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O-sters! Be sure to tune in later today for Episode 95 of Tha O Show! It's another riot today folks, as Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o welcome one of your "favourites" Ricky Stardust into the studio.

Coming with Christmas gifts for Tha O Show team, Stardust doesn't disappoint as tha boys discuss everything from legit heat on the Ontario Indy scene to their favourite porn stars.

Today's show also includes Tha Os And NOs, "Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D., "Tha Video Game Review", "WrestleTrivia!" and "Tha Round Table" with former WCW star Alan Funk a.k.a. Kwee Wee!

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1 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

Christian said...

It's been a couple of weeks ago by now.
But I wanted to know what T.I.D. thought of the K-1 World Grand Prix.
And why didn't you guys react on the knee Cena promo,which basically was a ripp-off of the one Jericho did.
Is it me or is Chavo as no.1 contender for the ECW title plain ol'BS.
Sheamus dropping the FCW title just tells me he will be on ECW within a few weeks.