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Tha Raw Report: Killa Kev's WWE Raw Recap

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We're live from Pittsburgh, PA tonight and in case you haven't seen any of the big news from the weekend:

1) Miz & Morrison took the WWE World Tag Team belts off of Punk & Kingston at a house show on Saturday;

2) Punk is now the #1 Contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship and

3) Jeff Hardy is your new WWE Champion. Only one of those matches have any impact here on WWE Raw, though.

Kelly Kelly & Melina Perez vs. Jillian Hall & WWE Women's Champion "the Glamazon" Beth Phoenix (w/ Santino Marella)

Beth Phoenix is stopped by her superfan and wants to take a photo, Santino thought it was for him but she made it clear she wanted a picture with Beth! Beth shoves the camera into Santino's hands, he's not very happy to be taken out of the picture (literally!)

We start with Kelly Kelly and Jillian Hall locking up, Kelly Kelly hits the swinging headscissor takeover, tries to bounce off the ropes, Phoenix with a handfull of hair to drag her down, Hall goes for a quick pin attempt then slams Kelly's head into the mat before choking her on the ropes. Kelly tries to flip through and make a hot tag, Hall cuts her off, cheapshots Melina Perez on the apron, but completely opens herself up to a old fashioned schoolboy for a quick pin!

WINNER: Kelly Kelly & Melina Perez. A pissed off Jillian Hall hits Kelly with the Pearl Harbor from behind, Beth Phoenix runs over and cuts off Perez a second time before they double-team Kelly with kicks. PYROS! Kane comes down, the heels bail quickly, Kane gets in the ring and backs Kelly Kelly into a corner, gets down in her face, sneers, but then offers a hand to hep her up. The fans cheer like crazy, but Kelly ain't so sure of this, she rolls out of the ring and backpedals fast. Kane comes stalking after her as they go up the ramp to the top of the stage, then run backstage.

Weird. Time for a piss break! reader Falco just noted, "Kelly Kelly pulled off the terrified facials pretty well." Which prompted a response from our own Nikes the Sneaker Pimp, "If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's Kelly Squared's ability to pull off a

During the break Kelly Kelly runs into Jamie Noble backstage, he asks if she's okay, she runs off. Kane is still stalking her, Jamie Noble sees what's up and tries to step in the way, and was practically shoved through a steel door, D-Lo Brown was there to catch him. Kane catches up to her in a corner where she's cowering, he looks deep into her eyes and says, "We need to talk."

Uh-oh. Haven't we heard those words before?

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Deuce Shade

DEUCE SHADE? WHERE THE FUCK HAS THIS CAT BEEN? "I would just like to say that from now on I'd like to be introduced by my real name. I am the son of WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. And my real name is Sim - Sim Snuka." Sim Snuka? Geez. What a shitty first name. Why not Deuce Snuka?

Well it doesn't help Snuka, as Mysterio whips his ass around for about a minute, but Snuka stars pulling out the power game, throws Mysterio into the ropes and lays in a knee, whips him hard into a turnbuckle, then lays a knee in his back and pulls back with a reverse chinlock. OH, and by the way, manu and Cody Rhodes are now at ringside analyzing Snuka.

Mysterio tries to grab the ropes, Snuka pulls him back and drops a knee into the middle of his back. Snuka tries for a legdrop, Mysterio rolls out of the way, dropkick, flying headscissor takeover, whips Snuka off the ropes, reversal, Mysterio ducks a clothesline but eats a gorilla press slam and a flying forearm for Snuka, goes for a cover, two count. Snuka argues long and hard with the referee about a slow count, tries to charge Mysterio in the corner, Mytseiro puts up a boot to stop it.

Mysterio goes up, goes for the headscissor again, Snuka catches him, but Mysterio fights back, lands Snuka on the middle ropes. Mysterio tries for the 6-1-9, Snuka bails, Mysterio catches himself and converts into a seated senton splash on Snuka on the outside. Mysterio pops up and bumps into Cody Rhodes, who gets up and attacks Mysterio.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio, Jr. by DQ. Rhodes and Manu try for a 2-on-1, Snuka recovers and makes it at 3-on-1, but Mysterio gets to his feet and scrambles into the ring and out the other side, walking up the ramp. He doesn't see Mike Knox running down, however, Knox clotheslines him from the back, takes him out with a DDT. Knox hovers over his body as Snuka, Rhodes and Manu leaves. Commercial.

It's time for another D-Generation X ShopZone commercial! Shawn "You Sold Out! You Sold Out!" Michaels and "I Can't Take A Pinfall" Triple H this week pitch the D-X "Shock" hooded sweatshirt and t-shirts with the authentic WWE Apperal label, along with a Triple H "King of Kings" Bear. "I guess this is from your Conan the Bar-BEAR-ian connection," quips HBK. "And if that doesn't suit you, there's also the Shawn Michaels Village People bear!" retorts Triple H. "And if you look in the back you can even see the hair starting to fall out!" HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

This segues into Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talking about Shawn Michaels' announcement on last night's PPV that he is now working for John Layfield because he's broke and desperate.

Backstage Kane throws Kelly Kelly into a dark room and wants to know if she was trying to test him by saying, "Love is a wonderful thing." Kelly Kelly tries to explain that they were just presenting an award, nothing more. Kane gets in her face and wants to know if she's teasing him, because a lot of people have tried to hurt him in the past, and if that's the case now she just needs to leave. He opens the door for her, she stands up, but she doesn't leave. Kane slams the door and laughs after Kelly sits back down.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton, who calls Dave Batista a coward for not answering his reply from last week about a challenge. BOOM! Batista shows up, "You want an answer, I got your answer!" Orton slaps Batista in the face, knocks over Grisham and runs.

Batista stalks him backstage, they run out into the arena, Batista follows, and Cody Rhodes and Manu ambush Batista from the wings. A three-on-one quickly forms, Batista gets hemmed up, Orton starts to wail away. John Cena runs in from backstage and takes out Rhodes and Manu from behind, Orton scrambles back up to the top of the ramp, joined by Rhodes and Manu a few moments later after Cena finishes kicking their asses. "C'mon! C'mon! Let's go!" shouts Cena with a cock grin. Off to another break.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Chris Jericho

We come back from break and Jim Duggan is in the ring, ready to fight. Chris Jericho is introduced and Jericho comes out... not dressed to wrestle. Wearing the pinstripe powersuit and a sour look on his face. Jericho gets in the ring, gets face-to-face with Duggan. Lillian Garcia asks a few questions, Jericho snatches the mic from her. "You want to know what I'm doing, I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing," says Jericho. "I'm refusing to wrestle tonight. I am the 2008 Superstar of the Year, and I've been carrying this show single-handedly on my back for the last twelve months, and it's a slap in the face that I have to compete against somebody like YOU!" Duggan has the most confused look on his face.

"If Lebron James misses the game winning shot, does he get sent back to the end of the bench the next night? No. I am the best in the game, and I refuse to wrestle bottom-of-the-barrel like you, Jim. I will not step in this ring again to compete unless I'm in a championship match, a match worthy of my caliber, the Superstar of the Year!" Jericho drops the mic and steps out. The fans loudly and roundly piss on him as Jerich oforms a cocky sneer on his face and walks back up the ramp.

MEANWHILE... Kane is still interrogating Kelly Kelly backstage. "You DO want to get to know me better, don't you, Kelly?" "No" she says. "Why? Is there someone else? WHO IS IT? Who is it? Look, Kelly, you are going to tell me whether you want to or not!" Kelly is sniveling and shaking with fear. Off to another commercial, we come back with Kane saying to Kelly, "You did the right thing by telling me, Kelly Kelly. But now I have to go!" Kelly pleads, "Please! Don't hurt him!" "Like you said, Kelly... love is a beautiful thing!" Kane walks out of the room, Kelly breaks down in tears.

WWE Intercontinental Champion & 2008 "King of the Ring" William Regal & Layla London walk out and take a seat at the top of the stage for this next match.

WWE World Tag Team Championship: champions John Morrison & Mike "the Miz" Mizanin vs. CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

CM Punk, the new #1 Contender for William Regal's Intercontinental Championship comes out first, he looks over at Regal & London briefly before heading to the ring for his introduction. We see screencaps from last night's Intercontinental Championship tournament and lots of discussion about how Mysterio's nose was bloodied by the GTS, but not broken.

Kingston is introduced next, makes his in-ring intros. We then show photos from Saturday's house show match in Ontario where they lost the titles to Miz & Morrison. Speaking of which, they're introduced next, titles in one hand, and Slammys in the other. They take their sweet time taking to the ring.

While we're waiting for their intro we're told that John Cena & Dave Batista will face Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Manu in a three-on-two handicap match later tonight, and more discussion about what just happened between Kane and Kelly Kelly

We finally get a bell, Mizanin and Kingston lock up, Kingston with a side headlock, Mizanin tries to break out, is cut off, Mizanin shoves Kingston into the corner, doesn't make the clean break, uses a boot to the midsection and then applies his own side headlock. Kingston tries to power out of it, Mizanin grabs a handfull of dreads to cut him off, bounces off the ropes, Kingston leapfrogs it a couple of times, delivers a reverse elbow, cover, kickout at two.

Kingston applies an armbar, tags in Punk, Punk with a legdrop over the ropes onto Mizanin's arm, cover, two count. Punk shoots Mizainin off the ropes, reverse elbow, cover and a two count. Punk tags in Kingston, Kingston with a knee to the face of Mizanin leaping into the ring, followed by a clothesline, cover and a two count. Kingston with a wristlock, tags in Punk, Punk kicks Mizanin in the ribs, shoot him to the corner and charges.

Mizanin puts up a boot, Punk catches it, tries for a clothesline, Mizanin ducks it then slaps Punk in the face. "What boy? What?!" says Mizanin before he bails. Punk tries to follow up as they chase around the ring, Morrison catches Punk by the leg to stop him, Punk kicks him in the face and sends him reeling into the barrier. Mizanin tries to attack Punk from behind, but Kingston dropkicks Miz from behind and send him outside the ropes, Mizanin catches himself on the ropes. Kingston tries for a suicide dive, Mizanin drops off, Kingston catches himself, but Punk follows up, leaps over Kingston, and Kingston throws him on top of Miz & Morrison on the outside. Punk then leaps up onto the ring barrier and celebrates with the fans as we take a break.

Back to live TV, Morrison has a side headlock on Kingston, Kingston hits a jawjacker, both men make hot tags, Punk takes Mizanin to town, gets a pin attempt, whips Mizanin into the corner, charges, Mizanin lifts him over the rope, Punk catches himself, kicks Mizanin in the head, kicks Morrison in the head, but Mizanin drags Punk over the top rope into a slam, cover and a two count. Mizanin, takes the blind tag from Morrison, slingshots Punk face-first into Morrison's forearm, Morrison slingshots in with the elbow drop right into the sternum, cover and a two count.

Morrison grabs an arm and stomps Punk in the ribs several times, then wraps up Punk with a legscissor around Punk's ribs. Punk with a few reverse elbows right into the nose, but Morrison back up and punches him in the face, tags in Mizanin, sets up the Electric Chair, Mizanin goe sup, but PUnk leans over, kicks Morrison in the face, snatches up Mizanin and nails the Superplex!

Three men are down, Punk struggles to make the hot tag to Kingston, Morrison reaching over the ropes to tag in Mizanin, tries to cut off Punk but NO! Kingston with a forearm and then a cross body block into the ring, a big chop, dropkick, off the ropes, FLYING lariat with about 20 feet of vertical leap from Kingston, then off the ropes again for the big double legdrop, cover 1.. 2.. KICKOUT!

Morrison gets up, tries to punch Kingston, Kingston catches the leg, hits a WICKED variant on the Russian Legsweep! Mizanin tries to run in, hits Kingston from behind, Punk runs in and clotheslines Mizanin out of the ring, then follows up with a suicide dive. Kingston with a pin attempt on Morrison, kickout.

Morrison whips Kingston into the corner, charges, Kingston leapfrogs over him, but Morrison recovers and hits the Snapshot off the ropes, catches Kingston in the face, covers, 1... 2... Punk flies in and breaks it up! Mizanin follows in and attacks Punk from behind, they both brawl out of the ring again. Morrison snatches up Kingston and hits the Moonlight Drive corkscrew neckbreaker! 1-2-3 we're done!

WINNERS: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin. PYRO! before they even get a chance to celebrate, Kane stomps down to the ring and steps in the ring. He looks over at CM Punk, steps towards him... but then wheels around and snatches up Mizanin by the throat! Morrison tries to attack, but he eats a boot to the face! Punk & Kingston quickly bail out as Kane picks up Mizanin by the throat and chokeslams him. But NO! He's not done yet... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Kane leaves, Mike "the Miz" Mizanin is left laying in the middle of the ring.

I guess we know who Kelly Kelly loves. Huh, what a throwback angle. Interesting! Don't forget that this Saturday night NBC will broadcast the "Tribute to the Troops". FUCK that makes me sad, because I had grown use to that being the Christmas broadcast for WWE Raw.

John Layfield comes out and introduces us to the Titantron video from last night's PPV where Shawn Michaels announces that he is now compelled to work for John Layfield after falling on hard financial times in order to save his children's financial future as well as his own, refusing to become a has-been and depending on minimum wage jobs to just try to scrape by. We come back and Layfield is standing at the top of the ramp, smiling.

Backstage Mickie James and Candice Michelle find Kelly Kelly backstage and check on her, she says she's okay. Candice says, "You didn't tell us about the Miz!" and Kelly shoots back a puzzled look and says, "The Miz? Are you serious?!", rolls her eyes and brushes past them on her way out of the locker room.

Wow, did Kane just get played? Or is it Kane who is moving the pieces on the people chess board? Off to break!

The Subway "$5 Footlong" WWE Slam of the Week was Dolph Ziggler picking up his first WWE win (well, not really, it's Nick Nemeth, remember?) against R Truth.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Santa Claas (Charlie Haas)

Ziggler is in the ring when we come back from break, and he takes the mic from Lillian Garcia and introduces himself. Haas comes out, dressed as Santa Claus, and hands out presents to the kids before stepping in the ring, digs out one more present, shouts out a "HO HO HO! Merry Christmas" and hands a gift to Ziggler has he tries to introduce himself. Ziggler throws the present down and demands the referee ring the bell.

The fans chant "San-ta! San-ta! San-ta!" as Ziggler attacks, throws Haas in the corner and shouts, "I'm! Dolph! Ziggler!" Haas reverses it and says "I'm! Santa! Claas!" Haas whips Ziggler to the opposite corner, charges, Ziggler side steps it, lays in punches, and several elbow drops on Haas, including the one that you mistakenly hear Haas call out, "Big one! Give me a big one!". OOPS!

Ziggler covers, two count. Ziggler pulls up Haas, whips him off the ropes, Haas reverses and eats a clotheslines. "I'm Dolph Ziggler!" shouts Ziggler again as he kicks and chokes Haas with the boots. Haas clammers to a middle ropes, Ziggler wraps him up in the ropes and chokes him, referee breaks. "Let's go Santa!" shouts the crowd as Ziggler lays in a side headlock on the mat, cinching it in deep. Referee checks to ensure it isn't a choke. Haas struggles to sit up as Ziggler fights him, referee checks the hold for a choke again. Ziggler breaks and clubs Haas in the back, then shouts... y'know. tries for the big elbow drop, Haas rolls out of the way and Haas eats the mat.

Haas pulls the beard off, throws a trio of rights, does a shuffle and then a dropkick on Ziggler, then spears him in the corner. Haas whips him to the opposite corner, charges again, Ziggler sidesteps it, leaps at Haas from behind and nails a inverted side Russian legsweep, covers and gets the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler. After the match Ziggler strips the hat and wig off of Haas, then pulls off the Santa Claus body suit. Referee tries to step in and stop, but Ziggler stomps on Haas' chest before finally feeling satisfied and leaves the ring. Michael Cole then introduces us to a clip from Ken Kennedy's new movie, "Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia" along with interviews with Kennedy, the producer and cast members.

Backstage Cryme Tyme come up to Jim Duggan, who is sulking on a crate backstage. JTG pats Duggan on the back and says, "It's time. C'mon, it's time." Duggan stands up and walks away with them.

We cut away to Chris Jericho arguing with WWE Raw GM Stephanie McMahon, who is upset that Jericho refused to wrestle Duggan, and tells him that she expects him to do whatever she says. Jericho tries to change the subject by telling McMahon that Batista's rematch clause has expired and he has no claim to the title.

McMahon tells him that she is aware of that, and the future plans of the title include an elimination tournament with all former champions, four winners of which will face each other the week after in a fatal four way the next week on Raw, the winner of which will be the new #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the WWE No Way Out PPV in January.

Holy fuck, did Stephanie just pull out a Mike Adamle Original here? Christ, can we make this any more complicated?

Stephanie McMahon finishes her conversation by telling Jericho that if he has an issue with anything that she decrees that he needs to come talk to her FIRST before making a spectacle of it on television, and if he ever pulls that stunt again she'll make sure that he NEVER has a match on television again, much less a match "worthy of a Superstar of the Year."

OUCH. I think Stephanie just cut his balls off and stuffed them up her cunt! NEUTERED! Meanwhile we go backstage again where Cody Rhodes & Manu are aruging about how they didn't expect John Cena to show up and spoil their plans to take out Batista. Randy Orton comes up and tells them that if they don't finish the job in the ring tonight, everybody will be finished.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & "the Animal" Dave Batista vs. The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Manu)

Dave Batista's music plays first and he is introduced, we then cut away immediately for a commercial break, come back and replay the 3-on-1 attacks that prompted this match after Cena makes the save. Speaking of which... THE! CHAMP! IS! HERE! (God, that catchphrase will NEVER get old, EVER!). Fan holds up a sign that says, "JOHN CENA, Can I Have Your Shirt?" Guess what, that fan got it, Cena throws the shirt right at him! The Legacy show up next as a group, they slowly walks around the ring, Batista & Cena challenge them to step in the ring, referee has to back them up. They finally step up on the apron and slowly step into the ring. Orton whispers into Rhodes' ear and steps out, Rhodes whispers into Manu's ear and steps out.

Manu will start out with Batista, they lock up for a moment and break, lock up again, struggle, Batista backs Manu into the corner but Manu turns it right around, referee demands a clean break and grudglingly gets it. Lock up again, Manu with a knee to the midsection, right hand, headbutt, Batista reels into the ropes. Manu tries to whip him off, reverse and Batista with a clothesline, headbutts manu into the corner, punches to hte body, head, reverse elbow, tags in Cena. Cena with a dozen or so punches into the ribs, punch to the head, body slam, bounces off the ropes, elbow drop, cover, hooks the leg, two count.

Manu scrambles and tags in Cody Rhodes as Manu and Orton drop off the apron to talk. Cena grins as the fans chant his name, Rhodes looks around, then locks up. Rhodes with the side headlock in the middle of the ring, Cena shoves him off the ropes and Rhodes with a shoulder block, bounces off the ropes, Cena leapfrogs over then a side headlock takeover on Rhodes down to the mat. Orton shouts "Show him what you got!" to Rhodes. Rhodes backs Cena into the corner, boot to the midsection, whips him out, Cena reverses, catches Rhodes with a boot to the midsection out of the buckle, fisherman's suplex into a cover, two count.

Cena pulls Rhodes up, take him to his corner, tags in Batista, Batista lays in some boots and punches, whips Rhodes off the ropes and nails him with a nice shoulder tackle. Batista sets up Rhodes with a delayed vertical suplex, drops the kid on his head, cover and a two count as Rhodes barely kicks out. Batista pulls Rhodes up, headbutts him in his corner, turns him around, tags in Cena, Cena with punches to the ribs, headbutts Rhodes into the corner, whips him oto the opposite one and catches him out of the corner with the running bulldog off the ropes, cover and a two count.

Cena with an armbar on Rhodes, tags in Batista, Batista naisl the arm, armbar, throws in a few shoulder blocks to Rhodes' shoulder, whips him into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Batista whips him to the opposite corner, charges, Rhodes gets an elbow up, climbs up and nails a double axehandle smash from the middle turnbuckle, lays in some stomps and Rhodes tags in Randy Orton.

Orton sneers at Batista, who leaps up off the mat and nails him with a clothesline, whips Orton into a corner, follows up with a clothesline, pulls him out, snap mare takeover, bounces off the ropes and kicks Orton square in the face. Batista whips Orton into the corner again, charges, Orton sidesteps it, hits Batista from behind with a big forearm, then lays in some stomps as we fade out to a commercial.

Orton is choking Batista in his corner when we come back, tags in Manu, stomps on Batista, tags in Orton who stomps on him, tags in Manu who stomps on him some more. Batista gets to his feet and fires off rights on everybody, Orton and Rhodes knocked off the apron, Manu catches Batista with a clothesline from behind, cover and a two count. Manu tags in Orton, holds Batistta down as Orton goes back to the Orton Stomp. Orton finishes up with a high kneedrop to the face, covers, hooks the leg, two count.

Orton tags in manu and hems up Batista, Manu kicks Batista in the chest. Manu lays in more stomps of his onw, headbutts Batista in the back of the head, pulls him up and hits a chop to the throat, cover, hooks the leg, two count. Manu pulls Batista up again, tags in Rhodes, holds him up and Rhodes with a punch to the ribs, punch to the head, rakes the head with his keneepad, tags in Orton. Orton with a kick to the small of the back then cinches in a side headlock.

Batista gets to his feet, belly-to-back suplex to break it, Orton scrambles off to make the hot tag to Manu, Batista makes it to Cena, a pair of flying shoulder blocks on Manu, side slam on Manu and Cena goes off! Orton drops off the apron as Cena stares at Rhodes, holds up his hand YOU CANT SEE ME! Bounces off the ropes FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!

Cena puts Manu on his shoulders for the F-U, Orton distracts the refereeto allow Rhodes to kicks Cena in the back to break it up. Manu tags in Rhodes who pummels Cena, lays in punches, and then tags in Orton. Orton stalks around the ring, waits for Cena to get to his feet, Orton with a nice European uppercut, a punch to the head, stomp in the chest, kicks to the back, cover, hooks the leg, 1... 2... kickout. Orton slides out of the ring, grabs Cena's arm, Cena uses his foot to try to block it but Orton pulls him out, hangs his head over the apron, European uppercut.

Orton slides back in the ring, Cena pulls himself up on the apron by the ropes. Orton approaches, grabs Cena with a front facelock and snaps off that nasty hanging DDT, Cena looks to be out cold! Orton covers, 1... Batista in to break it up! Referee pushes him back out of the ring, Orton tags in Manu, Manu with a stomp, a headbutt, whips cena to the corner, charges and nails the big splash, followed by a clothesline to the back of Cena's head, Manu with a splash on Cena's back, rolls him over, cover a nd Cena kicks out.

Manu tags in Rhodes, Rhodes flies in off the top turnbuckle with a double axehandle smash to the ribs, but Cena fires back with rights, whip Rhodes into the corner, charges, Rhode sidesteps it and Cena eats the buckle. Rhodes with the moonsault off the top turnbuckle, covers, two count as Cena barely kicks out.

Cena tries for the tag, Rhodes cuts him off, mounts him for some ground 'n pound. Cena eats a punch between the eys, but fires back on his own, tries for a second, Rhodes ducks it and nails Cena with a side Russian legsweep, measure out a kneedrop to the head, covers, hooks the leg, Cena barely escapes again.

Rhodes applies a front facelock, trie to set up for a suplex, Cena rolls up for a small package, two count, and Rhodes with a short-arm clothesline on Cena to cut him off. Rhodes tries for the kneedrop again, Cena rolls out of the way and tags in Batista who levels Rhodes with a pair of clotheslines and a body slam, covers and then breaks the pin as Manu charges itno the ring, Manu eats a clothesline, runs over and knocks Orton off the apron, turns around and nails Rhodes with the spinebuster! Rhodes is set up for the Batista Bomb, but Randy Orton gets in the ring, throws Manu head-first into Batista's back, then runs over and punches Cena in the face, knocking him off the apron.

Orton orders Rhodes & Manu to go out of the ring and attack Cena, then lines up to try to kick Batista's head off of his shoulders. The referee tries to step in the way and stop him, but Orton shoves him aside. The referee's had enough and calls for the bell.

WINNERS: John Cena & Dave Batista by DQ. Orton lines up, runs and kicks Batista right in the temple, laying him out cold. Cena breaks up the two-on-one attack on the outside, rushes in and covers up Batista to protect him. Referee finally gets some control and orders The Legacy out of the ring. They step out of the ring and go back up the ramp, celebrating as we end the night.

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jaimboy2006 said...

why arent you guys reviewing raw anymore?

TimTS said...

Man I really hope won't be doing this article forever. I could read this or i could read Controversy Creates Cash, both are about the same length... I watch Raw every Monday and I love coming here because I love to read the opinions of all your great reviewers. These people however, are nothing more than rehashers of the script that Raw had for the night. Please try and get someone in here who has some opinions or insight into what happens on Raw or else there's no point for me to even check it out anymore. Thanks!

Bukkake Devil said...

jaimboy2006 and TimTS
You two little bitches...ever thought that Tha O Show staff might be too busy? They were nice enough to provide some type of content. Anybody that feels they can contribute a rundown of Raw week-to-week. I am sure they would be happy to offer it up.

Now I wonder which of you even bother to provide any thought to the matches, angles or even the damn commercials. (By the way, where I am at they had a lovely one about sexual performance products you two might want to look into.)

Kelly Kelly & Melina vs. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall
This match setup a new angle while keeping a current angle fresh, thanks to Santino.

Rey Mysterio vs. Deuce
It is nice to see them working the Legacy angle, even with an audition of sorts for Deuce. Kinda think they dropped the ball, as I don't recall them mentioning Rey's legacy, with his uncle being Rey Mysterio. Would have been nice for them to ponder if the audition was for Rey or for Deuce.

Duggan vs Jericho
Interesting, showing Jericho as a dick while making an angle for Duggan and Cryme Tyme.

What I would like to see:
The Kane angle be a reason for CM Punk not to win the IC Belt. 1)Kelly had a crush on Punk in ECW, and 2)Every king needs a dark knight to do their dirty work.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why anyone would want Casur back doing these reports. His opinions change week to week, and when he tries to be funny, he's about as successful as John Cena. I was sick of him, and not having a report that smacks of the author trying to get himself over is a breath of fresh air.

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o, you can find better writers than that mark of a wannabe worker. In my opinion, you should fire that clueless idiot.

Dan-e-o said...


Yes...we are still reviewing "Raw", but like Bukkake Devil mentioned, we have been swamped lately with trying to prepare for the OBLIVION! event and CD release party.


I agree that Tha O Show's opinion-driven articles are what help make our site...however, when we are unable to cover the show, our affiliates can always be depended on to cover the show in their own way.

I'd rather have content - lengthy as it may be - than none it all.

Last anonymous poster,

Are you the same punk who has nothing better to do than bash one of our writers while offering nothing yourself? At least Bukkake Devil did his part in actually expressing an opinion worth reading. Stop being such a prick.

Anonymous said...

u got nothin beta to do than dis casur u loser,

anywho i was pretty impressed with raw this week, best ive seen for a while, not sayin much i no but this legacy storyline was great which we knew it wud be, orton is looking unstopabble, dolph ziggler is lookin great, mnm v coffee n punk was a gd tag team match, best weve had for a while on raw i think,deuce looked a lot beta, not many negatives for a change, hoorah,

ow yer santa claas was gold again

Anonymous said...

i no its the raw review, but just watched ecw, does jack swagger remind anyone of biff of back to the future?

Anonymous said...

i dunno why you guys think the idea of havin this lame ass from angry marks aor whatever review the show. its toooo fuckin loooooooong, i aint readin that shit, and i doubt anyone else is. all they doin is tellin u word for word for fuckin WORD what happened on the show. WHY? when the REAL Oshow guys do it, they actually TALK bout other things going on in WWE, in the show, and everything else.

this word for word for fuckin word bullshit needs to stop ASAP, its horrible, i dont wanna watch the sohw and re-read EVERYTHING in detail what i jus saw???...this sihit is as long as a the damn "great gatsby". pssshhhh

TimTS said...


Not sure how it makes me a bitch because I enjoy coming to this site for the reviews of the people who actually work for the site, not from a site that I never go to. You're entitled to your opinion of course, but it doesn't make me a bitch because I expressed mine. We can just agree to disagree on our points. And if all you want from me is to express my opinions on Raw every week, I'd be happy to. I just figured I'd leave that up to the people who run this site. If this coming Monday has another review from angrymarks, I'll go ahead and do that for you because I'm sure you care just that much on what I thought about Raw.