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Tha A List Analysis: Dirt Sheet Spectacular

I'm Ron Burgundy. I'm...Ron Burgundy? Is it just me or did Teddy Long make a great Anchorman? That was pure greatness. I think though instead of that wig they should have done a Jheri Curl wig with the Jheri Curl juice dripping off. Better than the possibility of that though was Tommy Dreamer. TD has an ability to flip that switch and say tons without saying much at all.

ECW is so full of over competitors right now it's not fair to the other shows. Sadly though at the next Draft they'll be plundered and be left with nothing. Kind of like last time. "Raw" is the Bermuda Triangle of "superstars." They go there and disappear. ECW is a star making machine.

The opening match, was pretty good, but I think it would have been a little different had Evan Bourne not had his mishap. That is if it is legit. Either way the match was good enough, but I don't think Chavo and Bam belonged. I think they belong on "SmackDown." Chavo has no place in the ECW title picture so take him somewhere else.

Back to the Dreamer/Jack Swagger match. Jack Swagger's grin may be something he's known for, but he needs to do something to take the shine off that top lip, it looks like he's been on the business end of a milk mustache, man milk. Jack Swagger did win the match. The weekly praise of Grisham and Striker will now continue. They were solid again all night but Matt Striker cuts out a quote a week. TD is the "OG of extreme." Hypeness people, hypeness.

The Miz and John Morrison basically own everything right now. No, not pretty much, they own everything but "SmackDown." Everything that fans want they have. They are just straight up entertainers and I'm still really surprised that Miz found that. I'm glad he did. I've been a fan of John Morrison since Johnny Nitro was Johnny Spades. Not really, but I've been in his corner for a while.

If you don't pop for the Howard Finkel introduction of Tha Dirt Sheet you aren't breathing. The introduction that MnM gave themselves was one of the better things I've seen in a while. The diamonds on John Morrison's abs may be worth enough to deport everyone in San Diego, they were also quite, well not straight. It was also more Shawn Michaels than Shawn Michaels could have ever pulled off.

The political mud slinging ads that Miz and Morrison did were yet another piece of television greatness. Feeling inadequate? Yes, inadequate. Chaps...really? These guys really found their niche together, and hopefully it's a long time down the road, but when these guys split I think they'll both cut out in their own direction and most likely if used correctly make a big impact. Paid for by the people for the Palace of Wisdom.

The beatdown of the impostor DX doesn't really mean anything, but it was entertaining to watch, and can make us all wish that on the historic 300th, or is it 800th (there aren't enough advertisements) episode of "Raw" they would really take DX out like that. The Miz showed actual passion towards this. This could really be the turning point for these guys. In review what did we learn today? In life there are winners and there are losers. We should be jealous, and Tommy Dreamer was the OG of extreme. You stay classy San DiegO.

2 comments: on "Tha A List Analysis: Dirt Sheet Spectacular"

D.J.B. said...

Evan Bourne tore a ligament or ligaments in his ankle last night during the six-man so apparently that was legit.

Reports are saying he was examined in the back where the torn ligaments were diagnosed. He he was told it would be best to stay off his ankle, and looks like he'll be out of action for up to 4 months. Wonder if he'll get Cenalike videos on the comeback trail?

Timmins_Masked_man_me said...

That sucks!!!
And my money is on no he won't!!!