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OBLIVION! Tha CD Release Party!

DATE: Friday January 9th 2009
TIME: Doors open at 8PM
PLACE: The Factory, 34 Futurity Gate - Dufferin and Steeles in Vaughan
COST: Tickets are $15, food and drink extra (ID Required for purchase of alcohol) - OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album just 10 bucks! Tickets available on ThaOShow.Com, through GCW and at Yonge Street Tattoos (602 Yonge Street, Toronto).

Tha O Show is preparing to release it's first album under Tha O Show Music label. To mark this huge occassion, we have joined forces with Great Canadian Wrestling and Ontario Indy Wrestling to bring forth an awesome event!

Imagine, an intimate venue, with kick ass musicians, performing live, custom entrance music for some of the top names in Indy Wrestling today! Most of the big tracks on OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album will be performed live, and you'll have the chance to be one of the first to own a copy of the first Indy Wrestling Music Album of all time.

Here is the card:

One Last Wylde Ride!
Dangerboy finally gets to retire in the match he wanted, with the opponent he wanted...
"Textbook" Tyson Dux VS. "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde

Bill and Tid's Excellent Hardcore Adventures Continue...
Notorious T.I.D. VS. Bloody Bill Skullion

Tag Team Action
The Flatliners (Asylum & Burns) VS. Club Sexxx (HHV & Sebastian Suave w/ Persephone Vice)

Battle of O Show Co-Hosts
"Secta de Uno" Rico Montana VS. "The Destroyer" Hayden Avery

Battle of Ontario's Top Women
"Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake VS. Miss Danyah


"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala VS "Wrestling Personified" Eddie Osbourne

All that plus.....

The 2008 Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards Presentations!
Who was the top wrestler, who had the top match and who was the most hated in 2008? Find out on January 9th!

PLUS! The official release of Derek Wylde's best of DVD

AND... LIVE musical performances by:

Secret Suburbia
• Summer Brockwell
• Tika Simone
• Lyrical Chemist
• Kamala!!
• And MORE!

This is event IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Purchase your tickets now by clicking the BUY NOW button in the sidebar!

For more information, email

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mkf said...


randy coat tour said...

why friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god damn it...i wish it was saturaday man....i got to work man...ah well...ddamn this shit sucks....

Dan-e-o said...

Dude, it's a month away, change your shift!!

KNEE GAY said...


Anonymous said...

Sweet poster!!!

Anonymous said...

dan-e-o needs a new photo, how many times have i seen that shit?

pickel barrel manager said...

it suits his heel gimmick....

hey don would you get legit heated if i bring a donny loves cock sign?

its all in fun man...would you mind?

Anonymous said...

gotta say the show looks like its gonna be awesome havent been around for a while good to see people working together now a days

Ricky Stardust said...

Both TID and Skullion have put me through hell in both my personal life and my professional life.

I may just forget how to count to three boys so you best be prepared to kill each other.

Have a good Christmas....I know I got my Christmas wish

BigDaddy said...

An addition to one of the matches has JUST BEEN MADE!

Notorious T.I.D. VS Bloody Bill Skullion will now take place inside an freakin' STEEL CAGE!

Neil said...

Are you shittin' me...someone is going to die in that match...guaranteed someone gets knocked the fuck out SHOOOOOOOT...