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O-sters, as if we needed to remind you...BE SURE to tune into Episode 91 of Tha O Show later this afternoon for the best two plus hours of your week! It's definitely an O-tastic show you won't want to miss.

Ontario Indy Superstar, R.J. City makes his in-studio debut on Tha O Show and displays some very unique talents. On today's episode, you'll hear a crazy edition of "Tha Os And NOs", The Notorious T.I.D. on "Tha Pit Stop" and Marty Garner with "A Glass of Cham Pain".

As well, a preview of Survivor Series, the return of "Tha O-chestra", "WrestleTrivia" and also making his debut on Tha O Show in "Tha Round Table" is former ECW/WWE Superstar Colin Delaney!

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1 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

Dante Ross said...

Oh, man. You guys are getting the folks that I have been dying to hear about since they left The E. Awesome ass job.