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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 116

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 116 of Tha O Show and your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are back with another banger!

Starting off with a spirted debate about Dan-e-o's recent "Tha O Team" article, tha boys of O bring the heat this week!

Listen up for a special announcement about next week's show as well as a special giveaway at the end of today's episode!

Today's show features...

"Tha Os And NOs"

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

The return of "A Glass Of Cham Pain" with Marty Garner followed by an edition of "Is It Gay Or Is It Okay?"!

And finally, a special installment of "Tha Round Table" with former WWE referee and Scarborough, Ontario's own Jim Korderas!




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18 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 116"

Anonymous said...

New show!! HYPALAZ!

kornastone said...

Another awesome show guys!

I'm a baseball fan and man mus say Donnie stomped that debate. He sounded like a Jays fan who isn't getting caught up in hype and keeps it reeel .

Why is Hallady the best pither dan? "Consitency and dominance" ...

"Ya? How about his WHIP?" Nigga you got skunked.

Jimmy is cool as hell. I love it. He's an O-ster just like us!

I totally forgot he was in the ring when Owen died. Says on Wikipedia that Owen yelled at Jimmy while he was falling - telling him to move so he wouldn't land on him!

BigDaddy said...


Referee Jimmy Korderas has requested his own semi regular segment on Tha O Show ... and of course, our answer was "Helll ya greek boy!"

The format of this new segment is being developed book look for it as well as another new segment (featureing 3 of your fav wrestlers that occassionaly co-host Tha O Show) in the next couple weeks!

D. Ross said...

Oh, I cant believe you like that shitty Wolverine movie. Were you entertained by the terrible special effects? The convoluted ass storyline? Or the fact that the Weapon X program was just slightly uncomfortable? The more I think about that movie the more pissed I get.

Mixed juice is disgusting. If you go first its fine but going second or two in the mouth at the same time is way gay. I am not missing porn right about now. No high fiving. No! Wouldn’t you be too busy trying to pretend another guy isn’t in the room?

Superstar Billy Graham?! Fuck yeah! Oh, please ask him about the guys that have stolen his style (Steiner, Hogan, Ventura).

That beat and that rhyme doesn’t rock at all. Donnie with “I ain’t smitten ‘cause that shit’s written.”

Not letting the ref in on the finish is very strange. I would imagine a match ending at weird moments if that happened. I remember that happening during a match with The Miz. Everyone just looked around like “What the hell just happened?” When did Jimmy get let go? And why? Nevermind. Found it. Still don’t know why he was let go.

Great episode. Again it flew by way too damned fast. Cant wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

Amazing episode... just listneing to it now on my iphone! You guys are the fuckin shit!

Anonymous said...

I aint smitten cuz that shits written!

Anonymous said...

Look what Dan-e-o's jinxing did! The Jays lost the series to the Yankees.

jenn said...

Dan-e-o totoally told Champpain that he missed him!

Anonymous said...

No O-ster with something to say????
I wanted to hear myself on Tha O Show!!!!

mkf said...

I like how Jimmy said "Hogan was 6'7?"

i never believed that either

crank said...

I think he's training Joe Doering!

Jim J said...

My guess is that Superstar is training Michael Elgin

mkf said...

Why would anyone CHOSE to work with Elglin unless hes getting a big pay

Anonymous said...

wheres the Prophet

mantaur said...

3 O Show favs with their own segment... according to the poll it would be Asylum, Rico Montana and RJ City even though my favourite is CHERRRRY FUCKKIN BOMB!

romello said...

The 2 on 1 Blaze is GAAAAAAY! Especially double penetration. There is like an inch of skin inside the puss separating two dicks and that is way gay! I agree with Dan! I adhere to the One dick per room rule and that dick must be MINE!Besides,i won't even drink out of the same cup as most of my boys so sharing dick space is a big ole NO!Great segment with Jim Koderas,he'll make a great addition to the show. Wolverine? NO! Just like fake titties,i ain't feeling it! The baseball debate:HYPE! Loved that shit! That was locker room/Shit Talk Radio in it's highest form! Had to give the edge to BDD about the WHIP. My O of the week had to be pussy ass Skip Bayliss getting OWNED by one of our radio hosts here in Philly this week my man even spits out the line"Google Me" Dan needs to hit him up for using his shit.

jim j in philly said...

Wicked episode ... i got my whole crew here at Villanova listening this week!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Baseball.