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HGC 13: BEHOLD The Handsome Genius Club!

Triskaidekaphobics can relax! There's nothing to fear from the 13th episode of the global interweb phenomenon that is The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show. Only pop culture goodness and a lot of enjoyable conversation from your host ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES and crew. GEORGE ZOTTI, manager of the Silver Snail Comic Shoppe in Toronto, joins the program to reccommend a few titles you should be reading and to discuss the fallout from DC Comics' Final Crisis and Marvel's Secret Invasion cross-over events.

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Plus there's "Nerd News", NOAH PANICO's weekly movie review, TJ has news for YOSHI fans, Tha O Show's DAN-E-O sends a text message plus discussions on dating (Yay!), parental mortality (Boo!), what it's like to wake up and find Kingdom asleep on your couch and a whole heck of a lot more!

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