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HGC Radio - Episode 8: Grand Theft Audio

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Handsome Genius Club Radio Show: 2 hours of your life that you were going to throw away anyways. Your personal Sherpa of pop culture silliness, Anthony Kingdom James, leads you to the towering peak of podcast nirvana with another fun-filled episode. Joining Kingdom on this episode are stand-up comedian GAVIN STEPHENS and friend of the show NOAH PANICO.

Gavin has wrapped up his fifth and final season of the CTV/Spike sketch comedy show Comedy Inc. and has just debuted his new one-man stage show "Gavin Stephens' Spectacular Spectacular". Gavin discusses his comedy career, his recent incredible weight loss, and his love of cartoons and vintage running shoes.

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Noah joins the show to tell a few stories from his world travels working for, his collection of almost 1000 pairs of sneakers and his lifelong association with pro wrestling including the very true story about a pro wrestler who threatened his life in retaliation for a telephone prank.

Plus, there's Nerd News, TJ and his dog Yoshi and a whole lot more....

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