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Rated O Radio - Episode 95

Tha O Show Radio
Episode 95 is here! And there must be something about the 90's as Tha O Show pulls out another edition of hilarity and hijinks for the faithful Nation of O!

This week, the star of everyone's favourite segment "Tha Video Game Review", Ricky Stardust is in the studio. Tha Santa Claus of Tha O Show team, Ricky not only drops off gifts for Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and T.J. but comes equipped with jokes galore!

We're one week away from Christmas...but the gifts come early O-sters!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs featuring a new addition...

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. who discusses this month's UFC pay-per-view but also gets into a bitter dissing-war with Ricky Stardust. Can you say HEAT???

Stardust is the announced referee for Tid's Steel Cage Match with "Bloody" Bill Skullion at the OBLIVION! event on January 9th. The three of these men have quite a history which gets brought up in the rudest of ways!

Ricky Stardust drops "Tha Video Game Review" but it turns more into a "Who's Your Favourite Porno Star?" segment. O-sters, we'll need you to weigh in on this one!

Don and Dan test Ricky's knowledge of the squared circle in "WrestleTrivia!". You'll also learn the answer to the question: "Who would win in a rap battle? Ricky Stardust or Big Daddy Donnie?!"

And joining tha trio for a very candid installment of "Tha Round Table" is former WCW star Adam Funk, better known as Kwee Wee!

Taking us out this week...the always popular Dan-e-o cut from Speak No Evil, "358".

Don't forget the OBLIVION! CD release party, GCW wrestling event and Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards night is January 9, 2009. Tickets are on sale now through PayPal. Simply click the link on this site to get yours!

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29 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 95"

Ricky Stardust said...

Buy Oblivion

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised. I hated Stardust's reviews but liked Stardust on this week's show.

HYPALAZ Fatdust!

mkf said...

Tid VS Stardust this week was awesome. Couldn't beieve how well Stardust stood up to Tid, but Tid's casual tone and his "i dont sweat you" vibe is just TOO FUNNY.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would buy a Dan-e-o battle rap DVD!

Anonymous said...

Great Show ! Listening from New Zealand as i do every week ... that Ricky Stardust is a good heel character as i feel sorry for the guy while listening haha so maybe not !

jimj said...

Amazing shit. Whatever special sauce u fags drink before every show to make you funny... it works!

Anonymous said...

Alan Funk > Cham Pain

Anonymous said...

Killin me softly was fuckin awesome! So was Stardust and Funkster!!

Mrs Stardust said...


Tha Oztralian said...

Hey yo Ricky, Legends of Wrestlemania has a completely redesigned engine, which is a good thing considering the Smackdown vs. Raw series is shitty. It's arcade based and according to the wiki is closer to WWF Wrestlefest's style of gameplay.

I'm suprised your a mark for the SVR series, how long have you been playing video games for bro? Nothing comes close to the classics, like the N64 AKI engine series of wrestling games, (WWF No Mercy still being a fav amongst wrestling game fans) or some of the great Japanese titles, and the Fire Pro Wrestling games are fuk'n golden.

The original Def Jam wrestling games which were also designed by AKI were great, I mean what's better than playing as the M-e-t-h-o-d Man and throwing up a suplex. Get Dan-e-o on that tip, talk about Hip-Hop loves wrestling.

Now enough of that shite and on to rap battle talks. That week when Donnie offered up the 5k rap challenge I got a bit heated but didn't bother commenting as a fellow O'ster shared my sentiments exactly. Donnie man, Dan-e-o is a veteran in the game and already paid his dues, dude dosen't need to be battling no muh'fuggers.

Dan bro do you keep up with the battle scene anymore? You should check out your fellow countrymen Kid Twist's showing at the Jumpoff World Rap Championships last year, you can find it all on youtube. Dude's awesome and could eat mostly anybody's food imo.

Sorry bout the long ass comment. Keep bringing the heat, shit was great as always.

Dan-e-o said...


Thanks homie...but don't mind Donnie. He's the biggest Dan-e-o mark on the planet and can't help but attempt to secure himself as many free Dan-e-o performances as he can muster.

This is the first I'm hearing of Kid Twist but it's always dope to know when Canada is representing in the mic-ripping scene.

Ricky Stardust said...

Hey Oz,

The original concept for this game was to be COMPLETELY like SVR. Engine, graphics ect. Apparently however they have changed this to arcade style.

As for length of video gaming I am 31 now so lets say 25 years? Starting with the Atari 2600

Def Jam I agree 100% that these games were fun. Prob was they were very limited. The second instalment of the game was much better allowing you to buy gear n shit. Putting Snoop through a window was a nice touch as well.

Just for the fans to go see for themseleves

The New UFC Game "Undisputed"

Legends of Wrestlemaina


Happy Holidays

B4 said...

Great show, guys. I loved the shoot exchanges this week! I hate hip hop, but I love 358! Alan Funk was one of the better guests you guys have had on the Round Table. He wasn't trying to sell anything and wasn't coming across with kayfabe respect for anyone. Ricky Stardust was very good on the show and didn't sound like a politician reading a statement after being caught fucking the nanny


Tha Stepdaddy said...

Man, hearing TID and Stardust go at it was like sitting in the backseat of a car while your friends parents argued: Uncomfortable but funny as hell! I've never disliked Stardust's game reviews but the way he spoke on the show was so different than how he presents them. He could just rant for a minute and have the same results.

Funk was funny as hell. I stopped watching WCW around the time he was in the company but caught some of it on youtube a while back. I could've sworn he was the same dude that got his face destroyed a few years back.

New game: Six Degrees of Marty Garner! Everyobody knows this guy somehow. I bet you can connect any wrestler living or dead and connect them to Cham Pain. Or connect any rat to him through his cock. Ugh.

Poor Kane. This dude is just nothing now. He literally went heel/face/heel in consecutive weeks. Kennedy is pretty close to worthless and should head back to TNA.

Great show as always and funny as fuck. I had to rewind a few times because I kept laughing too loudly. Why dont you guys have a player like THGC? That one is easier to use and find just what you're searching for.

BigDaddy said...

HA ... suck a dick Fag-e-o. You loved the $5000.00 challenge gimmick.

Just woulda been nice if someone stepped up.

And Oz ... the reason that gimimck unfolded was cuz dudes were always emailing saying they'd eat Dan alive on the mic. So I thought, OK - let's make a segment out of it.


donnie next show u need to akcnolwedge my donny loves cock and pickel barrel comment...

Anonymous said...


Tha Oztralian said...

That's awesome, my bullshittin' got Donnie healing on Dan.

Yeah no worries Donnie, it makes sense to bring that gimmick through when some marks can't help but run their mouth over an email. And having Dan-e-o murk their asses in an on-air segment would be hilarious. If you wanna put up the cake in a serious challenge, then there's more than enough legit competition in the battle scene. But you don't see someone like Eminem, whom built his cred through his freestyle ability, accepting battles from every Tom, Dick & Harry out there. What's in it for him? Just let the fags run their mouths bro.

romello said...

Will Smith a.k.a The Fresh Prince was one of the nicest M.Cs in the Game,in his prime. Will Smith the actor who rapped on the side was SHITALAZ! Black Thought of The Roots has been my favorite Philly M.C for years now,even though some uniformed asswipes would say Beanie or Freeway(The Roc sucks Coc)but Philly is the most under appreciated Hip Hop town in America. There are some crazy taleneted M.Cs here. BTW Dan,i just turned our Bar's DJ onto Kama Sutra and the Muthafucka damn near lost his mind when he heard that shit.Dan-e-o is about to get some play down here in Philly.

donny loves knee gay and pickel barrel cock sandwhiches fuck him with dans dick said...

why the fuck was the segment for donn called "killin me softly?"

whatever happened to the "big daddy donny has road rage segment/theme?" because wasnt that the donny venting segment?

stop acting knee gay

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a Road Rage story - it was STUFF ABOUT wrestling. This Pickel Barrel fag is dumber than Casur

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that, Casur's pretty dumb.

Big Daddy Donnie, you need to fire Casur.

fuck em with dans dick said...

well fuck him with dans dick


i never knew stardust was this entertaining!!!

his video game over the phone sucks...he sounds entertaining as hell in studio

classic show boys

tj aka knee gay loves kingdom james

fuck em with skullions dick said...

stardust had tid shaking a bit...tids usually real clever and quick but stadust had tid stuttering and pondering a bit and noticed iregular breathing patterns in tids voice

"i suggest u suck a dick"


srr said...

stop shitting on the handsome genius club muhfuckers!!!!!!

hype show i want some salsa maaan.

hearing tid and startdust was funny and uncomfortable at the same time that was fucked up lol

hype show cannot wait for next week.

startdust, please never review fps kthanxbye

buy oblivion

fuck em with dans dick said...

cham pains cool but dude is boring can only tell so many stories of how many extras you met while on set for a movie the rock is starring in

Anonymous said...

Belladonna does tranny-porn now...

Belladonna does tranny-porn now

Belladonna does tranny-porn now

Belladonna does tranny-porn now...

Look it up...

jim j said...

This guy is an idiot. I re-listened and Tid didnt studder once. He handled his shit calm and cool.