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The Next Big Thing In The UFC Is Here

Brock Lesnar is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, and many MMA fans seem to be furious about it.

When Lesnar entered the world of MMA it was met with even more ridicule than when he tried to make the Minnesota Vikings roster as a walk on. When Dana White signed this beast, the belief was that it was a marketing gimmick and Lesnar would just be fed to other bigs like Tim Sylvia or Gabriel Gonzaga.

When Lesnar was beaten in his UFC debut by former Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir, many of those MMA fans took the "see? get that fake wrestler out of out sport" stance.

Lesnar can no longer be denied. He didn't just defeat Randy Couture, he controlled him. Lesnar was the aggressor and dictated the pace. He completely overwhelmed one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. Brock Lesnar is the next big thing in the UFC.

I've already received hundreds of emails from MMA fans and heard complaints that this fight never should have happened. Lesnar had already been defeated by Mir, had an unimpressive record of 2-1 in MMA (1-1 in the UFC) and was just too big for the heavyweight division.

Let's add some truth to these statements, since they keep getting leaned on.

Lesnar should have won the fight against Frank Mir. Period. He had Mir down, and was poudning his skull. One punch accidentally caught Mir in the back of the head and retard official ran in and SAVED Mir from a certain loss. He pulled Lesnar off and deducted a point. For those who aren't aware, the rule states that the official will verbally warn the fighter before deducting a point, unless the fighter is intentionally and repeatedly hitting that spot.

The fight was restarted and Lesnar took Mir down with ease and was hammer fisting him into dust. Mir, be definition of the rules, was not covering up sufficiently but was allowed time to recover after Brock blew himself up. I've seen many, many TKOs as a result of a lot less contact.

In my opinion, Brock Lesnar should still be undefeated. People talk about the fact that there are other heavyweights more deserving of a title shot that Lesnar. Ok, who?

Nogueira, the current interim champion is preparing for his fight with Frank Mir. Gonzaga was defeated by Couture the last time we saw the Natural. Herring was destroyed by Lesnar. Werdum showed what he's made of at the last UFC card. He folded like a cheap suit. Arlovski and Sylvia are gone. So? Who?

Not to mention, this is a business. Lesnar = buy rates AND a credible challenge. The match makers made the best decision they could in the interest of marketing and competition.

People have said, it's bullshit that Lesnar gets this opportunity in just his 4th pro fight. Hate to tell you kids, but Randy Couture won his first UFC Heavyweight title in his fourth fight. And it's not like Randy beat legends on his route to the top. Randy's first UFC win came against another pro wrestler... the former Ludvig Borga, real name Tony Halme. Randy went on to defeat a journeyman fighter his next time out before being tested by Vitor Belfort and then champion Maurice Smith.

The final and most poignant argument is: if Brock didn't deserve a title shot, he wouldn't have won. I don't deserve a title shot, cuz Randy would own me. Brock won, so as far as I'm concerned that proves he was in the same class as Couture.

Brock had a great gameplan, worked methodically and exploded with speed whenever he saw an opening. In a ten month span, Lesnar has fought three times in the UFC and improved ten fold with each appearance.

Like Joe Rogan said last night "if you're going to catch this guy, do it now and not in two years when he really learns this sport".

That's the terrifying thing. Lesnar is still learning how to be an MMA fighter and he's already the Heavyweight Champion of the biggest company in the world.

Randy Couture is one of my all time favs, but Lesnar is simply awesome.

I'm also sick of people turning this into a "WWE is better than UFC" promo. Stop referring to Brock as the "WWE guy". He hated his time in pro wrestling. He quit because he hated the schedule, and was craving real competition.

Brock Lesnar was made for the UFC. He will face the winner of Mir and Nogueira, and while I went on record on Tha O Show last week saying I thought he'd lose to either of those men, I'm not so sure anymore. Lesnar has proven to be a fast learner and incredibly dedicated to becoming the best.

The rest of last night's card was really entertaining as well. Hendricks had his 10 fight unbeaten streak emphatically snapped by Gonzaga, Dustin Hazelett and Damian Maia showed why they're two of the best BJJ masters in the world, Kenny Florian destroyed Joe Daddy and Jeremy Stephens uncoiled the nastiest uppercut I've ever seen.

Quick results from UFC 91:

Brock Lesnar def. Randy Couture - TKO (punch)
Kenny Florian def. Joe Stevenson - Submission (rear naked choke)
Dustin Hazelett def. Tamdan McCrory - Submission (armbar)
Gabriel Gonzaga def. Josh Hendricks - TKO (punch)
Demian Maia def. Nate Quarry - Submission (rear naked choke)

Aaron Riley def. Jorge Gurgel - Unanimous Decision
Jeremy Stephens def. Rafael dos Anjos - KO (uppercut)
Matt Brown def. Ryan Thomas - Submission (armbar)

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Dante Ross said...

Damn, dude. What else is there to say? People were acting as if Lesnar was just a sideshow attraction in the UFC. Like he was their answer to EliteXC's Kimbo or something. Last night proved everyone wrong.

The thing is that people are already making excuses. "Randy hasnt fought in a year." "Randy was rusty." "Brock was too big." Pussies. The Brock that fought last night would've destroyed the Brock from 10 months ago.

Like you said, if there is anyone else that deserves the belt let them come forward. Its not like Brock is turning down challengers. And I dont wanna hear any shit about him being a fluke from MMA heads. No fantasy booking shit. Let a HEAVYWEIGHT try and take him out. And like you also mentioned, he's new to MMA. Imagine what this crazy bastard will be able to do a year from now!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Downtown said...

I think you said it all as far as Brock's concerned.

What many people wrote off as a lackluster under card turned out to be by far my favorite of the year. Even without the main event it was still worth the cash.

I dub that uppercut an official Classic!

randys nephew said...

i could have sworn randy and brock were whispering spots to eachother when they were up againt the cage.....

randys nephew said...

donny doesnt care about the fight, he just wants to get sable on tha o show to ask her is he hung like a donkey...donnie loves cock subs from subway...

BigDaddy said...

You got it Randy's nephew.

randys nephew said...

i bet you tids getting a hard on just thinking about this weeks pit stop.....

XxICExX2 said...

I agree with donnie on this one...Brock IS "The next big thing" in mma today. But I don't know if anyone else got the feeling watching the fight that Randy shouldn't have been out there. He really didn't look like he could beat brock at any point in the fight. He got a few good shots in but thats about it he dirty boxed a few shots on brock and then leaned on him and thats it.

Woyahwoyah said...

Only Fedor can stop him.

Anonymous said...

not one single mma heavyweight fighter is thinking i could do this guy, hes gonna be pretty much unstoppable from now on, his bank balance is just going to be going up & up from now on.

'here comes the pain'

no, the pain has come my friends

Ricky Stardust said...

I don't know if "nobody" could beat this guy.

I like Gonzaga, Mir & Nogueira's chances in this fight.

Granted Brock is a freak of nature and I believe will one day be unstoppable but right now at his ability level I think those three men have a very good shot at taking him out and getting the belt.

Hell who would not want to see Mir vs Lesner 2 to unify the strap

Downtown said...

Cold chance of Mir winning that fight. Not impossible, but I don't find it likely. The Mir v Lesnar match is bound to happen down the road though.