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HGC Radio - Episode 6: Why So Sirius?

"Why so Sirius?" Because your host and hero, Anthony Kingdom James, knows that he needs to inject just a dash of professionalism into the HGC broadcasts so that he can attract advertisers and maybe, down the road, sell out and move the whole operation to satellite radio. So Uncle Kingdom is buckling down. More show prep. Tighter news segments. Snappier interviews. New regular features. Just like the Six Million Dollar Man, we're rebuilding this show... stronger... faster... nerdier!!!

So what does Kingdom have in store for us on today's show? How about an interview with the artist at the forefront of the "nerdcore" hip-hop scene?

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Rapper MC CHRIS joins the Handsome Genius Club to talk about his music, his current tour, his long-time association with Cartoon Network, his opinion of the latest crop of superhero movies and a lot more.

Plus: This week's "Nerd News", a brand-new segment called "The Pitch", a classy discussion about "retard strength", what costumes fat guys can wear on Hallowe'en, TJ's dog Yoshi survives a coyote attack and find out how Kingdom lost a bet... to his Mom!!! All this, plus a whole lot more on this week's edition of the Handsome Genius Club Radio show.

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