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Rated O Radio - Episode 91

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 91! This one may go down in the "greatest episodes ever" category. Your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are back with the world's greatest pro wrestling, MMA and shit talk program: Tha O Show.

This week, Ontario Indy Superstar, R.J. City makes his in-studio debut and proves immediately that he is one of pro wrestling's brightest future stars. A lot of shit goes down today...a word of warning: this show is NOT for kids! Listener discretion is advised.

Enjoy muhfuggaz!

This week's show features...

A uniquely fun yet heated edition of "Tha Os And NOs".

The Notorious T.I.D. rolls through with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss...what else? Brock Lesnar's sound defeat of Randy Couture this past weekend to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Don, Dan and R.J. preview this coming Sunday's WWE pay-per-view, Survivor Series.

In a very special return of "Tha O-chestra", a crooning and piano playing R.J. City joins Donnie, Dan-e-o and T.J. for an incredible jam session! This is one for the ages!

Of course, Don and Dan can't let R.J. City debut on Tha O Show without becoming the next potential victim of..."WrestleTrivia"!

Your bredren and ours, Marty Garner hits us up from North Carolina to deliver part one of the first-ever two parter installment of "A Glass of Cham Pain". This one involves a Vegas trip with The Rock!

And in the main event of our show, "Tha Round Table", Don, Dan and R.J. welcome another wrestler making his debut on Tha O Show: former ECW/WWE Superstar Colin Delaney!

Taking us out today is the brand new cut from Niagara-based emcee Sikadime: "Strong Hold" featuring Monolith's Dan-e-o & Rishaard!

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40 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 91"

Neil Burk said...


Anonymous said...

I've seen RJ wrestle twice, and both times I thought "I wish there was a word in the English language to describe my reaction to this guy"

And now there is. "Meh".

BUT after hearing the singing, piano playing heel-jerk ... I agree that RJ has a TON of material and looks to be ready to explode.

The fact that he's only 20 yrs old is also huge.

Colin Delaney was also cool as hell and didn't sound afraid to speak his mind even if it wasnt PC

Anonymous said...

I've seen RJ wrestle twice, and both times I thought "I wish there was a word in the English language to describe my reaction to this guy"

And now there is. "Meh".

BUT after hearing the singing, piano playing heel-jerk ... I agree that RJ has a TON of material and looks to be ready to explode.

The fact that he's only 20 yrs old is also huge.

Colin Delaney was also cool as hell and didn't sound afraid to speak his mind even if it wasnt PC

MKF said...

HYPALAZ O-CHESTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve said...

That Koko B. Ware story is BANANAS. I want to see that entire 40 minutes on DVD from start to finish.

cak said...


Anonymous said...

This was anythin BUT meh!

Anonymous said...

The wrestletrivia wasnt HARD but it was consistent with difficulty donnie has given other workers who have shit the bed.

i think rj proved he knows his shit...

deadly dudley said...

o man! Ochestra is HYPALAZ for reeeeeeeeeal

Anonymous said...

Don't be lazy!!! I want Ochestra EVERY WEEK!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


kaos said...

I got in shit today at work for listening to the show because i was laughing OUT LOUD with my headphones on.

It was the most worth it "in shit" ever

feed said...

I'm going to echo everyone else... LIVE OCHESTRA IS HYPALAZ!!!

and HYPALAZ should be in the dictionary!!!!

feed said...


best not test said...

I cut HAIRY PUSSY out of this week's MP3 and it is now my ring tone

cancer said...

I will be buying OBLIVION on 1-9-09 BUT I'm tellin you i'd pay double for a cd of all the impromptu O SHOW songs and frestyles!

Anonymous said...

I've been listening since episode 71 and there is no show out there that can come close to you all.

mkf said...

At 1-9-09 I wanna see RJ City jammin with Secret fuckin Suburbia!

Jessica said...

THE HAIRY PUSSY SONG FOR NEW O SHOW THEME!@!!!~!!~!!1!one!eleven!!! Just change the lyrics from "NO! NO!" to "O! O!" and change the pussy lines with wrestling shit.

P.S - I'm serious.

P.S.S - Legit.

P.S.S.S - SHOOT!!!

Anonymous said...


jaret said...

I will pay for a release of that Ochestra song.

I agree with your assessment of survivor series. KNEE. I liked DOnnies idea though to give seeds to survivors in the RUmble

Anonymous said...

I liked how Colin put over RJ. It made RJ seem relevant and not just like a singing queer.

chia said...

I bought the Smackdown VS RAW game on Stardusts recommendation last week and I love it.

katch said...



Anonymous said...

Hypalaz can get in Websters. Let's start the petition.

Dante Ross said...

RJ Coty was fucking funny. What does the RJ stand for anyway? Rim Job? I gotchu! I gotchu!

When the O-chestra started I was like "These dudes are not gonna rhyme to Sweet Home Alabama." But you crazy bastards pulled it off somehow. O-mazing.

Damn, Cham Pain! Missed last week, and then gives me a teaser trailer? Come on, man! O-Town ain't a dry town.

Colin was really cool to listen to. I dont know what you guys do, but you can take a former Fed guy and just have them be themselves and they come across as awesome. Man, I'd love to walk up to Colin during dinner and ask for an autpgraph.

And let me get a few things straight. Some questions if you will.

There's no room for Elijah, London, or Estrada (who I am praying uses his actual heritage and heads to TNA to join Davarai!), but some combo between Disco Inferno and Alex Wright is needed? Suck a hairy one, Vince.

Mance Rullinix said...

Colin sounded legitmitately legit legit legit legitimately hot when he heard Armando was legit gone. legitimately

james said...

I hate when Dan says his homophobic shit or stuff like his reaction to man having a baby. I agree with Donnie. It doesn't affect my life so why should I care about it so much.

yaya said...

DeGrassi RULES! FTW!

srr said...

this show was legitimately one of the most legitimately funny ass episodes i have legitimately heard EVAR!! legit.
wresltetrivia was legit the most legitimately funniest ones out there, legitimately i could not legit stop laughing at the PHWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEE buzzard, please do all of the wrestletrivias with those new sounds, legit guys

colin was funny legit.
WHY ISNT "COME ON MAN" in the mk yet? legit, that shit is one of donnies most legitimately legit funny ass saying ever. legit

good show cant wait for next week.

Robbie Nekoda said...

Since there's no Impact Dispatch, I'm just going to piss and moan here about my biggest beef with the show:

Someone fucking tell Don West how to pronounce Pelé.

kingdoms a white guy said...

degrassi is a canadian classic.....if you grew up in watched talkin the real degrassi not the new generation...the old degrassi was the wasn't gay at all..

Anonymous said...

Ahmed slammed Yoko as well.

It was actually his introduction...

he did it in October of 95...

RIOT said...


ya hear said...

Dan is an idiot for thinking Degrassi is gay.

Wrestletrivia was funny... RJ is gold.

O Show owns!

Anonymous said...

Donnie sounded like he was channelling Joe Cocker in that track

Anonymous said...


kathy said...

Loved the show as always, makes me laugh my ass off and just shake my head at you fools. Colin was great and the lounge lizard rocks.
Also, big congrats to TJ

Maybe you guys should make a song about male "grooming"...and no Dan it wouldn't be GAY it might get a couple of your hairy man listeners laid lol