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HGC Episode 38: Can't Stop The Pimpin'

The best two hours of your week are back with today's episode of THE HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB: number 38 to be exact. ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES and TJ HABIBI are here with a few of the usual suspects and a whole bunch of goofy fun.

Kingdom interviews "Tha O Show" co-host DAN-E-O about his hip hop career and his new role as musical mentor with his own "School of Rap". NOAH PANICO and JIMMY "Bright Eyes" SLOSS join the show to tell the story of their Christmas Crime Spree!

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KEN HABIBI, beloved brother of TJ, stops by with a quick review of JJ Abrams' Star Trek during the NERD NEWS. Plus Kingdom introduces his new dating service "K-Harmony", announces both THE LUCKIEST F****R ON EARTH and THE STUPIDEST F****R ON EARTH and Kingdom and TJ play a brand new game: "WOULDJA?"

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