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Friday Night Fallout: Caged Heat

Cage matches, odd tag teams and gauntlet matches, return matches, all kinds of things that give "SmackDown" the ability to give Tha A Show a run for its money. At least for this week. I know the comments lately have suggested that TNA is one of the better shows on television right now, and last week was it's highest rated show in history, but TNA is just as streaky as the ever changing face-paint of Jeff Hardy.

The return of Sugar Shane Gregory Hurricane Helms, with the sick new tat, and the hair back. Almost makes you think Shannon Moore is coming back and we're one Evan Karagias away from a 3-Count reunion. Wow arguing over the Panthers/Bucs Monday Night game and a 3-Count reference. What's happening here?

The WWE Champ did get to start out the night, but then again he did defeat Kung Fu Naki. That should never happen. Kung Fu Naki is such a money guy and a money gimmick I just don't understand why he isn't already the WWE Champion. I mean this guy should have an undefeated streak that would make Goldberg jealous. Seriously. Kung Fu Naki? Come on now.

The Jeff Hardy Triple H tag team rehash for the ninth time was disappointing but if you really want to know what made me happy about it other than the scuffle between the two think of what they didn't walk away with. Gold. No make-shift tag team ever needs to hold the WWE or World Tag Team Championships. There was also the fact that MnM got yet another victory.

Anytime Morrison picks up a victory and it's not a bad thing. A well placed cheap win over a big time opponent or opponents can do wonders to draw extra heat for a team that is already great at getting heat can do nothing more help. Miz and Morrison can do wonders and maybe they are to the point where they don't need tag straps but it would be nice. I really can't remember who has them right now. Primo and Carlito is it?

Hurricane Helms is back and better than ever. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. The new tat is nice, the new old-school long hair is great. His match against MVP wasn't bad at all for a return match and seeing him pick up a victory either shows that MVP is really going down hill or that Helms is going to pick his push back up. He's top-tier and if given the ball he can run with it. He can be a combination of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart.

It appears that ECW Matt Hardy didn't find a #1 contender this past Tuesday after all. It seems that Vladimir Kozlov and Matt Hardy are heading for a show down down the road. It could be interesting, their match last week was pretty good and given the time to build the match could be outstanding and their would be a payoff to the feud either way it went.

The main event of the evening and the one thing that has been advertised on TV more than almost anything the WWE has advertised lately. That would be the 16 or so feet of steel that surrounds the ring, where two superstars do the promos for cage matches are that bad. I just wanted to type one out and see how it was. Yeah, they're bad. Just call it a cage match.

In what I would describe as a pretty good cage match between two top competitors I guess it wasn't what I expected. I thought maybe something bigger would happen, like somebody go through the ring, or something, but wait the E blew that load not too long ago, and then booked Taker in his third cage match in the last year and a half. Why is that? I don't know either.

Quick results...
*Edge def. Kung Fu Naki
*Maria def. Michelle McCool
*Hurricane Helms def. MVP
*Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. Hawkins & Ryder
*MnM def. Jeff Hardy & Triple H
*Matt Hardy vs. Chavo (no contest)
*Undertaker def. Big Show

6 comments: on "Friday Night Fallout: Caged Heat"

Dan said...

They never said it was a #1 Contender's match on ECW. They ASKED for one and Teddy Long said that they weren't getting one, but they will wrestle each other. It was never officially made a #1 Contender's match,

pyro said...

That was made clear in the ECW article, with the mention of hoping it would actually be the #1 contender. Which I totally agreed with.

Good article nice recap. Though I thought the Taker/Show match was a little better than I gave you credit for, and I don't mind Taker being overbooked in gimmick matches because he can pull it off easily. Taker himself is a novelty so why not?

Downtown said...

SmackDown is still my favorite 2 hour wrestling show, especially when I can skip through the garbage.

For the one comment on TNA. Ever promo thursday was cheesy and too "pep-rally"ish and tokk up the majority of the show. The matches were rather physical and entertaining though.

John Fox said...

Arguing? There's no arguing. As long as I'm the coach, I'll lead my team to greatness!

D.J.B. said...

Greatness? Good lord this has been going on since 2002 and with two whole winning seasons and this year being the third I wouldn't go as far as to say greatness. Fox and Marty Hurney suck codpieces. Lots and lots, they love cock on the same level as Vince McMahon. Anyone here knows that I'll never support John Fox.

Warrick Dunn said...

You can't see me, our time is now.