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Today On Tha O Show...

WOW! In the history of Tha O Show, Episode 86 will forever be known as one of the all time greatest shows! Be sure to tune in later this afternoon for a jam-packed episode featuring Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o's special in-studio guest, "Your Saviour", Sebastian Suave.

On this week's show, you'll get "Tha Os And NOs" and an incredible interview with the man who stole the "O" from Kimbo Slice - Seth Petruzelli!! Also, The Notorious T.I.D. with "Tha Pit Stop", another rant from "Tha Black Prophet" and an edition of "Road Stories" with All Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar, Joe Doering.

As well, in maybe the greatest installment of "What's Sheiky Doin'?" ever, Sebastian Suave asks The Iron Sheik the tough questions - Persian style! Ricky Stardust is back with "Tha Video Game Review" and joining Donnie, Dan and Seb for "Tha Round Table" is former TNA star, Johnny Devine!

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Timmins_Masked_Man_ME said...

Can't wait to listen to this show. I am stoked! Sounds like an awesome line-up!

Matt said...


Its already the best show on paper

MKF said...

I love Johnny Devine - and like many of you, Seth is my new fav fighter. Joe Doering is also one of my fav North Americans working in Japan.


Anonymous said...