_wit_it said...

This reminds me of the episode of simpsons when Smithers went on vacation and homer did his job so well that Mr Burns wnated to keep him and Homer told Smithers "You shouldnt have gone on vacation!"

Donnie = Burns
Tid = Homer
Dan-e-o = Smithers

This is funny on another level too cuz Donnie is a big gangly fuck -- Tid is a chubby retard like homer and Dan is a total faggot like Smithers

D. Ross said...

I have never heard the original show Donnie and TID had but if it was anything like this I wish it were still around. These two have such great chemistry together and it was cool to hear the two of them together. I still miss Dan-E-O though.

The Three Goombahs were funny. I almost dropped my damned iron when they were talking. Their segments are short and sweet. Apparently Rico thinks everything is gay. Many people that dont need to take pills like Viagra. A study showed that the fake versions are full of fecal matter. Talk about getting shit on your dick...

Nice to finally hear Prophet and TID talk. And they got along so well! Sounded like Prophet needed a little backup but since Dan-E-O was out of town he was assed out.

Textbook (or TTD) was good. I have seen Misawa's stuff on youtube and the shit he does is crazy. That elbow of his was solid. The one video of him knocking a dude out cold with it from the top rope was nuts. He seemed like one of those guys like Benoit or Flair where you got better just by fighting them.

I am so used to not hearing Fatty's name that I forget he was apart of the show. A while back I re-listened to old ass episodes (the theme songs get better every time) and I sadly dont miss him. Since he has left there have been so many new additions (Textbook, TID, Black Prophet, Gay or OK?, Lufisto, O-chestra) that I cant miss him.

Great ass show guys. Keep 'em coming! No, not like that...

Conductor Obvious said...

Holy shit Donnie you're a genious! There are writers here who have been saying that about ECW for around a year, and you finally got it! GO DONNIE!

Choo Choo! Here comes the clue train! Last stop, Donnie!

LuchaDoll said...

This was one of my favorite episodes. Ever.

<3 LuchaDoll

Christopher Casúr said...

"Kennedy Heat"...I like it, that's a nice term. How'd you come up with that, Donnie?

BigDaddy said...

Casur, if you used the term Kennedy Heat - here's a cookie. I haven't read much of anything in the last month ..., so I surely didn't lift it.

And as for the comment about the writers on this site have been saying ECW was the best show on TV for a year, and I'm just catching up...

No, that was the opinion of those writers - my opinion was different. In my opinion, SmackDown! was the best show over the last year ... Just because my opinion is now in line with others doesn't mean i'm rippin them off or "finally" cluing in ... Just means that right now, we agree.

I can make just as strong a case for Smackdown in 2008 / 09 as anyone could for ECW.

Anonymous said...

Donnie + Tid > Donnie + Dan

simeom said...

So this is the new MK?

I have that same keyboard in my home studio ... really good price for a keyboard that does a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Here's the video of the CM PUNK hater

Anonymous said...

"All this angles does is keep Batista strong, and he'll be dead soon!!"


Anonymous said...

Tid > Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan > Tid

Anonymous said...

Tid is great on the show but nothing touches the D & D connection


Anonymous said...

Best show. Ever.

lilly white said...

Lance Storm = my new fav guest.

D. Ross said...

Dan-E-O and TID are both good. They're just different.

This CM Punk kid needs to be put on a watch list. Here is another video of him playing with his pet turtle. Oh, he also calls the US Title the Negro Belt.

Adam said...

What is the link to the Edge fan freaking out when Edge comes to the ring.

CM Punk said...

Straight-Edge > You

srr said...

awesome show. tid was awesome as always, way better than the first.

i still miss fatty especially in the first tid studio ep. "BIRDMAN!!!!"

Rico was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Anonymous...

Tid > Dan.

Anonymous said...

Big NO for the fact that despite my repeated postings, TJ has yet to grab the audio of Dan proclaiming his love of cock a few episodes back when you had the pornstar on and he was reading from her site. Why have you not used this to torture Dan relentlessly? Donnie, it's the perfect revenge for the whack-juice song...

Shame on you. Shame on all of you.
You've let the O-nation down.