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Rated O Radio - Episode 90

Tha O Show RadioWelcome to the 90's! And, you know the good thing about having to wait an extra day for Tha O Show last week is that this week, if feels like the show comes early!

Not buying it? Well, we hope you're excited anyway. We sure are! Tune in to hear when the official Oblivion! CD release party is taking place and what a wild event it is planned to be.

Press play and get your "O" on with your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o muhfuggaz!

This week's show features...

Tha Os And NOs.

Birthday boy, The Notorious T.I.D. takes time on his special day for "Tha Pit Stop". On this very special edition, he discusses this week's blockbuster UFC battle between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar as well as his own scheduled match at the Oblivion! event. The heat is on!

Ricky Stardust is back with "Tha Video Game Review". This week, he breaks down the new SmackDown! VS. Raw 2009 gimmick.

Don and Dan discuss "Tha News" and make it a little reminisce-alaz.

And making his debut on Tha O Show in "Tha Round Table" is former TNA and WWE Superstar, the Prince of Punk, Shannon Moore!

This week, we leave you with the 2000 classic from your bro Dan-e-o. It's the tongue-twisting "Margerine" from The Book of Daniel album.

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23 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 90"

jenn said...


I love the Prince Of Punk!! AmAZING! Thank YOu!!

Jenn said...

I loved this week's O's and No's a lot of stuff I was feeling, and stuff i hadn't even thought about that made me think i love it.

ralfus said...

lettuce on a pizza sub WOULD BE NASTY.... they should never offer that.

kanga said...

That freestyle was insane! I popped more than Donnie!

kanga said...

flying airplanes on gta san andras is too fukeen hard!

rafiki said...

The world record holder for Super Mario Bros would pwn RKO

MKF said...


Dan-e-o you just stumbbled across an amazing new segment!

Anonymous said...

Shannon Moore is a cool guy

mkf said...

Speaking of Kenny Dickstra's release peep wat he put on myspace

First I would just like to say thank you to everyone who left a comment or message and for the support. It is greatly appreciated. Believe it or not I actually am happy to be gone from WWE. I don't have to do things around their schedule and I don't have to answer to anybody. I have never felt so free in my entire life. I had been working with WWE since I was 16 so I've never really known anything else. I did have fun with WWE but the creative side never used me properly or really gave me an opportunity to get over. it sucks when you know your better than the majority and you're only used to make people look good.

Will I stay wrestling? I'm not sure. WWE kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth after all the politics and garbage that can go on. I may try to go to TNA but we will see. I have 90 days to think about it and possibly try. although I wont rule it out. I do feel like they could use me much better. I would also like to have some matches with guys like A.J. and Kurt and Joe and Christian. plus Sting has always been my favorite so to work with him would be great too. but I guess I will wait it out and see what direction I try to go in. as for WWE I am glad to be gone. i thank them for everything and wish them the best too.

Take care.

Ken Doane

Anonymous said...

I heard the part Donnie was talkin about in Margarine and i O'd!

Now im going rewindalaz!

Skitlez said...

Maybe one of the funniest episodes ever. I love when Donnie gets hot over little shit like the pizza sub. And btw, I get lettuce on my pizza subs. FTW!

O my god that song "Margerine" was fire! Dude, I did not know you go that hard in your songs. I haven't heard too many of them but I will now. Consider that shit copped when I get paid.

Anonymous said...

Boston Pizza has a BLT pizza and its great.....i don't know how well it translates to subs though.

Manu-re said...

Lettuce on a pizza sub is kneeeeeeeeeeeeee! and i agree with donnie gets hot as hell over mundane stuff ... half the time i go "SHIT I FEEL THE SAME WAY!"

Freestyle WAS FIRE and so was Margarine!!!

Anonymous said...

1-9-09 is gonna be hypalaz!
Fuck em up Tid fuck em up!

rachel said...

Fuck... amazing show!!!! Almost 3 hrs long and it FLEW BY! SO FUNNY!!!!!

I love you guys!!!!

ron stryker said...

Another great show guys. Santino losing the way he did was totally knee I agree. Dan-e-o that was some hypalaz rap off the hip you did on Tid. Donnie breaking it down over the pizza sub was fucking funny. Fucking awesome that another one of my own Carolina boyz was on the show. We all have that vibe down here. Shannon has plenty keeping him going since leaving the fed and that's ok. Wonder how many of the cuts this week will make their way to TNA. Burke would fit well in the X Division.
Keep up the good work. Funny how many other shows on the net snatch your shit and try and get the same tude. Never works lol. Peace from the Carolina roll. That's my cup of O.

Matt said...

did anyone watch tna this week? i thought it was top to bottom the best show tna's ever produced (that ive seen anyway). Just wondering

Dante Ross said...

This was one of the funniest (and fastest) shows ever! From top to bottom I was laughing like a jackass. Shannon Moore represented himself well. Why dont these things come out on TV? Hearing how humble and cool he is I wanna bitch slap CM Punk for bitch slapping him. Shannon, I am putting you back into my SDvsRaw07 game!

I never wanna piss TID off. The last thing I need is another crazy White dude after me. I'm watching you, Casur...

The wrestler impersonation gimmick is old but for once I wasnt tired of it the way Haas had it going. When Eugene and The Big Show did it it came across rather yag (thanks, Ricky!). But Haas did it well.

Brock is gonna kill Randy! You heard it here...10012th!

srr said...

i was very confused with the blog question to shannon moore, i was like what the fuck is donnie saying? lol

moore was dope on the show, i dunno if tid would be an asshole to his fans, id be creeped out to ask for a photo heh.

nice one by stardust, but i dunno can he call in and review the game? this was the first show you guys actually reacted to the review so that was hypeness

good show though, i love dan e o being Jamaican. its crazy, HAH get it jamaican-crazy?? jamaicanmecrazy, amiriteguyz? ok ill shut up now.
fuck you adamle( i feel sorry for the guy though :( )

steak out said...

They have commented on Stardust reviews before... plenty of times... i like it the way it is....

Tha O Show PSA said...

Big Daddy Donnie will not be on next week's edition of O Show Radio. He will still be in his bedroom, celebrating Brock Lesnar's win by furiously masturbating with a fervor not seen since Frank Fronte.

Anonymous said...

That's funny...

Ricky Stardust said...

srr: Thanks for the comments....typically it is hard for me to hit Tha O Show when they do the show due to conflicting schedules.

I am on a waiting list to be instudio guest though lol perhaps around Christmas :)