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Ric Flair Wants Back In The Ring

In an interview published today, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair declared his desire to return to action inside the squared circle.

"I want to wrestle again. I watch (WWE) and I can still do better than 90 percent of the guys there. I weigh one less pound than the day I retired. I still work out really hard and I wrestle my kid (Reid) all the time. It's not like I haven't been in the ring."

This is the first time that Flair has gone on the record saying that he wants back in the ring.

Sure, Flair has dropped hints before, saying that he’d need Shawn Michaels’ blessing if he were to return (he reiterated that point again today). But today, Flair’s desire for and intention of returning were more clear than ever before:

"I love the business," Flair said. "I was thinking the other day about the reason why God gave me this health. I don't hurt anywhere. I haven't lost any strength. I'm just like I was 10 years ago. I keep thinking, 'Why am I signing autographs when I can still take backdrops?'”

Other highlights from the interview include:

- Acknowledgment that he’s been in contact with WWE executives, including John Laurinaitis about filling in for one of WWE’s injured Superstars, and Vince McMahon about why he wasn’t included in April’s WWE Draft. McMahon’s reply was that Flair is retired.

- There’s great interest overseas for his services:

“People in Europe are offering me a fortune. I'm tired of signing autographs. I can make more money wrestling.”

I think it’s only a matter of time before we see Flair strutting down the aisle in that robe again. Shawn Michaels isn’t going to hold his friend back from potentially making millions of more dollars.

In addition, WWE is hurting for star power, and with the ratings slipping, McMahon may become desperate. Even if McMahon is not interested, there are plenty of promotions in the U.S., Europe, and Japan willing to throw money at the Nature Boy.

In this writer’s humble opinion, Flair will be back inside the ring, whether WWE or overseas, in 2009.

4 comments: on "Ric Flair Wants Back In The Ring"

Donnie Loves Bret said...

Is anyone really surprised that Flair is thinking about a return to the ring?

It's not like he can't have another retirement match down the road.

Anonymous said...

bold prediction: Flair/Michaels II at SummerSlam.

Matt said...

Bold Predictions, by this time next year
=Bret Favre will have won another superbowl
-Flair will be the new longest reigning TNA champion

Andrew Gray said...

Here are JR's thoughts on a potential Flair return: