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HGC Radio - Episode 10: I Walk Online

Double digits! Yes, fellow Handsome Geniuses, the HGC Radio Show is now ten weeks old. To celebrate, Uncle Kingdom has lined up a pair of guests you should really enjoy. First, independent professional wrestler STERLING JAMES KEENAN joins the show less than 24 hours before his own wedding to discuss life as a sought-after performer with a busy travel schedule and a brand-new family.

How will having a wife and child affect his plans for his career? And what does a man with a smiley-faced atomic bomb tattooed on his neck name his first-born son, anyways?

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Then, ALAN PARK, one of Canada's most popular stand-up comics and co-star of CBC's Royal Canadian Air Farce sketch comedy show will tell us about the transition from stage to screen, discuss recent political events on both sides of the border, hand out some sage advice for budding comedians and reveal some of his plans for 2009 now that Air Farce is enjoying its "Final Flight" after 35 years on the airwaves.

Also, Kingdom discusses a recent first date, TJ gives us a Yoshi health update plus there's plenty of Nerd News and another edition of "The Pitch". Over 100 minutes of pure audio excitement on yet another episode of The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show!!!

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