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Rated O Radio - Episode 88

Tha O Show RadioEpisode 88 is upon us and as always, it comes with O's-a-plenty. Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are back alongside Ontario Indy Superstar, Hayden Avery with all of the wrestling, MMA and shit talk you can handle.

And there's a bunch to go around since we are coming off of a weekend with two pay-per-views!

So do what you do this time every week. Press play and settle in with the Presidents of Tha Nation of O. It's gonna be hype-alaz!

This week's show features...

Tha Os And NOs.

An edition of "Road Stories" featuring a candid and charismatic Rory McAllister, formerly of The Highlanders in WWE!

The Notorious T.I.D. with "Tha Pit Stop" discussing this past weekend's UFC 90 event featuring Anderson Silva VS. Patrick Cote and for the first time ever... TID sings!!

The super-sexy Brandi Richardson returns to Tha O Show, as promised, to debut her own version of "Road Stories" with the brand new segment: "A Shot of Brandi".

This, of course, is followed up by "A Glass of Cham Pain" with your boy, Marty Garner.

And Hayden Avery sticks around for "Tha Round Table" as the boys discuss TNA and WWE booking.

Taking us out this week, from the album, Midi Gritty, Secret Suburbia's "Disagree".

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19 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 88"

Anonymous said...

Yes finally its here early!
Pressing play NOW!!!

irishman said...


MKF said...


Brandi: I'm laying there, with a school girl skirt, stripper shoes and rain peltin me in the face...

Donnie: What's a few more pelts of ... somethin?

I POP!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"The" Jsnwwf said...

I called to the O phone early Thursday morning


Its over for the East lol

Matt said...

Hope yall are watchin TNA. Angelina love must listen to the O show. She just dropped a "boobalaz" in a promo on tv.

Matt said...

Hope yall are watchin TNA. Angelina love must listen to the O show. She just dropped a "boobalaz" in a promo on tv.

dirty deaner said...

Angelina Love is an O SHOW mark!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim J said...

Rory was amazing and I can't believe Angelina Love said that shit!!!

Never Again said...

I'm glad Hayden got Rory on your show he was good. But best thing Rory said was Hayden is retard so please dont have him on everr again

recursive said...

holy shit, rory was GOLD. i havent popped that big for a guest in a while.

Anonymous said...


jj said...

Rory was awesome.
Happy Halloween Osters

romello said...

Another monster show! But just a few No's Number one:Eric Lindros was a fucking,cry baby,BITCH! His name is dirt in Philly for now and for always! Number two: What the fuck is up with putting over other dudes Dicks? That shit is seriously not cool. Maybe that's some extreme "white boy Humor". That shit is a major NO with the Brothas. At least preface that shit by calling"No homo".

srr said...

^^^ shut up you big dick nigga :p

anyway, there is too much shit on. i dont like it where you have a guest and then he speaks only on certain segments, he should be in more.
shot of brandi was wack. and that theme is wack DAN HYPHEN E HYPHEN O!!

besides that good show champeezy had a good storie and finally donnie talks during that segment. having only dan e o laugh at his jokes is weird.

rory was godlike please believe.

talia/sky might be wack in the ring but bitch would get it, so would taylor wilde goddamn that ass is so thick id penetrate that shit.

Jim J said...

SRR is high cuz Dan--e--o's theme for BRaNDY was fuckin great!!!!!!

I love the total non stop guests

romello said...

My gimmick doesn't need the rub son!