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O-sters, be sure to tune in later today as Tha O Show presents the Eric Lindros edition of your favourite internet radio program. That's's Episode 88, and it's chock-full of O's!

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are joined in-studio by their monthly nuisance of a guest in Hayden Avery and the trio deliver "Tha Os And NOs". Also on the show: a special installment of "Road Stories" with former WWE Superstar, Rory McAllister!

As well, The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" and the boys debut the brand new "A Shot of Brandi" segment with none other than the beautiful Brandi Richardson! Of course, the father of that segment "A Glass of Cham Pain" with Marty Garner comes though and is followed up by "Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan and Hippy.

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4 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

Anonymous said...

Who won the BBD is so dumb contest? I know you will prolly tell on the show, but it wasn't in the teaser and I think its a travesty if i didn't go over. haha just playin...can't wait for the it early! haha peace

"The" Jsnwwf said...


This is Jason from Rochester, NY and I left a message on the O phone

I cut the message short because I was a bit nervous and forgot to ask you guys what you thought of the list

Also I forgot to plug my youtube account

youtube DOT com / Top1Olists

BigDaddy said...

Jason, I was going through the messages on Tha O Phone last night and I either I didn't hear yours, or I deleted it by accident.

Call us back man...

As far as the winner of the Big Daddy Donnie is so Dumb contest ... it'll be posted in the show story when the show is released this morning....

Thanks y'all

BigDaddy said...

Actually ... I lied... I don't have the winners name / email handy as I'm on the road. I will post the name of the EWA contest winner later today in a seperate post.