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Rated O Radio - Episode 86

Tha O Show RadioWelcome to one for the record books, O-sters! It's Episode 86 and although we say this often, today's show is one of the best ever!

It's jam-packed with Os! Joining Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o is Ontario Indy Superstar and no stranger to Tha O Show, Sebastian Suave! In addition, we have a ton of guests and nearly every segment that your favourite internet radio show has to offer.

You know how it goes, O-sters! Press play and prepare your mouth to "O"!

This week's show features...

"Tha Os And NOs" featuring "Dan-e-o's Top 5 Reasons Why Tazz Is Knee!".

Still on Cloud Nine after his shocking 14 second defeat of Kimbo Slice at Elite XC Heat, everyone's newest favourite MMA star, Seth Petruzelli, joins Tha O Show for a candid interview.

Continuing with the MMA talk is our resident MMA loudmouth, The Notorious T.I.D. who, of course, spins by with "Tha Pit Stop". Calling in from Detroit, Tid can't help but to take some shots at the world of BRS - Bullshit Reality Shows.

To finish off with MMA, "Tha Black Prophet" hits us up from Killa Cali with some words about Kimbo and - what else? - the state of the black worker in the devil's playground of professional wrestling.

All Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar, Joe Doering joins Tha O Show for a mini-installment of "Road Stories" and an interview to fill us in on what it's like being a huge star in Japan.

And in an all-time classic edition of "What's Sheiky Doin'?", Donnie and Dan get the partly-Persian Sebastian Suave to interrogate the WWE Hall of Famer about his altercation with Scott Hall at his recent comedy roast! You don't wanna miss this!

See the INCIDENT PT.1, PT.2 AND PT.3



Ricky Stardust is back with "Tha Video Game Review" and does his first comparison edition matching up Grand Theft Auto IV against Saints Row 2.

And making his return to Tha O Show is former TNA star and Canadian Indy general, Johnny Devine who discusses his departure from Total Non-Stop Wrestling in "Tha Round Table".

Taking you out this week is the brand new Rico Montana theme, "Secta De Uno" - another banger from the forthcoming, O-blivion: Tha Indy Wrestling Album. Are you a worker who needs your own entrance theme? E-mail us at

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39 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 86"

jonny b not too badd said...

Tazz ISSSS Knee!

Anonymous said...

Soth Petruzello is the coolest!
I want the 14 second fudge drop!

randy said...

Suave VS Sheik was amazing. I'm a flash designer and I'm thinking about stealing that audio and turning into a cartoon!

mkf said...

Seth for co-host!

Why is Devine such a cock? Does he think he's that a big a star? Maybe he's just riding you guys because he knows you, but to me he came off sounding like a prick especially when 99% of your guests are cool as hell.

This reminds me of when I found out what a jerk Bret Hart was. Changed my opinion about the guy forever. Maybe that's why TNA never let him talk, cuz he's just a jerk.

I'm a mark for Doering but he is still green when it comes to story telling.

Suave ruled all in that Sheik bit.

Rico's new track is a jilliOn (note the capital O) times better than the original.

Jim J said...

I fast forwarded to the round table after reading MKF's comment and I think Devine was trying to rib the guys and come as cool and funny, but he wasn't that cool or funny.

He made fun of the Round Table song! I LOVE THAT SONG!

Anonymous said...

Peep this: It's JR's blog talkin on Cade's release..

The story that I have read on many internet sites about the reason for Cade's sudden dismissal isn't accurate. Many punhdits speculate that Cade was dismissed because of a bad performance in a recent TV bout against DX on Raw which is absolutely untrue. Lance's dismissal had zero to do with his in ring performances or his lack of ability. Lance Cade was dismissed from the WWE because, like many humans, he made a major league mistake while utilizing bad judgment that cost him his job. This included Lance having a seizure on an airplane and having to have emergency medial care. Luckily, Lilian Garcia was on the same flight and was instrumental in helping Lance get taken to a hospital where a battery of tests were run that luckily determined that there was nothing seriously wrong with the young man such as a brain tumor, etc. Everyone makes mistakes, Lord knows I have made plenty in my career, but in this day and time some mistakes just simply can't be condoned. To some fans, Lance Cade will likely still be perceived as the victim in this matter and his punishment too harsh. Under the circumstances of the situation, I don't know what other decision the WWE could have made. I'm just relieved that it wasn't me in my former role that would have had to address this matter. I really like this kid and hope that he continues to follow his dreams. Second chances are not foreign in the wrestling business so perhaps that could be in Lance's future but that's just a personal observation. Lance Cade is a talented young man whose best days should be ahead of him and I wish him nothing but success. Lance has been knocked down and now it is up to him to get off the canvas and get back in the game. I'm damn sure pulling for him. Let's hope Lance's peers are paying attention to this situation.

mkf said...

For a minute I was thinking, "he got fired for havin a seizure?" Then i realized JR isnt saying everything.

Cade mustve been drunkalaz or high as shit.

Anonymous said...

I like Devine but I dont think many people like his sense of humor.

I loved Rico's new track too. I'm going to have to buy that album when it drops.

Skitlez said...

The new Rico song is HYPE-O-LAZ! I had to add an O to it. I'm buying O-blivion just to have that shit. For real.

Yeah, Devine kinda did sound like a jerk. He wasn't as bad as that kayfabin' ROH guy, but not one of the best guests.

Dan, please more top 5 of why (Blank) is knee. Great stuff.

Seth was awesome. Props for booking such an in demand and up there name.

Suave replaces Hayden as my second favorite 3rd chair now. The Shieky bit is priceless. Maybe you should include some bits like that on the O-blivion cd.

Christopher Casúr said...

There will be a Best Of Shieky CD coming out. Stay tuned for more details.

XxICExX2 said...

Good show this week guys, One thing I will say is that from what some of the reactions of what came about from the owen hart comment that maybe there is a double standard. Because the hosts at the o show being big daddy and dan-e-o have made 911 jokes, and after the end of each joke you say "What too soon?" Owen was taken away from the world in 1999 and 2 years later more thousands of people died in a terrorist act.

Look maybe it is because you guys are from Canada or something but jokes are jokes and they carry the same weight to others.

Like I said good show and sucks we missed garner and brandi

BigDaddy said...

Thanks ice...

Well Brandi is set to be a monthly feature. Her next appearance on the show will be Oct 30th.

We usually like to give Marty 10-15 min, and this week's show was just SOOO packed with timely segments... Marty bowed out respectfully. He gets tons of burn with us, and you know we love him.

As far as tastetless jokes ... I'm agreeing with you on the statement of a potential double standard.

That's why on the show, I initially said i didn't know where I sat on this story.

I think the comments that Jimmy Graham said were tasteless and not funny - but at the same time - fairly innocuous.

I understand Devine's passion and Hall's response. Had the guy made a comment like that about a dead family member of mine - i'd knock him out too.

I think we - like most of society are just desensitized and making tasteless jokes has almost become mainstream.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Great episode.
I think the guy who did the Owen joke should suffer the same fate Owen did.

kayuga said...

Great episode. Is there really a best of Sheiky cd coming?

I'd love a best of Road Stories or Best of Cham Pain!!

chronolith said...

I think Devine was fine. He was goofing on Donnie and especially Dan's music, but Donnie stepped up and defended with style.

Kinda disappointed that Suave and Dan didn't say more when they got dissed.

BigDaddy said...

^^^ I'm popping for the name "Chronolith"

timmins_masked_man_me said... anyone else having a hard time opening and listening to yesterday's show? I am clicking on it, but nothings happening!

I need my O SHOW fix!!!

BigDaddy said...

Seems to be server congestion. Try downloading the MP3... or give time and try again.

timmins_masked_man_me said...

Downloading the mp3 as we speak.

Thanks Donnie!

Oh, by the way, did you get a chance to watch the Mr. Perfect dvd I sent you? If so, how was it?

timmins_masked_man_me said...

Nevermind, just heard the comment on the show.

Thanks for the props guys!

Ever need anything else just let me know and I will try to hook you up!

Anonymous said...

WHat kind of hook ups u got Masked man? Or is it only for our fearless leaders??

mouth said...

Sebastian Suave VS Iron Sheik
Persian Dictionary on a Pole Match

Book it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o: I don't care - buy my cd and serve your food on it!

I popped huge

Ricky Stardust said...

Hey all

Lots of new games coming down the pike in the next few months so if anyone has a request please do not hesitate to ask....the Big man said he would be tossing me an oshow email soon so until then you can leave your requests here.

Stuff I am workinging on for furture episodes are

The Lego Video Game Franchise
Fable 2
Farcry 2
Dead Space
Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Always looking for feedback so holla if you want


Anonymous said...

no offence but i think the video game review is too long.

Christopher Casúr said...


No video game reviews to mention, maybe NHL 09, but all the same, are there any Hamilton Fight Factory shirts left? Mine got thrown out after it got left at work, so I need another one.

frank said...

I neeeeeeeeeeeed some poooooooooooooon.

Tha White Profit said...

So you want Ronald Killings to stay in the back and never appear because nobody likes him?

Pot, meet kettle.

mkf said...

Hey White Profit. Learn to spell Prophet... or stop profitting off some else's gimmick. You're so fuckin lame.

I'm as cracker as they come and love B.P.'s rants. They're hilarious.

White Disciple said...

MFK do you realize that you just made profit's point for him? As cracker as they come. Shoot yourself. Grab an ice pick and jam it right in your retina. Do us all that favor.

Tha White Profit...look up "profit" said...

Go look up profit in a dictionary. Profit is what B.P. would earn if he used his time looking for work instead of screaming into a phone about how the white man is holding him down. I don't see anybody with a gun against his head telling him to stay unemployed.

The fact that you love his gimmick shows what a sellout he is. He talks about how he wouldn't ever dance and sing and make a spectacle of himself for the entertainment of whites, and that's all he is. And whether B.P. is a funny gimmick or not, there's too many real people out there who actually think that way, the last thing those societal leeches need is some voice telling them that they're right.

symba said...

Societal leaches? Why because they are feeling opressed in a white dominanted world.

Come on. You're talking stupid. You're also taking shit way too serious..

srr said...

LOL i love the white profit maybe you guys dont get the point but its lawl.

anyway there was a lot of stuff that i disagreed with on this weeks show. first was some of your nos,one for the Knoxville segments on Monday. i popped huge for it, i wanted to see knoxville get destroyed and what i got was......... knoxville destroyed lol. i loved it i cant wait for a full face turn on khali, him beeing a heel is same old same old nothing has changed, but as a face he could become entertaining which has never happened!!!

another was the taz bit, i like taz and yea he fucks up alot but him and jr make an ok announce team, and just because hes from brooklyn does not mean he needs to talk like that for kayfabe. IM looking at you dan e o!!!. do you play a stereotypical splacknish when you announce with donnie??????

devine came off ok with you guys, but i know we all love owen and if the joke was funny or really shocking like the benoit one at the flavor flav roast then it might have been somewhat ok in my view. seriously he said a joke and you want to kill him for saying that? it makes you look dumb( no one in particular) but the joke was really wack and not funny, it should have been funny

other than that i really liked todays show sebastian should have said more.

thanks for the game review theme its coo! but i aint a nerd fagblood :)

stardust dont review sports games they are all the same.

timmins_masked_man_me said...

Karen Angle's Re-Bound For Glory!

mkf said...

I have 3 DVDs with O Show commentary. Exodus, Anarchy in Angus and Welcome to the Jungle. Dan-e-o was always consistent with his character. He played it perfectly.

It's funny because when I bought the first one, I expected Donnie and Dan-e-o to sound how they are on the show. But they are so different. Donnie was a total babyface and Dan the heel. At first it was weird but it worked.

mkf said...

I have 3 DVDs with O Show commentary. Exodus, Anarchy in Angus and Welcome to the Jungle. Dan-e-o was always consistent with his character. He played it perfectly.

It's funny because when I bought the first one, I expected Donnie and Dan-e-o to sound how they are on the show. But they are so different. Donnie was a total babyface and Dan the heel. At first it was weird but it worked.

The Great Sudoku said...

What's sad about Owen Hart is that after his death, people seem to have forgotten who Owen was as a person, simply focusing on the tragedy of his death instead of who he was while he was alive.

Owen is legendary for his backstage/locker room ribs. Google "Owen Hart sense of humor" and you'll find countless workers who remember Owen's comedic and light-hearted side.

If there is an afterlife, Owen would be the kinda guy who would be chuckling down from heaven at a joke made even at his own expense.

Those like Johnny Devine who want to rush to the defense of Owen have the best intentions in mind, but at the same time they are forgetting who and what Owen was.

Owen would want you to laugh right along with the guy who told the joke, not beat the guy up.

Anonymous said...

Wow!Goodpoint Soduk u

BabyGoth said...

for once i dont have a massievly random comment...
it was a great show, i loved it