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HGC 35: Where No Genius Has Gone Before

Episode 35 of THE HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB RADIO SHOW hits the airwaves like a motherf***er! ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES is your host and TJ HABIBI is behind the soundboard as they welcome an array of the usual suspects for some comedy and conversation. WORDBURGLAR returns to the show to discuss the season finale of LOST.

NOAH PANICO reviews the home video release of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and issues a warning to the people of Washington DC about what happens when you get in the way of his late night snack.

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BIG RON LARMONDIN introduces us to his son AUSTIN. CHRIS MAVERICK discusses the recently leaked nude photos of RIHANNA. Plus, there's NERD NEWS, a new edition of THE PITCH and your Uncle Kingdom starts the show with an apology.

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