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UFC 91 Recap

This very detailed review was posted live as it happened on Enjoy!

The show starts NOW! The fight music is on and the warriors are making their way to combat. KenFlo says he's going to destroy Joe Daddy. Joe says he isn't an underdog. Florian says he'll make a statement with this fight. Joe says beating KenFlo puts him closer to the belt. Couture says the Octagon will feel like him. Lesnar says he's taking HIS belt back to Minneapolis.

Couture says he can't be broken. Lesnar says he's coming to win. Couture says people are counting him out and he gets a chance to prove everyone wrong tonight. Here we go! Gonzaga v. Hendricks. Stevenson v. Florian. Lesnar v. Couture. "FACE THE PAIN. RIP HIM INTO PIECES." It's all on UFC 91 tonight!

Mike Goldberg welcomes us to another UFC PPV. He describes Randy Couture as beloved, a Hall of Famer, 45 years old, and stepping up to a colossal challenge in Brock Lesnar. Rogan: "Randy is back and taking on the freakiest guy to ever enter the Octagon - a gigantic super-athlete. But if anybody can beat him it's that man right there, Captain America. He'll need his best against this beast, a 275 pound man with gigantic lunchbox hands."

Text 1 for Couture or 2 for Lesnar to 88222 to predict who YOU think will win! Rogan and Goldberg move to a preview of Florian v. Stevenson and note that the winner is slated to receive a title shot. Goldberg describes tonight as "a magical night" and I couldn't agree more. Next they preview Gabriel Gonzaga v. two-time All American (no not Jack Swagger) Josh Hendricks. Goldberg reads us the rules of the Octagon and it's time to get it on with our first fight!

Nate Quarry v. Demian Maia

Maia comes out to a Jay-Z and Linkin Park mash-up. You can see Wanderlei Silva lingering in the background, which Mike Goldberg is quick to point out. Quarry comes out to the Pete Rock remix of Public Enemy's "Shut 'Em Down." Now who the hell tried to tell me that UFC fighters and UFC fans don't like hip-hop? Whoever said that stupid shit can bite me, hard. The tale of the tape is virtually identical. Time to go to Bruce Buffer! Maia is 9-0, six foot tall, 185 and fighting out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Quarry is sixteen and two, six foot even, 185 and fighting out of Gresham, Oregon. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean!

Quarry and Maia go to the ground early and Maia is trying to pull guard. Maia switches and gets on top about 30 seconds in, seemingly in complete control as he gets the mount. Quarry gives up his back, Maia gets a body triangle, and Maia is completely in control to make sure Quarry can't escape and get to guard. 90 seconds gone by. Maia is slowly sinking a choke in under his chin and Quarry is scrambling to survive. MAIA HAS IT AND IT'S ALL OVER WITH 2:48 LEFT. We'll have the official result momentarily as UFC shows us a replay of the choke by the now 10-0 Maia.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DEAN STOPS THIS AT 2:13 OF THE VERY FIRST ROUND FOR THE WINNER VIA TAPOUT DUE TO A REAR NAKED CHOKE: DEMIAN MAIA! Rogan is with the winner. "I just come here to fight. Stand up, ground, it doesn't matter. I come to show them all things. It's up to Joe Silva and all the guys, there is many tough guys I can fight. Maybe Michael Bisping is a good fight for me." Rogan congratulates him on the victory. We get a preview for UFC Ultimate 2008 and shots of Lesnar and Couture chilling in their respective lockerrooms.

Gabriel Gonzaga v. Josh Hendricks

Hendricks says a victory will propel him to the top. Gonzaga says that Hendricks is the next in line for him to step in and win against. Hendricks, the Dennison, Ohio native is the first to come out to the Octagon. Gonzaga gets a lot of pops from the fans on the walkway as he slowly makes his way to the cage, singer screaming "MOMMMAHHH" in the background. Goldberg notes that Gonzaga broke Couture's arm at UFC 74 before eventually being beaten in round three. Hendricks is 18-4, 1 NC, six foot two, 238, fighting from Wadsworth. In the red corner Gonzaga is 9-3, six foot two, two-fifty-six fighting out of Ludlow by way of Rio De Janeiro, nicknamed 'Napao.' Our referee in charge is Steve Mazzagatti. Here we go!

A lot of dirty boxing and clinching in the first 30 seconds. Rogan and Goldberg both note that Mazzagatti has no mustache and that you can hear the power of Gonzaga's punches. SPEAKING OF WHICH GONZAGA ROCKS HENDRICKS AT 0:58. Mazzagatti lets it go for one more punch and stops the fight. IT IS ALL OVER~! We see a replay of the right hand of death. Gonzaga was actually looking at Mazzagatti waiting for him to stop the fight, and threw one more punch for good measure.

1:01 OF THE VERY FIRST ROUND FOR THE WINNER BY TKO: GABRIEL 'NAPAO' GONZAGA! Gonzaga says he wants a title shot and hopes he's moved one step closer to getting back in contention. "Brock Lesnar is young blood, maybe he can do it, but I choose Randy." Rogan thanks him and the crowd respectfully pops for The Brazilian Knockout Kid. GSP is in the crowd watching. Goldberg promotes the Intrepid Fallen heroes Fund and the Ultimate Fighter Finale on December 13th, as well as UFC Ultimate 2008 on December 27th. In fact they promote every show all the way through UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2 in an effort to kill more time. This makes me suspect most of the prelim fights went the distance and they're trying not to bonus one unless they absolutely have to. Oh wait - maybe we are going to get a bonus!

Matt Brown v. Ryan Thomas

We get no introductions from Buffer and go immediately to the action. Brown is in the black trunks, Thomas is in the white. Brown fights off a takedown but on a second try Thomas gets on top and takes side control. About one minute in the two get back to their feet but Thomas gets the action back down at 80 seconds. Brown keeps using the cage to push off and scramble back to his feet, but Thomas maintains body control and stomps on the feet of Brown two minutes in.

Thomas takes him down again near the middle of the ring just before the halfway point. Brown traps him in an armbar and Rogan thinks it's a good transition, and he has his legs locked around Thomas' head. Thomas slips out but Brown tries to keep control of the arm. We get to 1:20 left with Thomas trying to come over the top with a superman punch. Brown reverses and Thomas has to pull full guard. They get up at 30seconds and when Thomas tries to take guard Brown grabs a guillotine. Thomas pops out though and stays on top landing punishment as the round ends.

Thomas tries to shoot at the start of round two and Brown easily avoids it. Thomas goes for the takedown and gets it, but Brown is going for the armbar. Thomas tries to pick him up and slam him down to get out of it, but Rogan notes he's only making it worse. He's right. IT IS ALL OVER. Thomas taps at 58 seconds of the second round. We'll have the official result momentarily. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN REFEREE HERB DEAN STOPS THE CONTEST AT 57 SECONDS OF R2 FOR THE WINNER VIA TAPOUT DUE TO ARMBAR: MATT 'THE IMMORTAL' BROWN.

Brown is with Rogan: "I'm so excited bro. I took this on two weeks notice, dropped 25pounds to be here, thanks to UFC for giving me the chance. The slam just makes it worse on him. Maybe I'll land on my head but it's better for me than it is for him." Rogan agrees and offers congrats. We go to an Ultimate Fighter promo.

Tamdem 'The Barn Cat' McCrory v. Dustin Hazelett

McCrory is the first to come out and he's rocking some death metal worthy of Jerry Lynn. Hazelett comes out to "Bad Moon Rising." I shit you not. His beard would make Evan Tanner very proud. Rogan can't help but compliment him on it, and then puts over how technical his game is and how great his armbar victory over Josh Burkman was. Hazelett stops for a minute to meditate and then bow to the crowd before stepping into the cage.

The tale of the tape is almost identical before we go to Bruce Buffer. He introduced 3 rounds in the welterweight div, and in the blue corner McCrory is 11-1, six foot 4, 170 pounds and fighting out of Cortland, new York. In the red corner Hazelett is 13-4, six foot one, 170 pounds and fighting out of Cincy. Our referee in charge is Mr. Mazzagatti.

Here we go! McCrory tries to come with a flurry of punches early, then nearly slips and gets caught by Hazelett. Both men settle down as we near the first minute mark. Hazelett is not being as aggressive as the Barn Cat, preferring to defend more than strike, but that can change at any moment. 90 seconds gone. Barn Cat chases with a flurry at 3:15 to go and follows up with a stiff leg kick.

Hazelett and McCrory go to the round with 2:15 left and Hazelett toruqes up the body, Barn Cat tries to roll through, Hazelett wants to sink in the omoplata badly. It's a battle in the rubber guard, McCrory's arm is trapped, but he rolls to stay safe. 1:15 to go in the round. IT IS ALL OVER. Hazelett finally gets the submission! McCrory acknowledges the victory and gives him a hug. We'll have the official result momentarily.

Bruce Buffer: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN REFEREE STEVE MAZZAGATTI CALLS A STOP TO THIS CONTEST AT 3:59 SECONDS OF THE FIRST ROUND FOR THE WINNER BY TAPOUT DUE TO AN ARMBAR: DUSTIN HAZELETT! We're having so much fun discussing the fight I can't hear anything that Rogan says to Hazelett or vice versa, before he thanks Jorge Gurgel for jiu-jitsu training and all of his other partners. We're four fights deep only an hour in. This shit is going fast! Anderson Silva gets a nice pop from the crowd when he's shown on camera.

Jeremy Stephens v. Rafael Dos Anjos

Another prelim fight since it starts right away with no introduction by Bruce Buffer. Almost nothing happens for the first two minutes of the round until there's a big slam and Stephens covers up to avoid punishment. Stephens tries to gets his back against the cage to get up, he's trying to move from half guard to full guard, but Dos Anjos passes and moves from side control to North-South. It wasn't working so Dos Anjos moves back to side, then back to North-South, he can't just make up his mind where to be. Another omoplata attempt. Stephens is in trouble. There's ten seconds left and Stephens shoulder is bent backwards. The round ends without Stephens tapping but he was definitely in trouble.

We're back for R2 with Stephens in the red trunks and DA in the black. Stephens is starting to land with heavy rights and knees, often faking the right to set up the knee shot. DA responds with an inside leg kick. DA takes Stephens down and transitions to the back at 2:50 to go. Stephens seems to only be trying to defend, and DA seems to be anaconda'ing the body to hopefully sink in a rear naked choke or trap an arm. Stephens tries to roll through and get on top but Rogan notes that's where DA could get an armbar. Nothing doing, Stephens escapes. Stephens is on top landing big elbows. 30 seconds to go through and it looks like we're going to R3! I'd split the round so far, first to DA and second to Stephens.

Here we go for R3! "Bring it on, c'mon." Stephens and his Thug Life tattoo are in pursuit of DA, throwing leg kicks and trying to come in with a right. THE UPPERCUT LANDS AND IT IS ALL OVER!! He was so excited about the KO he ran head first into the cage! As the Voice of AMP Krunch just said, "GUARD?! WHAT GUARD!!!"

Here's Bruce Buffer! MAZZAGATTI STOPS THIS AT 39 SECONDS OF R3 FOR THE WINNER BY KNOCKOUT: JEREMY STEPHENS! Stephens says the omoplata was tight but he's tough and has a lot of heart and knew he could survive. "I got a baby on the way, that's for my girlfriend Cindy right there, thank you guys so much I do it for you." Rogan offers congratulations and Goldberg notes they're expecting in May. Apparently Stephens' nickname is "Little heathen." We see Wanderlei Silva in the crowd afterwards. Couture is warming up backstage as is Lesnar, and both men are sponsored by Gears of War 2. Rogan goes to 50 Cent in the crowd and he plugs his new album "Before I Self Destruct." 50 says he's betting on Brock.

Joe 'Joe Daddy' Stevenson v. Kenny 'KenFlo' Florian

Speaking of 50 Cent, Joe Daddy chooses to come out to 50's "Wanksta." Haven't heard that song in a minute or two. I could be mistaken but it sounds like Florian is coming out to Esoteric. That makes sense given both are from Boston. Florian gets greased up, hugs it out with his entire entourage, and prays before stepping inside the cage. One of these men is on their way to a title fight against BJ Penn after tonight! Buffer introduces the co-main, all of the sponsors, and of course Gears of War 2. First in the blue corner is Joe Daddy in the white trunks, 34-8, 5'7", a pound over 155 and hailing from Victorville, CA. In the red corner is KenFlo, with a record of 12-3, weight the same, standing 5'10" and hailing from Boston. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean.

Florian isn't afraid to trade with Joe Daddy in the first 30 seconds. Joe Daddy is coming ahead with strikes and pushing Florian into the cage wall. Florian tries to sprawl, gets taken downa nd pops right back up immediately. Both men are standing 90 seconds in and Joe Daddy has KenFlo pressed up against the cage. He tries to pick him up for a big slam but Florian blocks effectively. 2:40 to go and they're both dancing around on the feet again. Joe keeps coming forward. Florian responds with a big head kick. Florian moves to a full mount with 90 seconds left and starts pouring on punishment, Joe Daddy rolls to escape, Florian takes his back! Deep choke, tap out, IT IS ALL OVER!!! We'll have the official result momentarily.


Yes Buffer actually said Yves Lavigne even though Dean was the ref in charge. Florian: "This is exactly what I wanted, to come out here and make a statement. I WANT BJ'S BELT! I'm here to test myself, you're a great fighter, you're a jiu-jitsu master and it's time to kill the master." Rogan praises him on the ground game. "I don't really care I'm working hard every single day. While everyone criticizes I train, that's all I do, that's my life."

Rogan puts him over again and Florian invites everybody to his afterparty before thanking all of his sponsors. We get a shot of BJ Penn and Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton in the crowd afterwards. We've got a shitload of time to kill before the top of the hour so UFC is doing fill with statistics, predictions and video packages for Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture... or maybe not that much fill. This fight may go on before we get to midnight EST because Lesnar is coming out NOW.

Randy Couture {C} v. Brock Lesnar (UFC Heavyweight Championship)

Lesnar arrives to the strains of "Enter Sandman." Couture comes out to Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle Again." The most telling fact on the tale of the tape is that Lesnar has a six inch reach advantage, 81" to 75". Bruce Buffer makes the introductions at 11:53 PM EST. He's got to mention all of the judges, doctors, NSAC officials, and the referee in charge - Mario Yamaski. Bud Light and Harley Davidson get a shoutout too. IT'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TIIIIIIIIIIME~! Five rounds for the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world.

In the blue corner, 2-1, six foot three, two-sixty-five, fighting out of Minneapolis, the challenger Brock Lesnar! In the red corner is the champion, sixteen and eight, six foot two, 220 pounds, fighting out of Las Vegas, five time champion in two different weight classes, the former Light Heavyweight champion and reigning and defending heavyweight champion. legendary Hall of Famer of UFC Randy 'The Natural' Couture!!!! Again Mario Yamasaki is our ref in charge, who gives pre-fight instructions ending with "Touch gloves, let's do this." Here we go! "Let's go, c'mon!"

Randy presses Brock up against the cage to start. Lesnar responds with a knee. Couture is pressing up against him and the crowd erupts with a LOUD Ran-dy, Ran-dy chant. Lesnar finally pushes Couture away and gets HIM up against the cage. Couture keeps an underhook on the left side, stays calm, then fires a right hand at Lesnar when the two break apart. Lesnar is trying to be cautious on the standup, drops levels for a double leg takedown, but Couture is staying well balanced on one foot as we hit the two minute mark and not going down.

Brock finally gets it and winds up in half guard. Couture escapes and takes Brock's leg, briefly gets a takedown, Brock stands up and comes back down on top of him again in half-guard as we come up on three minutes. Lesnar is trying to move up and rain down punches. Couture grabs a wrist. Lesnar stays on his back even as Couture looks to improve position. They both get back to their feet with 50 seconds left. Lesnar tries to fire a body shot as Couture leans him up against the cage. Lesnar briefly has a hand on the fence before Couture nearly picks him up for a takedown. Yamasaki warns him about grabbing it right before time expires! Great first round.

"You ready.. you ready.. let's go c'mon!" Lesnar tries to come in with a jab and then hits Couture with an elbow that wobbles him a bit. Couture presses him up against the cage and Rogan says that will give him time to recover. Even on the fence Lesnar keeps trying to fire a knee. Rogan notes that Couture is famed for pushing his opponents up against the cage to control them and wear them down. Lesnar fires a big knee and Couture fires a big punch in return, and the two move apart and go back to the stand up. Brock mave have a cut under his right eye. 90 seconds gone. Stand-up war and the two keep clashing and connecting.

It's above Lesnar's right eye and he keeps wiping at it. Couture pushes him back up to the fence as we near two minutes of R2. Lesnar finally breaks free and fires a knee. LESNAR ROCKS HIM WITH A SHOT. COUTURE GOES DOWN! LESNAR STARTS HAMMERING HIM. COUTURE CAN'T DEFEND. YAMASAKI HAS TO STOP IT! I AM A GENIUS! I CALLED A SECOND ROUND TKO! We see a replay of the shot connecting with Couture's temple and crumbling him, followed by as Rogan puts it "the hammerfists from hell." Couture finally stands up to thunderous applause. Lesnar comes over to give him a hug. We'll have the official results shortly.

YAMASAKI STOPS THIS FIGHT AT 3:07 OF R2 FOR THE WINNER AND NEW UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD: BROCK LESNAR! Lesnar is with Joe Rogan. He wants to know how Brock feels. "It sounds really good, I can't believe it! I want to thank Dana, the UFC, and I want to thank this guy Randy Couture. He was man enough to take a year off and come back to fight a young buck like me. I have the utmost respect for Randy Couture. I believe in hard work, and it pays off, honest to God. I may come across as a cocky SOB, but I'm confident, that's what the Lord gave me. He gave me a strong body and a strong mind." Rogan congratulates him again as we see a replay of the fnish.

Couture: "Those are some big ass hamhocks coming at you. It's hard to get out of the way of those! I want to thank all of Las Vegas for coming out here, you guys are awesome. I have a great team, all of the big guys especially, I felt comfortable with the size difference but that's a big summa'bich that's all there is to it." Rogan wants to know what's next. "I still feel like I'm getting better. This wasn't my best, I made some mistakes and got caught, but we'll see what happens. The way we train is so close to real competition, I don't think rust was an issue. He's just a big guy who caught me with a big shot." Rogan thanks Couture, acknowledges his HOF status, and he gets another big pop from the crowd. Sable and Lesnar celebrate in the Octagon.

Jorge Gurgel v. Aaron Riley

Time for another bonus fight! Gurgel is referred to as "reborn" by the announcers before this fight begins. Groin kick! The fight has to be stopped momentarily until the wounded man can recover. Riley with a body kick, Gurgel with punches. Halfway point. Riley with a good elbow. Rogan notes Gurgel doesn't need to get sucked into a brawl, because he'll lose if he does, and if he wins that way he'll break something. Gurgel snaps off a body kick. Riley comes forward with a double jab. Gurgel fights off a single leg attempt. 25 seconds. "Relax Jorge! Ya doin' great Jorge!" Said with a thick New Yawk accent. Slugfest as R1 ends!

"T'row three or fo' and finish with a kick!" Good advice for Jorge. Riley comes out fast with a double jab and Gurgel backs away. Riley keeps the pressure on Gurgel, keeps coming forward. Riley connects with one head kick and misses with another as he throws a wicked combo. Riley definitely seems to be chasing Gurgel. He knocks him down, gets over the top, and Gurgel wraps his legs around the body. He doesn't want to take damage but Riley recognizes he doesn't want to be in the guard of a BJJ expert either.

Gurgel has to be warned a couple of times about grabbing the fence. They finally get back up with two minutes to go but Gurgel may be a bit wobbly. He's gonna end up looking like a burn victim again - he's already on his way there. Gurgel fires a head kick which is checked and throws some great kicks and a knee of his own. Gurgel swings and misses. Riley with a big shot with 30 left that rocks Riley, but Gurgel gets a takedown with 15 left to score some points for himself before the horn. We get a replay of the big left that rocked him.

Gurgel's corner tells him to control the range, not stand in front of him, fire off kicks so that Riley can't fire off his, and more. Tons of good advice. "You ready, you ready, let's go c'mon!" Riley lands big kicks and then clinches for a muay thai knee 75 seconds in. Big head kick, big neck kick, Gurgel is definitely on the defensive now. Riley's knees to the b ody look like rib breakers. Gurgel is slowing down, wobbling, and he's taking far too many shots to the face. He avoids another head kick just before the halfway point of R3.

Gurgel slips with 90 seconds and Riley pounces. Both men stand back up with a minute to go. Riley sprawls to avoid a takedown. 30 seconds to go! If this goes the distance I predict Riley gets 29-28 on three straight cards. Riley keeps coming forward with ten seconds left and Gurgel can't stop him, even eating one more head kick right at the end.


Alvin Robinson v. Mark Bocek

Here we go! Goldberg says we'll give you one more fight before we go tonight. Bocek is on top early but Robinson keeps him in guard to avoid damage. Bocek tries to give him a short slam to the mat but it doesn't do much. Bocek keeps trying to pass to side as we move past the first 90 seconds of the fight. Robinson rolls through a reversal and ends up on top. Bocek holds the leg, sweeps, and winds up back on top again. With two minutes left Bocek starts firing knees to the body, which is what the crowd wanted to see. With 90 seconds left Bocek fires in a few nasty elbows. Robinson is surviving but not responding with much. A choke attempt by Bocek runs out of time and R1 comes to an end.

Robinson fires off combos to start R2 but 20 seconds in ends up on the bottom. Bocek quickly moves to side control. North-South turns into a guillotine just past one minute, then another North-South choke, Robinson has nowhere to go, and he's got a little space to survive but not much. Bocek finally decides he can't finish with it and moves to side control as we near the halfway point. Bocek hammers him, Robinson gives up the back, Bocek triangles him and Robinson tries to fire punches backwards towards his opponent so Bocek can't sink in RNC.

1:40 to go he nearly takes it. Bocek lets it go and keeps softening him up some more. There's a scramble and Robinson ends up on top, but it nearly turns into an omoplata. Robinson takes his back with 30 seconds left and gets a warning to watch the back of the head. He tries to get a guillotine and can't hang on to it as time expires in R2.

Round three is underway! The red haired firecracker Bocek immediately comes forward for a big double leg takedown slam and gets it. Robinson can only take so much of this before he finally gets submitted or finished. Bocek gets side control at 1:10. Goldberg says Bocek's transitions are the highest level of MMA. Bocek with some nasty short elbows as we reach the two minute mark. Bocek gets full mount and Robinson tries to squirm his way out of it.

Robinson has to keep rolling to avoid the nasty ground 'n pound of Bocek. He gives up the back and Bocek goes for RNC with 1:50 left in the round. It's in deep now. That's it!! IT IS ALL OVER WITH 1:44 LEFT - FIGHT ENDS AT 3:16 OF R3 VIA TAPOUT TO A REAR NAKED CHOKE FOR THE WINNER: MARK BOCEK.

Turning Point of the Night - Jeremy Stephens.

Submission of the Night - Dustin Hazelett.

Rogan and Goldberg put over Florian's dominance of Joe Daddy and the fact he wants a title shot. We see Lesnar leaving with the title belt. Rogan: "Look at him! Look at that big freak!" Indeed. Nine fights on the card in Las Vegas, and we saw all nine of them on PPV. WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW! If you didn't see this live ORDER THE REPLAY. We see Couture's face afterwards, his face is a mess and he may have a loose tooth too.

Rogan fantasizes about whether Mir v. Lesnar in a rematch would be fun or whether a big gorilla the size of Nog going up against the muscular freak of Lesnar would be MORE fun. They thank everybody for joining us and go to a highlight package of UFC 91set to the song "Get Up" by 50 Cent. Thank you for reading the recap and congratulations to Brock Lesnar on becoming the NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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