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TNA continues to never make sense. I had such high hopes for Slammiversary last night. The card looked solid, and there were some good storylines intertwined heading into the show. Everything looked real damn promising. Unfortunately, all this show proved was that everything that once made TNA great is now everything they're not.

Samoa Joe is now a heel. This absolutely smells of a heel turn for the sake of one. Joe was a red hot babyface, he was feuding with the dominant heel faction, and he was seemingly ready to introduce his own faction in order to go to war with the Main Event Mafia. Throw all that out the window.

Instead, Joe decided to help Kurt Angle win the match, and celebrated with the Main Event Mafia afterwards. Okay. Now who is TNA's top babyface? Jeff Jarrett? Been there, done that. It's nice to see him moving on with his life, but I don't want to see him always at the top of the card anymore. AJ Styles? I'd be real surprised if he ever held the title again. Sting? He's the supposed leader of a heel faction. Good job, TNA, you booked yourself right out of having any main events. My only hope at this point is that LAX gets split up and Hernandez successfully cashes in his Feast Or Fired briefcase.

Team 3D and Beer Money had another great match. It's good to see that the tag team division in TNA is alive and well. However, it is not good to see that their love of run-ins is also alive and well. The British Invasion didn't need to be anywhere near this match. If you want them to feud with Team 3D, there are much better ways to spark a feud aside from having a pointless run-in in what was otherwise a tremendous match.

Oh, how far the Knockout's division has fallen. Constant run-ins by Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne, one of which led to the finish. Don't get me wrong, it makes sense that the champion goes over on the newcomer, but still, it didn't need all the outside interference. Remember when we all used to get excited about these title matches? Scott D'Amore, where are you?

Of course, I can't be negative about the entire show. As hard as TNA tried to make it so, I just can't. Sting and Matt Morgan put on a great match, and even though Sting won, the fact that this match happened is a sign that Matt Morgan's career is going in the right direction. Hopefully he continues to rise up the card, because he's very talented and would be a great draw for TNA. Then again, I said the same thing of a very talented wrestler two years ago, and, well...

Christopher Daniels is one of a handful men who has been with the company since 2002, along with James Storm and AJ Styles. Fast forward to 2009. James Storm is one half of the tag team champions and has a very promising future. AJ Styles is a multiple time world champion, and was in the main event last night. Christopher Daniels, conversely, faced Shane Douglas in an absolute throwaway of a match. It's getting frustrating to watch Christopher Daniels flounder in the same spot on the card, with the glass ceiling firmly in place right above him.

Monster Ball was what it was. X Division King Of The Mountain was what it was. Wasn't really blown away by either match. Overall, for a show that's supposed to be their anniversary show, and one of their marquee pay-per-views, this show just plain underdelivered.

Tha Results:
*Suicide def. Motor City Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences in a King Of The Mountain Match to retain X Division Championship
*Christopher Daniels def. Shane Douglas
*Angelina Love def. Tara to retain Knockout's Championship
*Abyss and Taylor Wilde def. Raven and Daffney in a Monster's Ball
*Sting def. Matt Morgan
*Beer Money, Inc. def. Team 3D to win Tag Team Championship
*Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, and AJ Styles in a King Of The Mountain Match to win TNA Heavyweight Championship

5 comments: on "Shammiversary"

ben said...

i agree with you i am just starting to like wwe againtna sucks wwe rules

J Cash the stockbroker said...

wow sound like it was very disapointing, its really a shame that TNA has good storylines up until the PPV and then fails all over it, lets hope that the next PPV is simi-decent

Anonymous said...

Were you watching the same PPV I saw? I thought it was awesome.

Hipnosis said...

Unpredictability my freinds......

PS Joe was not a red hot babyface...people have been hating on his weight and face paint for a while now

Now we might see a real killer in joe

and now its time for the Originals to step up....cause MEM just got one of there biggest players

D.J.B. said...


As I said last night, Hogan and Nash are sitting somewhere clapping their asses off. I just wish that Angle had fingerpoked Joe off the ladder, that'd have been solid.