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Tha A List Analysis: Tha O-sters' Review

Week in and week out, Tha O Show staff puts over ECW as WWE's best product.

Not sure, really how to differentiate it from "Raw" and "SmackDown!" myself, considering that the new World Tag Team Champions ("Raw" titles), The Miz and John Morrison are supposedly on the ECW roster...and appear on EVERY WWE show.

On the other hand, ECW definitely plays host to some up and coming superstars who use only this show as their platform to present their skills. Among them, Ricky Ortiz and Jack Swagger.

These two definitely seem to be getting their shine on in ECW while mixing it up with the rest of WWE's roster. Did you see the broadcast last night? Here is YOUR chance to write YOUR ECW review. Tha O Show is looking for new writers in 2009...will you be one of them?

As always, we welcome your comments...and in this case, reviews of the show.

Here are the results:
*World Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz and Jack Swagger def. CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & Ricky Ortiz
*ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Chavo Guerrero
*Finlay def. Gavin Spears

5 comments: on "Tha A List Analysis: Tha O-sters' Review"

RadioFreeG said...

Does anyone know if it is possible to see ECW in Canada one the day it happens, and not have to wait to midnight Friday on shithole Global tv?

srr said...

this week was ok.

the finlay gavin spears match was good. i didnt see the ppv but matt striker kept referencing that mark henry did alot of damage to finlays back, and spears was working that alot. good to see hornswoggle doing something at least.

chavo should really really separate from vickie and edge, let him do his own thing it gets mad heck ting when he gets treated like a bitch. the match was great, chavo doing liger kicks and still doing 3 amigos to get heat is dope and a nice reversal for the finish.

didnt see the tag match but swagger is dope.

i dont see all the hate for the miz though, he puts his shit out there i think donnie is overdoing it on the hate.

Dan said...


The best you can do is watch the internet stream that goes up on Wednesday afternoon. That's what I do.

ReA said...

Just go to in the sports section you can catch it on there at the regular time also any other WWE event also it has 24 hour streams of older wrestling Pay Per views streaming.

Anonymous said...

the amount of potential there is in biff(swagger) is unbeliavble, him n teddy jr are so obviously the future, chavo needs kerwin back or something, hate watching wrestling matches when you 100% someone is jobbin