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Are You Sirius About Hip-Hop?

Attention all true hip-hop heads! If you're anything like your bro Dan-e-o, you're a die hard fan and supporter of genuine hip-hop music. In addition, you may be furious about the cancellation of Sirius Satellite Radio's BackSpin (Channel 43), as reported on Episode 91 of Tha O Show this week.

This is truly a spit in the face and kick in the nuts. Sirius, which has recently merged with XM Radio is fucking up the entire reason that satellite radio should exist. That is, to provide an alternative to the monotonous garbage found on everyday regular radio.

Not only has Sirius cancelled BackSpin - it's ONLY supplier of old school hip-hop programming featuring classics from the 80's & 90's - as of November 12, 2008, but they are apparently also now censoring the music they still do play on other stations. And people are paying for this, why?

Here's the truth. I'm not even a subscriber to Sirius. The only music I listen to are the CDs I purchase myself. In all honesty, no DJ truly satisfies my musical needs as my tastes are quite specific. Nevertheless, I personally called Sirius to complain because the cancellation of BackSpin speaks to a much bigger social issue than music preference.

As an artist, teacher and lifelong fan of this culture, hip-hop is a lifestyle for me. I make it a daily effort to communicate to anyone who will listen that the culture and the music represented by it is NOT all guns, thugs, money, bitches and drugs. Thanks to stations like BET, this has been hard to prove, as of late.

The music that used to be played on BackSpin represents hip-hop's golden era. A time when the music demonstrated some variety. Songs were inventive and artistic. Artists worked to be original and creative and strove to be masters of their lyrical craft. Topics varied and intriguing concepts were abundant. The music was soulful, funky, and bass heavy. Not electronic, cheesy and generic.

I'm talkin' Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, EPMD, Run D.M.C., De La Soul and Rakim. I'm talkin' N.W.A., Slick Rick, Redman, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Special Ed, MC Lyte, 3rd Bass and Kool G. Rap. I'm talkin' Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, Brand Nubian, Fu-Schnickens, Gang Starr, Boogie Down Productions, Black Moon, Leaders Of The New School and Lords Of The Underground. And yes, I'm talkin' about 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E and SO many more!

Gone. All gone! Is Sirius XM actually serious? Is there really no room for all of these greats on their so-called "best radio on radio" network?

Let your voice be heard and join the millions who are already complaining about this bullshit. If you subscribe to Sirius, call Customer Care at 1-888-539-7474. And whether you subscribe or not, call their headquarters in New York at 1-888-635-5142 and tell them to bring back BackSpin!

Your support is greatly appreciated.

2 comments: on "Are You Sirius About Hip-Hop?"

Dante Ross said...

I will be calling all night tonight and i dont even have the shit. Radio is so bad now. I can listen to the ONE hip hop station in Los Angeles (Power 106) and hear the same shit songs every hour on the hour. The only good music they play is (gasp!) the old school hour at noon which is quickly tirning into The Aquanet Set where I have to listen to Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam and Susie Q. Shit.

It took iTunes and Yahoo Music for me to get back into hip hop. Also, friends having CD's that I couldnt buy or find. Here's a road story.

I was walking down the street last year minding my own business as I am ought to do. This White dude had a shirt on that said "Hip Hop Is Dead." I looked at the shirt, looked at him, he crossed the street. Hip Hop never died. It just got harder to find. The shit they play on the radio is just so bad! Everyone sounds the same, using fucking voice distortion to the point where I cant tell T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and countless others apart. The same beats. Remixes of remixes. Seriously, come on, people.

Right now I am digging my old Wu Tang, Danger Mouse and Gemini, King T., and Talib. Fuck Sirius and XM. Way to have a monopoly and further limit peoples chance for an alternative.