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SmackDown! Recap

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Tonight on "SmackDown!", it's "Champion vs. Champion" where the World Heavyweight Champion Edge will take on Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio in the main event of the evening.

Also, Extreme Rules opponents CM Punk and Umaga will have a standard one-on-one match, seeing as how their PPV match - a Samoan Strap Match - has no pinfalls or submission involved. But first, Edge will host his talk show segment "The Cutting Edge."

"The Cutting Edge: Ladder Edition" w/ guest Jeff Hardy

There are ladders EVERYWHERE - on the stage, along the ramp, all around ringside, and two tall ladders sit IN the ring with the World Heavyweight title hanging high above them. Edge gets in the ring and introduces his PPV opponent and his guest for the show, Jeff Hardy, and this is the cue for Hardy to come out. He walks under as many ladders as he wants showing he is not a superstitious person and slapping hands with fans at ringside then finally gets in the ring. Hardy: "Well uh, Edge, if you wanna speak with me, I'll be right up here." Hardy climbs up one of the ladders. "Wow, you know I'm always comfortable in my own skin but Memphis, I'm extremely comfortable with my surroundings right now.

And at Extreme Rules I'll be right here sitting a comfortable new World Heavyweight Champion!" Edge gets on Hardy telling him that he neglects to mention that a ladder match is extremely dangerous. He demonstrates how Jeff will climb up a ladder and get knocked back down by going up and down the ladder several times. Edge: "After I knock you down the last time what I'm gonna do is climb..." Both men sit atop the ladders now. "I'm gonna climb to the top and I'm gonna grab MY World Championship.

Because you see Jeff, when it comes to you and I, no matter what match it is, the ending is always the same Jeff." Hardy: "Yo Edge, blah blah blah blah BLAH!" Jeff says he doesn't care about how good Edge is and he is proud about who he himself is. "I've done what I done, I am who I am, and I am proud of who and what I am right now! So Edge, at Extreme Rules, living for the moment will not be my downfall, it will be my salvation."

Edge: "That's good Jeff, cause this Sunday, you're going to need that salvation." Edge then he hits Jeff in the head with the championship belt twice and shoves Hardy's ladder down. Jeff falls, bouncing off the ropes, all the way to the floor! Edge backs up the ramp raising his arms and his title as we go to our first commercial break, and when we come back we replay the Hardy and Edge confrontation, then Shelton Benjamin comes out for a match.

* Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison

Both start punching each other in the corner and Morrison hits a dropkick. Morrison goes up top but Shelton stops him and hangs him upside-down to kick him in the knee. Benjamin dragon whips his leg and starts to work over the left knee for most of the match. He then locks in a leglock similar to an inverted figure-4. Morrison fights out with punches and a one-legged kip-up then hits Shelton with an enziguiri.

Clotheslines and a calf kick follow. Morrison rolls up Shelton for 2, a kick-out and immediately kicks Shelton afterwards for another 2-count. Benjamin ducks a one-legged springboard Chuck Kick and quickly locks in a single leg crab. Morrison rolls up Shelton for 2, then whirls around Benjamin with a beautiful around-the-world DDT! Starship Pain connects for the victory! WINNER: John Morrison. Replays of the match ending, then we go to backstage to see Chris Jericho walking his way to the ring.

The WWE "Smack of the Night", sponsored by Just For Men, is from last week where Chris Jericho posed as a fan to ambush Rey Mysterio on his way to the ring; he then tried to de-mask Mysterio until Jeff Hardy ran down to make the save. Jericho comes out, gets in the ring and wants to talk. "Be afraid Rey Mysterio, be very afraid. Because in 48 hours, Chris Jericho, the true face of 'SmackDown!' is going to expose the true face of hypocracy when I take off your mask and expose your true identity to the world.

Rey Mysterio is the ultimate hypocrite, he's worse than each and every one of you. He is a hero to your families, an idol to your chrildren, yet he refuses to show his face to any one of them. And yet all of you cheer and glorify him, trapped in his web of deceit, following him like a mindless group of zombies that you are. But this Sunday at Extreme Rules, there are no rules.

There are No Holds Barred which means I am going to do whatever I have to do to demolish Rey Mysterio until I tear his mask off his face, ending his facade and exposing him ruining his life forever. And then I am going to beat him to become the Intercontinental Champion for the unprecedented 9th time and there is nothing that anybody is going to be able to do about that. Do you understand what I am saying to you right now?" R-Truth's music interrupts Jericho and Y2J is not happy as Truth makes his way down the ramp rapping to and with the fans.

Truth: "Memphis, Tennessee... WHAT'S UP? (What's up!) Chris Jericho... WHAT'S UP?" He puts the mic to Jericho's lips and he just stands there looking stoic, then puts Truth's mic down. Jericho: "You want to know what's up? I'm gonna tell you what's up. How dare you come out and interrupt me? You can dance and sing like a puppet and pander to these liars and cheaters but you will not try and upstage me on my very own show.

Now I know we have a match but I am not done with what I want to say." Truth: "Oh you're done, you're done as done gonna get. You're looking for the truth? Well here I am, and I got some more. Chris, YOU are the biggest hypocrite I ever heard in my life. You see, the way you played Rey Mysterio last week, you played yourself by showing up here this week. Do you think that you are a thug?

You think because you talk down to these people, that makes you bad? Quit playin', you ain't bad... at all. But things are about to get bad, real bad. And that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT THE.. (Truth)!" Nice promo; they finally gave Truth time to TALK and not just rap! Breaktime.

* Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth

Bell rings and both men lock up. Jericho knocks him down and says THAT'S WHAT'S UP! Truth leaps over, ducks, leaps over and hiptosses Y2J. Jericho rolls out the ring and Truth comes after him with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Jericho knocks Truth off the top and kicks him in the back while Truth is in the ropes. He kicks Truth in the ribs and says, "C'mon Truth, what's up, huh? Ask him (ref), ask him what's up!" R-Truth fights out a headlock, counters Jericho into a rollup for 2 and connects with clotheslines.

Truth ducks and spin kicks Jericho in the face for 2. Back-and-forth action is as follows. Jericho knocks him down with a back elbow; Truth dodges an Lionsault; Jericho dodges the Axe Kick; Truth counters the Walls of Jericho into a rollup for 2; and as Truth tries for a springboard attack out the corner, he turns around into Jericho catching him in mid-air with the Codebreaker.

WINNER: Chris Jericho. Another good match involving Chris Jericho! Rey Mysterio ambushes Jericho as he's backing up the ramp and attacks him with a kick to the head and unrelenting punches until several referees pull him off. He walks back up the ramp, turns around and LEAPS off the stage to hit Jericho with a senton! Breaktime.

* "Mr. Money-in-the-Bank" CM Punk vs. Umaga

Having these two have a match right before the PPV just defeats the purpose of wanting to see them battle AT THE PPV. The ref tells Umaga to put away the strap before the bell rings. Punk starts out with repeated kicks to Umaga's leg. Umaga fights him off but Punk continues the kicks. Punk hits a crossbody off the top after Umaga ended up going into the ringpost.

Punk gets a 2-count then we go to a commercial break. When we come back Umaga fights out a leglock on the neck but Punk knocks Umaga out the ring. Punk dives out after him but gets caught with a throat thrust on the way. Umaga throws him into the security barricade then throws him back in the ring for a near-fall. Umaga hooks Punk's left arm back and wrenches him in the ribs to wear him down.

Punk fights out but gets sent to the corner hard and punches him down, covers but Punk kicks out. Umaga now applies a bow-and-arrow stretch and Punk kicks Umaga in the face to get out. Umaga works on Punk ribs constantly as the fans chant "CM Punk! CM Punk!" and Umaga knocks him again.

Punk kicks him in the face and hits a clothesline for 2. Punk kicks and kick, covers and gets only 2. Umaga catches Punk in mid-air and swings hims around in a sidewalk slam for 2. Umaga drags Punk tot he corner, backs up, and MISSES the big butt splash!

Punk hits the corner knee, but Umaga shoves Punk off as he goes for a bulldog. Umaga goes to use his strap; HOLY CRAP, PUNK PICKS UP UMAGA FOR THE GTS!! The fans go nuts jumping out their seats and counting along to the 3-count. WINNER: CM Punk. Punk celebrates with the fans at ringside, grabs his briefcase and heads back up the ramp before commercial.

Out comes Maria (where's SHE been?!) in a referee's shirt. She will guest referee this next match, which is a 6-diva tag match.

* {Women's Champion} Melina, Gail Kim & Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox & Layla

I miss Trish Stratus and Lita. It had to be said; just wanted to get that out the way. Anyways, Eve and Alicia Fox start out. Gail Kim tags in and hits a hurricanrana on Fox. McCool tags in and gets in Maria's face to cheapshot Kim. McCool catches Kim, drops her on the ropes back first and tosses her overhead. Layla now tagged in, she snapmares and dropkicks Kim in the back and covers for 2.

Kim stops a charging Layla in the corner with boots up. Melina in now and takes down Layla, bends backwards to duck Layla's clothesline and kicks her while in the crab position. SUCH FLEXIBILTY! Melina makes the pin but Layla kicks out. As Melina bounces off the ropes Fox grabs her hair, then Eve and Gail Kim run over to attack her which distracts the referee Maria.

During the commotion, McCool kicks Melina in the back of the from the apron and Layla pins the Women's Champion for her team. WINNERS: McCool, Layla & Fox. The Great Khali is on his way to the ring with Ranjin Singh alongside before a commercial break.

* The Great Khali (w/ Ranjin Singh) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Khali is already in the ring when we come back from break but still gets an introduction, then Dolph comes out next as we recap this minor feud beginning a month ago. After the bell rings, Dolph ducks Khali but still fights back with punches that do not affect Khali because he knocks Dolph down. Kicks in the corner and connects with a back elbow and a huge chop!

Ziggler scurries out the ring, Khali follows and Ziggler tries to fight back but doesn't it work. Khali chops Ziggler's chest while he's on the apron from the floor. Back in the ring, Khali grabs Ziggler but he kicks him in the leg and dropkicks him. Khali catches Ziggler running in with a big elbow, then Khali calls for, picks up and tosses Dolph down with the Punjabi Plunge for 3.

WINNER: The Great Khali. We recap the events from earlier tonight when Edge shoved Hardy off the ladder, then we're told that Edge will take on Mysterio after this next commercial break. After the break we see WWE 2009 Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware in the audience and he does his bird dance. Woo!

* {Intercontinental Champion} Rey Mysterio vs. {World Heavyweight Champion} Edge [non-title all around]

Rey comes out first and bumps heads with his fans at ringside as usual, just a little more cautious because of what happened last week. Edge comes out next and here we go, main event time! Edge knocks down Rey with a back elbow and punches him in the corner, and Rey fights back but it's no good. Edge shoves Rey out the ring but Mysterio rolls through, but Edge hits a baseball slide. Edge whips Rey towards the steps but Rey flips over them then kicks the steps into Edge's legs. Rey hits the senton from the apron to Edge on the floor before a commercial break.

Rey Mysterio gets a near-fall when we return from commercial break. Mysterio punches Edge in the corner, whips him to the opposite corner, and as Rey charges Edge moves and he goes straight to the ringpost. A boot to the face and Edge gets a 2-count. He raises his arms and the fans boo him heavily and they chant "Edge sucks! Edge sucks!" After a hard irish whip to the corner, Edge then stretches Rey's back on the ring apron and sends forearm shots to the torso.

Fans chanting for Mr. 619 but Edge is dominating. Rey flies around Edge with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, rolls through a sunset flip attempt to kick Edge in the head. Rey covers for a 2-count. Edge sets Mysterio up on his shoulders but get countered to a rollup. Both men trade holds and pin attempts. Edge counters Rey into a wheelbarrel slam and we go to ANOTHER commercial break.

We come back to see Edge locking his arms around Rey's midsection. Rey fights out and gets tossed up in the air but counters into a facebuster. Rey flies off the top rope to connect with a hurricanrana and Edge rolls out the ring, but he can't get away because Rey soars out the ring with a suicide dive. Rey rolled Edge back in the ring and Rey hits a springboard legdrop for 2. Springboard crossbody for 2. Edge catches Rey in the corner onto his shoulders but Rey counters THAT into a DDT for 2! Rey bounces off the ropes and this time Edge counters HIM into a powerbomb, then applies a Sharpshooter. EXCELLENT MATCH SO FAR~!

Rey screams in pain but still reaches the bottom rope. Edge gets hung up ont he ropes, Rey thinks 619, Edge moves and misses a clothesline. Repat process but this time Edge catches Rey's legs, tries a move but Rey counters him into a roll-up for 2. Edge BACK on the ropes and the 619 connects! Edge moves away from a springboard splash and SPEARS MYSTERIO! 1-2-3! Great match, these two men gave it their all for an exciting main event. WINNER: Edge.

Edge rolls out the ring to grab a ladder, reminiscent of last week. Jeff runs down with a chair and hits Edge with it and drops Edge with a Twist of Fate onto the ladder! Jeff sets up the ladder in the corner, climbs the turnbuckle and leapfrogs the ladder to connect with a legdrop onto a prone Edge! Jeff grabs the heavyweight title and poses with it to close out the show. Good night everybody and enjoy the Extreme Rules PPV!

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