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Tha A List Analysis

Tha A Show is back, and there is some new talent on ECW, as well as the parting of another ECW familiar face. Armando Estrada has been released from WWE, and his future endeavors are filled with best wishes. DJ Gabriel made his debut, and the gorgeous Alicia Fox is back with him.

As was touched on in Tha Raw Report WWE is promoting Survivor Series the right way. Tha A Show was filled with tag team previews.

John Morrison and The Miz opened the show, which is quite fitting because these guys have made ECW their own. They are pretty close to carving themselves a place period, because whether you like or dislike them, you do have an opinion either way.

Now Team JBL vs. Team Michaels isn't exactly my first choice for team captains, but whatever, the men composing the teams works for me. Even though it does go against recent statements made by Stephanie McMahon.

JBL's team other than himself is Kane, Miz, Morrison and MVP. Michaels team other than himself is Rey, Cryme Tyme, and Khali. Rey and Kane shouldn't be in the same ring anymore since their feud "ended" a few episodes back on "Raw," but hey whatever.

Khali hosting the Kiss Cam turned him face, ok I get that. MVP is on a losing streak that would make the Brawler laugh, and I pretty much surmise that means team JBL will end up on the losing end. So, if you were really hyped about that match I hope I didn't ruin it for you.

Jack Swagger got a win via DQ over TD last night in an American All American American Challenge match. Whatever. He won by DQ so he demanded a rematch and next week the two will go at it again in an Extreme Rules match. Ok, shoot me, who believes that Dreamer is anything other than put over Swagger material right now?

Batista and Orton aren't a bad matchup as team captains. Their respective teams also make for an interesting match. Bati will team with R-Truth, Punk and Kingston and ECW Champ Matt Hardy against Orton's posse of Rhodes, Regal, Henry and Shelton Benjamin. Sounds good to me, but one thing. Is Manu going to wrestle? Like ever?

Henry, Rhodes and Regal took on Hardy, Finlay and Kingston. Interesting trios representing the teams, but that just adds to the intrigue of the PPV match. The heels came out on the winning end and that surprised me, but seeing as how Kofi ate the pinfall from Henry, it doesn't hurt the faces, or really help the heels, so nothing is lost.

Just so everyone sees this, DJ Gabriel defeated a Local Athelte. Seriously. One more thing on this dude. There is only room for one DJ on Tha A Show and he sure doesn't wear aviators and a leather jacket. Knee bro, just knee.

Quick Results...
*DJ Gabriel def. local athlete
*Jack Swagger def. Tommy Dreamer
*William Regal-Cody Rhodes-Mark Henry def. Matt Hardy-Kofi Kingston-Finlay

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Jeff said...

The 6-man tag match has been worn so fucking thin, it's pointless. There are no titles to be won with these, and it's not an exhibition type match when there's one every week.

Morrison, Miz and Matt Striker were the most entertaining parts of ECW last night.

DJ Gabriel and Alex Wright in a dance off! Gabriel gets served!