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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 119

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 119 of "The Deadliest Warror"! Uh...we mean Tha O Show, and your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are joined by your favourite guests!

Ontario Indy Wrestling Superstars, Asylum, R.J. City AND Rico Montana are ALL back to deliver an O-filled episode of Tha O Show if there ever was one!

It's another show FULL of O's! Press play and join in on all tha wickedocity!

Also on today's show...

A challenge between Dan-e-o's "Jamaican Rasta" and Donnie's "Pork Chop"! Who will be crown "The Deadliest Warrior"???

"Tha Os And NOs"

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D to run his mouth on all things MMA.

We take a listen to a bunch of "O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

Class is in session as your teacher "Textbook" Tyson Dux conducts another installment of "Tha Classroom". This week's match is Owen Hart VS. 1-2-3 Kid from King of the Ring 1994.

Of course, we finish off with "Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan and "Tha 3 Goombaz"!

This week's outro is "We'll Probably Kill You!" - The Flatliners Theme from OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album. Be sure to pick up YOUR copy for just $9.99 if you haven't done so already!




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21 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 119"

Anonymous said...


Asylum is so "i dont give a fuck" and RJ is so "look at me, look at me"

Rico is my fav...

chris kanyon said...

i put Striker's dick online.

Anonymous said...

"is there a nigga that you like RJ?"


Anonymous said...

RJ PWNS Jaime D!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahah FISH KA BOB RULES! Man O WAR in the EYEZ!

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o's Box'n in your mout.... hahahahha

MKF said...

Along the lines of deadliest warrior... Here is the list of countries CONQUERED and colonized BY PORTUGAL. More than any other country has done. Don't under estimate the Man O War!

• Accra
• Agadir
• Ambon Island
• Angola
• Annobón Province
• Arguin
• Asilah
• Azemmour

• Bahia
• Bahrain
• Banda Islands
• Bandar Abbas
• Barbados
• Belu (province)
• Bioko
• Bissau
• Brazil
• Colonial Brazil

• Cabinda Province
• Cacheu
• Cape Verde
• Ceará
• Ceuta
• Chaul
• Cisplatina
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• Colonia del Sacramento

• Dadra and Nagar Haveli
• Daman and Diu
• Dibba
• Dibba Al-Hisn

• Portuguese East Africa
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• El Jadida
• Elmina
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• Goa
• Portuguese Gold Coast
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• Hengqin
• Hugli-Chuchura

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• Portuguese India
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• Jaffna kingdom

• Kannur
• Khor Fakkan
• Kilwa Kisiwani
• Kionga Triangle
• Kochi, India
• Kodungallur
• Kollam
• Kozhikode
• Ksar-el-Kebir

• Lakshadweep

• Macau
• Machilipatnam
• Madha
• Makassar
• Portuguese Malacca
• Maldives
• Malindi
• Maluku Islands
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• Mangalore
• Maranhão
• Mascarene Islands
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• Mozambique
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• Nagapatnam

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• Pulicat

• Qatif
• Qeshm

• Rio Grande do Norte

• Safi, Morocco
• Salsette Island
• Santo Amaro, Bahia
• São Tomé and Príncipe
• Souira Guedima
• Surat
• São Tomé

• Taipa
• Tangier
• Tarut Island
• Ternate
• Thoothukudi
• Tidore
• Portuguese Timor

• Vasai-Virar
• Viceroyalty of Brazil

• Portuguese West Africa

• Zambezia Province
• Zanzibar
• Ziguinchor

ALMOST EVERY LETTER OF THE ALPHABET has countries owned by portugal!

Chom said...

IRA go over YEESSS.
The original Gorilla warfare.
Irish been represented....

recursive said...

Pretty impressive, but to be fair, ten guys, an 8-ball and a keg of beer could've laid waste to half of those places.

P.A. said...

Good show as usual guys. I know that was around 2 and a half hours but with the whole crew there it went really fast.

I wonder what the ratings are for the Deadliest Warrior and how would compare with TNA cause everyone I know watches DW.

SPIOLER said...

Chris Masters is SUICIDE

Hipnosis said...

I don't care what anyone says....IM A HUGE ZACK RYDER MARK NOW!!

Watch ECW!!

its the best damn WWE Show TODAY!!

Anonymous said...

The fliping legsweep that Kofi Kingston uses is called the Ranhei. Makoka used it as a wicked finisher. I think Kofi could establish that move as a impressive finisher, not to downplay the "Trouble in Paradise".

D. Ross said...

I hope we all aren't shocked when we find out that Matt Striker comes out of the closet. I'm just sayin'...

The was one of the funniest episodes ever! RJ is gonna get killed by TID. Even with the broken Mmmkay I still laughed my ass off. Good show. But I have a few questions.

Did Dan-E-O ever say whether he would take the grandpa nut shot or bang his parents?

Where the fuck is Portugal?

And is it worse to get beaten by a guy that raps while whippin' your ass or a chick?

I just want to let everyone know that to denounce rumors of racism, Bill Watts has decided to train me. Yeah, its a guy named Bill that lives in Watts but so what?

aldo montoya said...

Portugal is just west of Spain - attached to it on one side, ocean on the other.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to comment on this weeks show cuz it was so different than most - this one was a bar chat more than the standard O Show and i liked.

jenn said...

I'm eating a red pepper!!!!

Chom said...

The submission matches and the new submission PPV in the WWE are a total way yo try to be more MMA styled, because UFC is trashing WWE in the PPV buys!

Anonymous said...

Really great show this week - I like the atmosphere when you get a few workers in the room being silly.

I am, however, extremely disappointed to have not heard a certain Dan-e-o sample from last week's show - a clip in which said host proudly proclaims his love for cock. Sure, he was reading from your guest's website, but he tossed it out there in such a nonchalant way that it made me feel more "gay" than "okay"...

Big "O" as in hO-mO if that clip finds a permanent home on the MK.


romello said...

Still laughing my ass off 2 days later after listening to this weeks show. Oh,BTW,is it Gay or is it OKAY Funniest shit i saw online all week

Anonymous said...

Cody Deaner!!!